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  2. Shc used to be much higher. Which made it a much better bulk secondary coolant than water. It's now just a bit better than water (40% or so) in terms of its stored energy when piped out just above freezing temps.
  3. I main Wortox, and to get souls during winter, I suggest killer bee hives. they still come out, and are really easy to kill. Those massive clusters of bees are also great for hound waves early on.
  4. Wurt

    if you've seen the womp mod i think it'll basically be that but hopefuly with the edition of swimming perk
  5. if your wendy and have a ton of killer bees well i don't think i need much else to say
  6. 2019 nightmare fuel thread

    Not gonna lie...I read that as Despacito. L
  7. The Klei raid

    TBH I'd just storm their office and steal one of their mugs. The real question is, when are we gonna storm Klei? They can't stop all of us.
  8. Count to 200 without interruption

  9. Ban Ardvark for potentially false vindications. Also...what important thing am I forgetting?
  10. Music too low...

    Changed Status to Known Issue
  11. I...thought I did. I'll get on that as soon as I can.
  12. And there it is. All you had to do was ask for help, you obviously only child, you. Just go on DST Options/Settings and enable netbook mode (that is Canada speak for laptop mode, but it also suits desktops that are not very efficient). Then turn lag compensation to none to make it less choppy (that might seem counter-intuitive but it makes it WAY better). If all that is still not enough, it might be because your machine is overheating a bit. You can buy a laptop cooler or just do like me and use a regular old fan pointing at your machine. My laptop is utter garbage and literally falling into pieces, my internet connection is worse, probably the worst one in this entire thread, it's so bad, and I get literally zero lag. I used to get a tad bit but Klei improved performance recently. It's perfect.
  13. As Wolfgang, carrying 80 pieces of bundled jerky that self replenish every full moon via pig farm. Screw this survival stuff man, I just want to be a speedy lazy boy
  14. Wurt

    Awwww so disappointed!! I thought it was a female bat character to be added. Thank you.
  15. Game Crash

    Hi. Please validate your game files via steam. If this does not help, then please attach your client_log.txt (found in \Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether). This should provide some more details as to what is happening.
  16. Meteor flying through locked bunker

    If the bunker doors were just repaired, open and close it again. It's a common issue with bunker doors.
  17. Wurt

    That’s Webber in his Halloween suit.
  18. Wurt

    I made up her name, but the bat girl hugging Wendy.
  19. The Klei raid

    I'll hide in the Klei closet and await further commands.
  20. When Bernie taunts by spiders, you can just stand there and hold F because they will never go for you, except warriors because they have more hp. The same thing can be done for bees and houndwaves (if you have a strong enough weapon, but since you're Willow, you probably have a dark sword by now)
  21. It would be nice if characters had "shutup" action on pets, like animation when they show fingers near their lips to pets and then pets will shut up for few minutes.That would be fun.
  22. Voice volume option

    Please! I just want the ability to make the pets shut up. I would use them if they didn’t whine every few seconds. Also,I’m pretty sure that poll shows Wigfrid’s voice didn’t need changing at all.
  23. Hello again, since in previous thread we found out that Wigfrid voice maybe do need a rework on opinion of some players, I would like to suggest you another poll — would you like to see a volume option for character voices only like it was done with Wigfrid umlauts? It would be pretty useful option, since we have many sound options but this one. This may include volume boost or lowering, since there are as many tastes on sound volume as there are players. Some may think that their character sound too quiet, some that it sound too loud.
  24. Wurt

    Everyone’s talking about Wurt. I was sure we’re getting Wombetty!
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