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  2. Make the Carrat a pet.

    Only if the Saladmander can become one too. Even if only as a dragonfly reskin. With Year of The Rat coming up, the carrat may indeed become a critter.
  3. Betraying why? For lack of empathy? For willingness to harm? Or without realizing, playing the game of "them" involuntarily? Because the word "betray" has many nuances, I would like to understand better what you mean before voting
  4. If one character where to betray the survivors for his or her benefit, who do you think it'd be? And why would they betray the team? Added Wagstaff because he's important to the lore and will most definetly show up to dst later I learnt my lesson from last time and didn't add Wes. Because Wes memes are unfunny. There, I said it!
  5. Gestalt

    OC-creating senses start tingling. Wamu. Wuma.
  6. The navigadget should work like other characters unique items. In that it won't carry over like that using the teleportato.
  7. Boss Idea - the Megalodog!

    Only if there are megalopup babies too. :3 They can play with the sharkittens.
  8. Wrong image in the Steam Library

    Changed Status to Can't Reproduce
  9. Wrong image in the Steam Library

    Does this image still show for you? I can't see anything wrong on my end yet. So I'm wondering if it was just a propagation delay.
  10. The BFB as Hamlet's new super boss?

    In my opinion it should have a life bar for each of the three parts of the body: 10,000 HP the right leg, 10,000 HP the left leg and 50,000 HP the head, for a total (crazy) of 70,000 HP. In my opinion, instead, there should be a more particular way to make him angry. Something that a player could do only after completing most of the DLC: perhaps evoking it during the Aporkalypse. It can be a nice idea I agree Yes, as it usually does when it arrives. Klei should not even create new animations I like it. Maybe it could start flying when you "kill" one leg and it fall to the ground when you "kill" other leg Surely it should give a mountain of meat: indeed, when you kill it it should rain meat for a some seconds together with feathers :'D When the "rain" ends he should finally drop his skull, more like a legendary trophy to crown the incredible battle
  11. Your opinions on Hamlet?

    yet again another weird poll that doesn't really provide much info to compare with and AGAIN another forced Warbucks question that is completely irrelevant to the topic. Not voting cuz no point. ----------- My opinion on Hamlet: - It feels kinda empty - It needs bettter SW integration (Naval Store, SW trading currency interchange = oincs to doubloons) - No late game goals - No Ro Bin transformations
  12. Been waiting for this, it’s amazing! Playing for a few years and was so bored, this is perfect. Now teams can split into land and sea. Would love to see more boats, sail types, wind like sw, light buoys, ability to build sea walls etc. one bug, boats can’t be repaired
  13. I played Wagstaff without goggles and gathered from a dung ball and the crash happened. But don't I think it was the issue. Sorry, I am not familiar with codes. Crash screen indicates an error in the hoverer.lua. Maybe my mouse was hovering over an object and you know about Wagstaff's nearsight and random object names.
  14. I have my leafy meat farm on desert turf. One tile is not covered and only one eyeplant can grow there. Thats my 1x1 tile trashcan. Does not take that much space that way.
  15. Inventory/Crafting SFX Glitch

    Changed Status to Closed
  16. Think they're OP if dug up? Don't dig them up then. Impose the challenge on yourself. Think using Wicker's book on them is OP? Don't do it. It's that simple. But don't call for a nerf to a food-rock source that is far from the most "OP" or exploitable food source. We should seek for further buffs to other areas of the game rather than nerfs to the already strong parts.
  17. I'm still not great at ruins rushes, so I get into publics and try to ruins rush before day 15-20. So far I'd say I success 60% of the times, and die and ragequit the other 40%
  18. As per the title, previously, swamps used to only connect to one piece of land, and wouldn't attach itself to 2 or 3 other biomes. However, current world gen allows swamps to connect to several other pieces of land. It seems to really like to connect to the Dfly desert, as seen from a few worlds I've generated, though the two may or may not be independent of each other. Example:
  19. I hope so, they're gorgeous. If they aren't added canonically they need to be added to a mod of sorts. Seems borderline criminal to waste these. Where did you find them?
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