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Dupe Backpack - Heavy lifter courier job profession

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It would be nice if we had a heavy lifter courier job profession. Maybe we can also have decoration hats on top of hats ?

Below: Dupe bag example

image.png.bb417a584bcaaec940682a4c9b82e5be.pngimage.png.b13fff63af7cd7c1b05f1a2edc8cf3a3.png Master Chief hat: I like Sheriff`s and Sheriff hats and hats in general.

image.png.5dd4f65530bad76d990e7595c475f8b2.pngOmar Sharif hat image.png.f522ce5b112fe50bdc2fefc2a1957b82.pngGeneral hat

Proof of concept: Hat on hat

image.png.67831646e1f736e37d641259234a2db9.pngimage.png.8af01c378a54e54e4ebc9d1a072823db.pngMatryoshka, same principle - All inclusive. A win situation.

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To keep the game alive, Klei could sell hats. Or players could add their own graphic texture to hats and exchange them with other players or we could have a hat factory in the game, next to the oOzie spawngate. The oOzie Gate leads to a new dimension, a world of wood and flying wheelchairs. In this other world no tile is simulated and players can just mine together in CoOp, without any reel technical pc commuter limitations.


New job - Doctor




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Well we already have pretty damn big carrying bonus. But graphical indicator of small and big backpack depending on their mastered courier level would be awesome. Only if it wouldn't lower performance :D

Remember people we have limited CPU power!

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