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  2. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    Thank you for providing a thread that talks about lag in DST hosted servers. Now, the problem with this is that it's talking about lag due to several factors that I've already said are not related to connection issues: Player slots are set to 4, not 1, mods like the minimap mod are causing lag, world coverage and object count, it being a dedicated server and not a solo hosted server, all of which are reasons that do not pertain to connection issues. As much as the linked thread helped explain the technicalities behind game lag and not connection issues, it has only supported my claims more so than yours. 2000 hours and longtime-player terms, weird flex but okay. It isn't the best thing to assume that all new forumers are also new players. Now, apology accepted, but I believe you're mixing up your own statements and reformulating them on the spot, which is natural for people to do, but it doesn't help when trying to discuss core matters. Most of what you've said here is omitting the basics that I have already covered. I wouldn't say I'm "calling for" rather than expressing an idea that if SW and HAM were included in DST, which admittedly isn't part of the singleplayer mode we're discussing, just a means of enriching the game since DST has a lot of potential, it would make DST an even greater game. The singleplayer mode proposal would not be meshed with content updates like SW and HAM, so that's just misinterpretation on your part. A singleplayer mode that follows the guidelines I had stated before but with scaled health for mobs and mechanics that are adjusted for a friendlier singleplayer experience would be more fair to solo players and it would actually help your "connection issues." To address your misinterpretations though, no, adding SW and HAM content that wouldn't be scaled towards the singleplayer mode proposal would not fix your "weak internet connection issues" as I have never explicitly stated that it would. The last paragraph is repeating that hosts lag, but if you follow the guidelines that I had previously stated, you should not under normal circumstances be experiencing any lag. No UI mods, no player slots greater than 1, world coverage and object count being taken into consideration, there's more to game lag than connection issues, and I'm trying to tell you that it may be one of those factors since under normal circumstances, one shouldn't be lagging if they are their own host in their own non-dedicated world using their own bandwidth. DS being as crisp and responsive as you say it is is debatable. DS uses and older, dated and less refined engine than DST does, and it excludes a few mechanics that ultimately make DST a more enjoyable experience, also, both games are the exact same with little to no difference, save for SW and HAM, but even those DLCs are isolated content. Basically, having DS and DST exist is redundant and also confusing for new players who want to get into the game. Centralizing DST, since it already is the game that has more sales, would be a better business move and my proposed singleplayer mode would remedy your "connection issues." I'm not sure how valid your background claims are, considering that you're not a developer, but I'll cover it anyway. I've read and heard that Klei doesn't want to charge for DLCs, I got that. They sell skins now, and the post that I've only quoted once (kind of unnecessary to say that I "keep" quoting it) is that they don't make much money off of skins. I do apologize for saying this, but you're recounting and summarizing a story that I'm already aware of, so it's a lot of fluff that I unfortunately have to skim through because it does not pertain to the topic at hand. I do appreciate the summary though, but it hasn't helped me in however way you wanted to to help, but I could say that firstly, they have been making some money on skins, sure, but not enough. In a sense, they sort of are "bailing" on the business model, or at least not focusing exclusively on said business model. Yes, they are selling characters now. Is it making them enough money? I'm not sure, and debatably character DLCs can also split the community, so the whole DLC distribution and community splitting is a matter of walking on thin ice, since even smaller DLCs like character ones also separate those who do have the character from those who don't, and as a result don't get to experience the (overpowered at the moment) perks of the paid characters, which at least can be weaved with spools, but then how many players are buying characters as opposed to weaving them? Sorry to say, but a lot isn't actually clear, and it's almost never a case of black-and-white, but that's why we have the forums; we can hopefully discuss our uncertainties with each other and try our best to clarify some aspects of a topic. In my opinion though, we're trying to cover a lot of topics and sub-topics without clarifying other variables, which leads to puzzles rather than posts. Hopefully we can separate individual topics and sub-topics that we are not clear about, and focus on those only, though I have my doubts about that since we seem to be deep into the main topic and its sub-topics that it would need new threads on its own to cover all bases.
  3. Ok i know what i wanna do but not exactly how. I wanna make a variable for mogglevision. (or use one thats already there, if i can figure that out) After that i just use this variable (like: inst.mogglevision) and simply set this to "false" under the Transformstates 2 and 3 in the quanyecha.lua. example of idea: inst.transformstate = 3 inst.mogglevision:enable(false) In my mind this would make it so when state 2 or 3 triggers the mogglevision gets canceled regardless if already active. ps: i am only recently able to even have such thoughts because of all the stuff i learned today. Yes this is a compliment
  4. Ro-Bin Suggestions Hehe, that was literally your first statement in this thread
  5. The steam turbines set up in series keep the steam from going over 140C in any one chamber, so the steam engine stays right around 99C self cooled. The steam generators don't overheat at 100C in the classic sense. They just don't work until they drop under 100C again. No overheat issues have happened yet! Also note the automated liquid shutoffs are in a vacuum to prevent petroleum from transferring heat in that small 1x2 space. The petroleum touching the door in the collection chamber was a bit of a design error. I will need to rotate the door so it isn't transferring all the precious heat that's used to convert the crude oil!
  6. Bad Derpy art corner/Dump of doodles

    Well, might change the pfp again (From my tiny hewgodooko) Ever heard of pullin a meme mine, or a spatch, or just playing a @minespatch Very interesting fill pattern... How did you make it so that there was a bunch of tiny handnoses? oh yea, patched up holes and colored it
  7. Ro-Bin Suggestions

    Yeah, i agree in some aspects but i also wish it was more then just a harder to get Chester.... it isn't because i think hes bad, hes useful, but i have a bad habit of comparing things, like how i compare Chester and Cave Chester (I love him why do i forget his name!) or Ro-Bin and Packims, he is damn useful, i just remember the first time i found Packims and learned about his cool (If not amazing, just neat) transformations, and thinking "That's SO awesome i can cook by feeding him!!!" i just feel that he was a bit... uninspired like nothing special about him. (other than i've heard he can cross worlds with you to SW/ROG and i'lll give that points but it wish there were more hamlet specific things with him) i dont dislike him, i just feel there is alot of wasted potential, and i feel that's the reason even people who love hamlet are still annoyed at it, because there's SO MUCH potential, even if its not realistic to be able to do some things people want its sad to see (if you only include the hamlet and no world switching) has just.... basic? which is fine but sad to me, but i understand why, and i trust Klei, i just think hes cute and wanted more reason to be with the little bugger more haha so i suggested more hp also who's nightlight? or what? Also i realize i may have said hes not worth the time in my previous messages (I didn't read them again but i may have based on what you said) and after spending more time with him, i changed my mind i just wish he was more unique, although he doesn't NEED to be i just personally wish he was like the others
  8. Culturally problematic?

    OP just want to know what “culturally problematic” was he, he didn’t even ask to bring him back just saying.
  9. I did notice the other U shapes. Notice how much smaller they are, though. It seems unlikely for the lunar islands to fit in a ring formed by them. Either way, a wrong guess can be identified by the lack of shallow water, which normally goes on for quite a bit off shore at the right places. You do have a point, though I think that this strategy works regardless.
  10. Ro-Bin Suggestions

    I do not understand how this is an argument. You do not have the choice between him and chester in Hamlet. Why is this a relevant comparison? Hamlet is intentionally harder than the other parts of the game. Why do people keep assuming that that's a bug, rather than a feature? Ro Bin is already totally worth the time investment. Just get him to hatch when you know you will be staying around the base for a few days anyway. He is very helpful in transporting relics out of ruins, or distracting a few rabid beetles or snap teeth every now and then. So he is not a beefy meat shield. That does not make him useless. People who complain that he is not worth the time should back that up with some data. I would bet that everybody who knows how to get him gets him (not like Night Light, say, which nobody ever bothers with), so that's that argument laid to rest.
  11. There Are a Screenshot That Depiciting How the Miner Suburbs Set Piece Had Replaced the Iron Thing Set Piece and Forced Iron Thing to Despawn.
  12. Culturally problematic?

    Jesus ****ing Christ, it's their game and they decided they didn't want him. Get over it.
  13. As you know, they all have their perks and drawbacks, so not sure what you want to hear beyond the usual. Personally, WX's overcharge is so awesome, that it becomes hard to live without it when you get used to it. I would pick WX in Hamlet over anybody else even if he could not upgrade with gears. The ability to make him almost immortal in the late game with the crazy health pool that he can reach is just totally bonkers. I would pick all the other characters only to have a different kind of game. I like how the new characters each have very unique play styles, they really got this totally right in Hamlet.
  14. How to control snap teeth on 5th island?

    I didnt mean it to be character specific i just meat a problem using you characters ability's.... hmm WX is a tricky one, since he doesn't have his own items/unique utility (obviously hes unique but you know what i mean) i honestly say your best bet is to get a iron hulk down there or super charge with a stalking cane for super speed and run through, or use the super speed and stalking cane to make the Tin armor/ Hat movement penalty not apply and then go on a log rampage with a ham bat (because it has no durability and if your in tin armor you can be ok with a weapon that isn't a dark sword or more damage) you could also maybe build pig houses while doing this so during the night they light the forest on fire, the plants should attack bat waves too, and you could always use Ro-Bin as a meat Shield, te suit if you want to go absolutely crazy, thats all i can think of really, good luck out there in the wild! I just meant before or after you use him to clear the 5th island, since if you don't o it before and you've already fought him once, it could be bothersome to get him again, so if you did it before you could have him in a cage able to use him for anything any time since you know exactly where he is.
  15. Wx78 - Because thunderbirds Wickerbottom - Just the usuall Wheeler - She can shoot anything and she can dodge Warbucks - No penalty vortox cloak + sanity regen Maxwell - No penalty vortex cloak Webber - Establishes a new rule in hamlet Wormwood - the most viable character to base in jungle
  16. Yeah I've noted that it's always connected to shallow water. I think the problem with the U shape is that in the first image you can kinda see two or three U shapes and it'd be just a matter of luck to guess which U shape is the right one. I hope map generation actually gets reworked because the worlds I've been in branched out less, were more linear, and were more reliant on wormholes to get around than prebeta world generations.
  17. I'm not entirely sure if this is really a bug or intentional. It seems like the Oar has the same mechanical qualities of other weapons (does not auto re equip on break). However, you cannot actually attack with it since character is forced to punch even if an Oar is equipped. Based on that I assumed it would reequip new tool on break, since the Oar seemed more like it functions as a tool like axes, pickaxes, shovels, etc. (that auto-reequips on break) Could be intentional, could be hindsight. Just figured might as well report. Doesn't seem like anyone's reported it yet. Cheers.
  18. The Cryonic Combustor

    It is a great idea even if probably a bit expensive in terms of space material (supercoolant). I'd like it more if it's doable with petroleum even if at an higher stable temperature ( i.e. -150/-100 instead of -250). Have you calculated the ratio between the power consumed on acquatuner and sweepers against the generated?
  19. How to control snap teeth on 5th island?

    That won't work, because the BFB does not land in the jungle, where most of the snap teeth reside. I am playing as WX, but I don't think the problem is WX specific (of course if I were Wormwood, then I would not have this issue at all). Not sure what you mean by "before or after". You should kill him on the BFB island for his parts to scatter there, so you should only teleport him there after he has done everything for you that you wanted him to do. Anyway, this is off-topic, since I really only wanted suggestions for the snap teeth, not for how to farm the hulk. I like the idea of getting him to do the dirty work on the 5th island for you! I also like the idea of using the Iron Man suit for that!
  20. OKAY FIRST THINGS FIRST LIVING SUIT ROLL/SLIDE ...I just realized that you asked for Wheeler doing the slide. More at 11, because I need to beat my rebellious computer into submission.
  21. Ro-Bin Suggestions

    Yes but you can also get lucky, but i see where your coming from, just wish since (at least in my eyes) he is at least on par with the difficulty of obtaining Packims (if you could call luck difficulty, you'll fine Packims eventually but i agree it is as hard as Ro-Bin) i wish he was at least on par with him utility/ability wise in some way
  22. So i was curious, i often forget what i can do (an example being ill get set up have everything and then forget what to do next thinking "I can survive forever just like this if i wanted to" and forgetting i could go to another island or ruins Etc.) so i was wondering what each character is the best at what in Hamlet? Like how Wilba can steal from pigs and they give her items, is that more useful then some think or is it less useful then others praise it to be? with WX-78 is he really the best because of the lightning or is there someone else that better for some reason or another, i'm just wondering what the Meta is? as well as some characters that are effective yet still fun (not like Wes, more of a Wormwood/Wilba. not useless, like is Woodlegs good for some odd reason no one knows about even though there's like 90% land? let us know!)
  23. In addition to hound waves not occuring when you're on a boat, when you do get a hound wave, the hounds face two issues. The first is that they sometimes have trouble getting into the ocean for some reason, and just seem to run up against the land. Gif here as proof: The second problem is that when hounds enter the water, they're not given the wetness prefix. This is evident by the fact that it took two electric darts to kill a hound (150 hp - 90 damage - 90 damage = 2 elec darts) rather than one electric dart (150 hp -150 damage = 1 elec dart). Gif here as proof: I used a panflute against the hound wave to make them sleep so that this test could be done.
  24. Bad Derpy art corner/Dump of doodles

    Cuz it is! (sorta) But I mean it's whatever, read it how your tounge wants
  25. Today
  26. I like to have the option to enable the ocean similar to the caves And separate the ocean from the land somehow like the surface and caves To not make the world big and lower lag (i have a bad pc)
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