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  2. Woodie is just Canadian Ben 10

  3. Ban pinkerton for bullying me
  4. The turbine doesn't actually generate the bonus amount when running at full power and tinkered. So while you can tinker it, it doesn't actually work. It shows up on the wires as working, but if you run a test with just the turbine and test produced power its not actually working. 6x6
  5. Unable to launch game

    At this point given that we are unable to fix the issue as to why the game wont launch. Would it make life easier to just put in a ticket for a refund and but it through Steam? Really wanting to play this game but given how much troubleshooting we've done to no avail i'm sort of getting tired and annoyed of it not launching.
  6. Alright, thanks again for the help.
  7. Sudden stop

    I'm going at a good rate of speed, go through the portal and suddenly come to a stop here every now and then. That's all there is to it, I'm not doing anything special or different from other times.
  8. Got a very nice uptime on electrolyzer with that amazing pump (only one for each gas). Don't know if there is gas deletion but i suppose there isn't.
  9. The steam turbine was deliberately excluded from tinker errands to prevent an infinite resource exploit with aqua tuners. At max efficiency, tuners barely make enough heat to not quite break even with turbine power. With tinkering, you can literally generate power from nothing. So if anything, the bug is finding a way to tinker the steam engine in the first place.
  10. People asking for models and watermelen posting them ain't off topic
  11. Ban breadcrumbs for having a name that doesn't make sense
  12. So that can be off topic but Wurt can't? Yall hypocrites
  13. Ban melen for mispronouncing my name.
  14. tile incorrectly unreachable

    is it that dupes have to travel through a long distance of un-breathable gasses?
  15. I play Wormwood, and the tactic I do with my friend who plays Wortox works pretty well. Live near a killer bee patch and kill them for easy souls and stingers. Wormwood then turns any and all excess health into living logs and Wortox heals the lost health. Combine the living logs and stingers and you have a infinate and easy to amass supply of bramble traps. On a recent playthrough we were able to kill the Deerclops with a batch of traps only neededing to reset half of them once. Then just keep adding to the ever growing batch of bramble traps until they overtake the island as an invasive species.
  16. Today
  17. Its c_mat and you'll want the "mast_item", not "mast"
  18. The Klei raid

    Christ, you people.
  19. Spider is stunned by anemeny trap

    Likely related to this bug: Checking for creatures that stepped on their web is considered an action for spiders, and from what I've tested creatures stop functioning if their current action is interrupted.
  20. Woodie Forms missing icons

    Works fine for me. You should disable your mods before making bug reports - it looks like you have an HUD mod enabled.
  21. Shc used to be much higher. Which made it a much better bulk secondary coolant than water. It's now just a bit better than water (40% or so) in terms of its stored energy to room temp when piped out just above freezing temps.
  22. I main Wortox, and to get souls during winter, I suggest killer bee hives. they still come out, and are really easy to kill. Those massive clusters of bees are also great for hound waves early on.
  23. Wurt

    if you've seen the womp mod i think it'll basically be that but hopefuly with the edition of swimming perk
  24. if your wendy and have a ton of killer bees well i don't think i need much else to say
  25. 2019 nightmare fuel thread

    Not gonna lie...I read that as Despacito. L
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