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  1. If you aren't willing to read and participate into the thread at all, don't ask for an answer that's already there. Especially since there a lot of people that had legitimate responses and arguments just above your original post. And those people did read the thread.
  2. Iirc he did it when it was possible. In case anybody wondered.
  3. The best part is that the reasoning was explained in this thread. But instead of actually reading the thread you opted for snarky remarks and maymays. Congrats.
  4. Best part is that there's a way to make a proper (albeit) small network made out of focus with clever thinking. But people won't figure that out because they are too busy having a kneejerk reaction over one of the easy way to get oincs is gone.
  5. Yes you do have a shortcut. It's called stealing.
  6. [Game Update] - 309895

    I always thought that the reason the end well give this many purple gem is for openly using telelocation at practically no cost. Since the components for crafting it (red gems and blue gems) are barely renewable if at all. And that telelocation is a very good thing in hamlet since the land is fragmented in useful islands. Plus the buff telelocation got made me think I can just teleport to the calendar now. Which is incredibly good.
  7. Probably mean that this downside was made after the dialogue was finished.
  8. His gem is lime green, which is a mixture of yellow and green. Light + Work = photosynthesis.
  9. For example if you let the volcano erupt in dry season and let the lava craters cool down by themselves instead of using ice you get rocks. charcoal and flint for each of them. I get tons of rocks (and a good amount of bonus charcoal) in a whole dry season. For pure nitre renewal in sw. Bring a moleworm and start making more of them out of it to start your moleworm farm. A farm of that provide you with rocks, gold, flint and nitre.
  10. rabid beetles

    What about just removing them all with the c_removeall("insertprefabnamehere") command? Wouldn't that work better since it's instant?
  11. Her Werepig form is way more controllable (necklace, and can be activated a bit easier at will with just monster meat), has map view + an usable inventory, almost the same advantages as werebeaver (like night vision, temperature immunity ect.), has 50% more speed (which is immense all things considered), tentacle spike damage, is basically a multi tool just like beaver and can interact with a bit more things than beaver. If you can fuel it with food (which is easy to get anyway) this form is a total speed powerhouse. Not to mention that Werewilba can eat special foods such as coffee. It was mainly made because it was a fun thing for us to do.
  12. Pugalisk tail

    Probably because it resemble the tip of an artichoke.
  13. (By the way, thank you very much for actually making an actual well thought out arguments unlike some people did their snarky remarks. I appreciate it.) You are perfectly right on this one, which is why I was against OP posting the tier list right away after being done.
  14. If this isn't a joke, I am very interested in hearing why you would place him here.
  15. Like I said multiple times in the thread, it was just a fun little project we did over the course 2 hours of discussion of each other. We didn't mean for it to be taken seriously nor but taken as the ultimate truth. He wanted to post it on here (which I advised against) because he thought it would end up being fun, but the most he got was trash talking and he really feel bad about it right now. Lesson learned I guess.