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    look at already existing code and how it is done there. eg. the white chester or the insulated backpack. And to spawn ice you can use the inst:WatchWorldState("isday", SpawnIceFunction). This function then is called at beginning of every day.
  3. as I wrote at the other thread: Why dont you simply use the current game mechanic of overheating? As I understand, you want a vampire that is taking damage in the sun. So overheating fits, or not? For this ypu simply have to adjust the "IsOverheating" function saved in every player, so with AddPlayerPostInit and "inst.IsOverheating = ..." (while preserving the original function of course). Or do AddPrefabPostInit("yourcharacter",.. (keep in mind that this function is called for server and client)
  4. Own Fanart Thread

    Yup, more in-game-like than portrait-like.
  5. Ban GNO because it's 4:30 in the morning, I just finished blazing through the last bit of KH DDD, my brain is now mush and I'd like to go die now please.
  6. I believe so... Oh my god that'd be amazing.
  7. Best thing for powdercake is for Gobbler farms. make a fenced area in middle of your berry bushes, and put one inside, the gobblers will go for it instead of the other bushes.
  8. Holy heck it's 4:30 AM.

    ...well I guess I'm royally screwed. :wilson_facepalm:

  9. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    this is why we cant have nice things
  10. Don't Starve has been "learned" at this point, the two options are either: Make currently available content much more difficult. Or add more SURVIVAL challenges you have to prepare for and deal with. Obviously they don't know how to accomplish these things without interrupting the new player experience, and the 'casual' audience they have created out of thin air simply by making the game multiplayer. Klei has instead chosen to add pointless optional content, which is only difficult when you choose to engage with it. You know what Reign of Giants did? It added 2 new seasons, bosses, and mechanics that you could NOT avoid having to deal with. The only time Klei have attempted this in DST is with disease, a laughable mechanic that requires no effort and poses no threat. Simple tweaks to armor or weapons and basic items/numbers is NOT enough. The game needs better challenges, or emergent threats that you cannot fully predict if it's going to satisfy a lot of veteran fans. I just think its a bit... unfair that they have chosen to cater to a demographic that Klei CREATED out of thin air, rather than catering to the people who first supported the series and fell in love with it because it was a niche hardcore title.
  11. That's a good point. I remember back when I expected 2% but wasn't getting it. It confused me. It's true. Meat can be converted to just about anything in one way or another.
  12. In fact it offers more protection; however, the cost could be reduced to only 1 pig skins
  13. The Nameless Island idea, while interesting, was a tad too big to chew (and still is to an extent.) In other words, it was too large scale to put on our plate. Don't be discouraged, the whole reason the mod collab project exists is to have everyone involved. So get in this server, god dammit.
  14. so as wood and grass, probably easier to get.
  15. Thanks Canis, but after the failure of my idea of the nameless island I moved away from the project. I have the feeling of not being what you are looking for
  16. Today
  17. pig skin are overflowing in the world
  18. 2 pig skin is kinda expensive considering log suit exists i would like to have every mobs atk damage lowered overall and have armors durability and asorbtion more diverse
  19. You have explained very well, but you have the wrong interlocutor. For him DST is perfect, every suggestion or criticism even to the most obvious deficiencies is something idiotic and meaningless. Don't waste any more time on a sterile discussion
  20. In a very difficult mode you can even disable armors, of course. We go by degrees; but I do not exclude anything. I had also considered an "impossible" mode where the player has only 1 health point.
  21. I thought that “veterans” don’t need armor since they’re so good at kiting and thusly never get hit.
  22. Those days should have 10 times the hours. Also GF, you didn't put wife agro.
  23. Hmmm, I would suggest disabling mods once again and verifying your game files, as the sound related issue was fixed back then, this seems to be another issue, but given that I haven't seen any other reports of it I'd suspect it's still mods. If it still happens without mods and with game files verified please report back.
  24. [Minespatch] Catawampus cartoon corner

    How to Thomas your dragon. I tried drawing Mr. Axy Dent from memory but it turned out wrong.
  25. It would be cool if one of the mobs (spider maybe) had a much higher level of A.I., coordinated unprovoked attacks on player bases, etc. and the ability to roam far away from their nests.
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