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  2. Tradition. But also because having low health is already his con and he can deal with it thanks to his sanity reg and his starting items.
  3. I'm a relative newcomer. I started playing shortly before QOL 2 went live.
  4. Wagstaff Lore

    They said that there will be an animated short upon the release of hamlet.
  5. Wagstaff Lore

    I hope when hamlet gets officially released they will make a short video introducing the new characters , so we get more juicy lore.
  6. Look... I'm genuinly not going to point fingers. I don't care about who is right or who isn't, and neither do I care about the argument itself, but what concerns me is that another such topic is now on the verge of going down on semantics displayed above. The topic starter @simonchvz literally warned about this in his very first sentence and asked people to be forgiving. 2 pages in and we are in a downwards spiral. Again, not pointing fingers so anybody feeling adressed personally, that's on them. However, did anyone consider what the developers feel about this? Do you think it's more or less likely they take a topic serious where everybody sticks to the point and discuss the issues, or vice versa a topic where they have to filter bickering and bagger from actual useful discussion? I'd rather not have made this post because somebody will end up taking this personally, feel the need to adress me and put me in my spot, all the while drawing further attention away from the intention of this topic, but you know... I had to try?
  7. thats would definitely make people mlre careful with their ingredients. Imagine trying to use a crock pot in the middle of the base and having it explode. Maybe It could be a punishment if it's used during rain (over 70% saturation, saying both character and items are the same in that aspect) too much. Or Like someone else said, if you add really random items. (Like 2 sticks, glommer goop and gunpower?) Player's would definitely know what they're getting into then. and I mean, why get goop from 4 sticks when you can get an explosion? People woukd find a way to use that as some sort of defense, maybe. Like baiting a boss into a minefield of about-to-be-ready crockpots. Might be fun, actually.
  8. [Game Update] - 328827

    I like the damage values the way they are, but is a little OP using stone. I think the 100 damage should be limited to a few things, like platapine quills, bee stingers, and hound teeth.
  9. My guess would be the anti-virus. Its blocking something essential, and the game is waiting for its release.
  10. Only 50 health would force her to keep having a Log Suit or a Football Helmet equipped. Many players complained that Wheeler is forced to carry a backpack with her, with only 50 health she'll die instantly if being attacked by an enemy and you wouldn't be able to save your life by using a Meat Effigy cause a single Meat Effigy would reduce your life by 60%, forcing you to keep 2 armor items equipped to prevent dying from an unsuspected enemy. Also: Maxwell should stay as the character with lowest max health.
  11. Thanks for clarification and your contribution to this discussion.
  12. 50 Lives? So a suped up cat? Lol, I agree about the 50 health, however. I like her where she is now, but much lower health would be very much welcomed! Love the idea of her becoming a glass cannon character.
  13. The idea itself is a small joke, but the concept I wanted to convey is that such a powerful character is welcome, as long as it is just as fragile: if they gave Wheeler only 50 lives for example, I think she would be perfect. She is faster, dodgy, has a lethal remote weapon but hey, careful, you have 1/3 of the standard life, you can't afford too many mistakes. A character like that is a real challenge, I will play she willingly!
  14. this is how I'm gonna play her until the devs fix her
  15. Ah I was wondering if you were still working on that lol. All my attempts to replicate my bug failed.
  16. Can crock pots explode?

    Casually places 4 gunpowder in the crockpot.
  17. I attempted this myself, but had little luck. Is there a direct rip of all the music for this game somewhere? I've been looking to mod ONI's music into another game with a similar style, but I'd like the original quality if possible, rather than ripping from Youtube. I didn't happen to find any place to purchase the OST, and Google led to dead ends on obtaining it otherwise...and I'm not familiar enough with Unity to fully understand the ripping process yet.
  18. How about she also spawns with a krampus sack and her doge is more like a teleport, she can just slide to wherever you click on screen even over gaps.
  19. go dig around in the mudfiles, let's see if something new was added 2nd
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  21. You'd be surprised how many people are serious about these!
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