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Hello guys! (•ω•)/

Surely our duplicants are doing well on building their own home.

However we don’t have anything to record this great event. Can’t we just build a monument?

I mean not the one for dead duplicants but a unique one to celebrate the establishment of their new home.


You can only own one in a base.

However it has a huge decor bonus once this is finished.

Building this requires raw or refined metal. You may use decorative materials to increase its decor.


By the way, what do you expect how  the metal sculpture (on the monument) looks after it is finished by the artist?

I wish it is a globe or a duplicant.


Any further suggestions?

Please comment! (•ω•)

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Having a large monument like in the Anno or Tropico series would be nice. If it requires 199 parts and a huge material requirement list to build, so that it really takes long.. That would be great. Something like 10 tiles wide and 20 tiles high (-1tile). The monument decor bonus needs to be activated by having 10 dupes praying for their lost ones.

Putting food next to it sometimes makes a treat drop from the space sky at the top of the map. 

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2 hours ago, mr peeps said:

I had an idea that's similar, but I like yours better. For instance, we can see that there is that giant statue of the double helix in the ruin, stuff like that. Maybe you could even do it with dead dupes too?

Dead dupes?

Probably a bad idea, however if that dupe is a hero?

It would worth one.

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39 minutes ago, ToiDiaeRaRIsuOy said:

Yeah. "Hero".

In memory of Franky, member of the First Three, exosuit engineer, farmer and astronaut. Died to starvation because he kept jumping back and forth on ladders.

Although he’s not really a “hero”, however it is

[ACCEPTABLE] (to build a monument for him)

At least he’s a great guy!




(Also, this has shown the importance of pathfinding)

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