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  2. It would be nice if some scenarios would be added - that is not only predefined maps but also events. Also build in map selector and map making tool for community would be nice. (rng is not always perfect). You can make it as DLC I would definately buy and I think it is a good direction to go with this project. Just look at Frostpunk - they started more as sandbox but the scenarios is which gave this game a lot more attention
  3. Never. Its just not console-material at all.
  4. DLL file was not found

    first off:don't download individual dll files from the internet, that's very dangerous and usually wont even fix your problem if you have downloaded any dlls from unofficial websites, then locate and delete them right now before proceeding mfc100, msvcp100, and msvcr100 are part of vcrun2010 which you can download from the official microsoft site and install manually 32-bit: 64-bit: (note: you have to install both of these if youre using a 64-bit system)
  5. I'd also add that steam normally isn't found below 102.1C so 100C is highly doubtful.
  6. "Progression happens once. After defeating a meaningful boss like Fuelweaver the game gets like 2 times more content" Don't Starve: Hardmode First option is much better. I think all seasons should have weather events like e.g. Snowstorm in winter
  7. Need help mods dont work!

    try disabling the Vegeta mod its last update seems to be from 2017, so it's very old and high likely to be unstable/incompatible
  8. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  9. Idea for next beta

    I was thinking exactly the same.
  10. And today ? Is it soon ? =D #impatient #5yearold
  11. Today
  12. Here's the combo I use in my base. If I want extra from the vent I can just deconstruct the barrier. The tiles to the left/right of the bottom liquid can be normal tiles. As you can see to the right of the PW is vacuum, so you can confirm it never off-gasses sideways. Several important parts of this were designed by @mathmanican.
  13. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    This game was the best kind of mistake.
  14. 1) Make sure that your Twitch account is linked to your Klei account. Check it here: 2) Make sure that the stream you are watching says "Drops enabled! Watch for a chance to earn loot."
  15. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    *Cough cough* You with Walani *Cough cough*
  16. Don't starve quiz

    May I ask for what purpose you are creating this quiz and will I ever get the chance to be an insufferable smarty pants who answers correctly to every question and angers all my friends? *excited nerd sounds*
  17. never replace a file (only in 0.01% of the cases this is okay). Yes, "replace" the Onactivate, but save the original one. Lets say the defaul sanity malus is -10. Then you simply execute the original function and afterwards substract additional 10 -> value doubled. So no need to copy anyhting.
  18. I mean, the program itself is a thousand dollars. When I get access to Maya again I'll send you some dupe STL files
  19. Don't starve quiz

    1. Which of these biomes does not contain a moose/goose nest? a) Extra Deciduous Forest b) Bee Queen c) Mandrake Forest d) Frog Ponds 2. What is the maximum number of moose/goose nest locations that can generate in a world? a) 13 b) 16 c) 15 d) 11 3. Which of the following biomes are fireflies naturally absent? a) triple mactusk b) killer bees c) spider quarry d) quad moose eggs 4. Up to how many succulents regrow near the Lake every summer? a) 21 b) 16 c) 18 d) 15 5. Crows and canaries will spawn on any turf except: a) forest b) savanna c) grass d) deciduous
  20. This is because airflow and mesh tiles act as debris. They do not exchange heat with tiles above them. Check out the following post:
  21. Don't starve quiz

    1. Which of the following is NOT an ingredient for the Portable Crock Pot? Nightmare Fuel Leafy Meat Lichen Bone Shard 2. Wilson equips a Marble Suit, a Piggyback, and a Walking Cane. What is the current movement speed modifier of Wilson? +15% +0% -15% -25% 3. Which of the following is an ingredient for a Replica Relic Chair Blueprint? Rabbit Crow Butterfly Red Gem
  22. Don't starve quiz

    The most important question is
  23. How DARE those bastards ask for Art Assets on a topic specifically made for art dumps?!?!
  24. Don't starve quiz

    Against the grain questions in celebration of my favorite DST update; here we go: 1) What is needed to traverse through the Sandstorm effectively in summer? a) Fashion Goggles b) Desert Goggles 3) Moggles 4) Fashion Melon 2) Which trinket can you present to the Antlion in order to receive the lazy deserter blueprint? a) Gnome b) Tiny Rocketship c) Hardened Rubber Bung d) Beach Toy 3) How does one initiate a fight with the Antlion? a) Hiting it with waterballoons b) Detonating a gunpowder near it c) Preserting it a freezing thermal stone d) Lighting it on fire 4) Which item can you use to teleport into a Lazy Deserter being channeled? a) Orange Gem b) Desert Stone c) Nitre d) Salt cristal 5) Which of the creatures respawn in the Oasis every summer? a) Fireflies b) Catcoons c) Volt Goats d) Mosquitos 6) Which of the crock pot meals below lowers your body temperature? a) Flower Salad b) Trail Mix c) Ceviche d) Fruit Medley 7) Which flora only grows around the Oasis? a) Ferns b) Roses c) Dark Flowers d) Succulents
  25. Back when I mained Woodie (read: back when Woodie wasn't reworked) I used to commonly "unload" my shadow creatures as a Werebeaver. You unload them by luring your two shadow creatures (preferably 2 crawling horrors) into a corner of the map that nobody has a reason to visit, and then just ditch them there. As long as no player goes near them, they will stay unloaded, and no more shadows can spawn and attack you as Werebeaver, unless you're near an insane player. I did this all the time just to screw around in pubs.
  26. Too bad the line is used universally by all characters. Now that I think of it, how come characters don't have unique examines for tombstones?
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