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  1. LH2 and LOX are completely different substances that require very different conditions for storing in a tank. The thing with LH2 is that it simply leaks through the walls of a tank since the particles are so tiny, and as such requires different lining and structure of the tank. Besides, LH2 uses the same fuel tank unlocked along with the petro engine. This makes even less sense.
  2. @Ipsquiggle Is it indented for the LOX tank to be unlocked along with the hydrogen engine? I would understand it as a gameplay balance change, but it makes zero common sense. Kerolox is the symbol of liquid engines, and by separating their unlocks you show that the player is supposed to use the petroleum engine with oxylite.
  3. [Game Update] - 296074

    And here I thought the decor-positive mesh tile was intended. Why you ave to do me dirty like this. Btw, was there a fix for oversized fonts in objects' UI boxes?
  4. "This concept is okay because I said so, and this concept isn't because I said so". The game is not realistic or consistent with real-world expectations. Deal with it. If you can't, mods exist, knock yourself out. Now let's stop derailing the thread.
  5. If anyone wants to remove fixed temp output, just don't forget to also remove every single geyser, wheezewort, and AETN. And for realism purposes, do not vent mass into space. I heard sous-vide genetic ooze is yummy.
  6. Editing a config file will do the job. Wouldn't want to advertise the process here though.
  7. Recipes need hysteresis and priorities. Basically take Rimworld's bills system and make it here.
  8. It's also liquid-permeable. Functionally identical to a decor-positive mesh tile. I certainly welcome this addition.
  9. Do you have any mods? I had to remove the entire folder for the game to work.
  10. Nice. Kinda shame it's not longer possible to cook oil into petroleum via metal refineries, but whatevs. Many small steps in the right direction.
  11. Regarding the aforementioned geyser tooltip mod. It would be of value if it also displayed the geyser's percentile. Like 1337 g/s, 69%.
  12. ALL the recipes? So if I put bills to make pepper bread, stuffed berry, and omelettes, and I don't have any raw eggs, it wouldn't make any pepper bread?
  13. Didn't notice it before, thanks for the link. It does work.
  14. Is it possible to add average output in the geyser info panel? A new line in the UI box. Obviously after analyzing the geyser; would save few moments calculating, and many more moments recalculating because you forgot how much oomph it gives.
  15. And what did you expect to happen? That file contains the configs that the user edits to their liking. No configs, nothing to modify.