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  1. When you you world hop in a merged save, both the caves/ruins and volcano will be reset. Allowing thulecite to be renewable for example. It is very unclear if this is a feature or a bug.
  2. Technically the game difficulty scale up to day 100, said day is when hound attacks are maxed out. If your base and yourself can handle this without a sweat then you are pretty much in new game +. Everything else you do is pretty much optional stuff that make you more and more powerful.
  3. Having trouble with a morale decision.

    If you relied on doydoys and farms as you main source of food in shipwrecked I suggest exploring other food sources. For example you could make a snake skin hat and murder as much jellyfish as you want since it will protect you from the electric shocks they do. You can move sea weed plants by collecting them with a trawl net: eventually you can have a massive plantation that give you 2 stacks of sea weed per harvest. Food rain from chopping those jungle trees: snakes are gonna give you monster meat, bananas are really good in this because of banana pops and finally eggs are just nice. Then you have fish farms which are new to the recent update shipwrecked got, will flood you with fish if you build multiple and stock them. Obviously don't forget that crockpots are your best friend.
  4. Quacken Help

    It goes pretty much like this: 1) Hammer the debris at the spawn island so you get planks and a free repair kit. 2) Make row boat, cloth sail, spear and trawl nets. (those two first steps are way easier with wickerbottom of course, she's the queen of early quackens) 3) Trawl until it spawn. 4) Use your map to locate the head. 5) Dash straight to the head while avoiding being too close to the tentacles. Then hit the head a couple times until it change location. 6) Repeat step 5 until quacken is dead. Don't forget to use your free repair kit, as your boat will take damage from the waves mostly.
  5. Having trouble with a morale decision.

    Imo a big part of the game is learning from your mistakes. And if you want to continue your save file, dealing with them. Anyways doydoys are an overrated luxury; if you relied on doydoys for food or tropical fans then you will start to learn about alternative methods of achieving the same goals.
  6. If there is absolutely nothing you are able to harvest on the island, then yes there is nothing you can do. Another thing you could have done to prevent this: Next time keep boats prefabricated so you will never get stuck like this ever again.
  7. Wes Memes: The Saga

  8. Hey, it's arethena from the subreddit.

    The reason there is a culture shock in the first place on those forums is how different klei handle their forums vs regulars handle the subreddit.

    The main difference is  because those forums promote sugar coating a lot, you probably noticed that at certain points. 


    1. JellyUltra


      Oh hey, I'm FieldFieldOfKoopers there.

      I've definitely noticed the differences, I made a post here about relying on Beefalo for hounds being bad a while back and got multiple replies about how it's perfectly fine and you shouldn't have to directly fight anything in the game...

      I can deal with the sugar coating and stuff though since there's barely any DST discussion on the subreddit compared to here, it's just a bit jarring at times.

  9. [Game Update] - 169365

    Tweak the world settings to what you want if you want your sever to be a walk in the park.
  10. [Game Update] - 169365

    Nope, I think it's even less.