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  1. From what I've seen, ONI is poorly optimized at multithreading, and is most affected by single core clock speed, ram clock speed, and SSD speed. If you don't have an SSD in this modern age, you're doing something very very wrong, or you're poor. They're incredibly cheap for a 250Gb SSD, and many times better than a hard drive. Get a used one on ebay, samsung makes some decent ones, even the older models. Overclocking isn't really recommended for older hardware, but that's about the only way you'd be able to squeeze more clock speed out of your build. RAM speed is limited by the CPU and the motherboard bios configuration. Graphics card upgrades will not help your FPS at all, unless you're making a full upgrade to an entirely new system.
  2. Mini cool steam vent

    I feel like you're trolling. This build idea is basically useless without an image, as describing it with the method you used is indecipherable. This is an accurate statement. More helpful than anything else in this entire thread.
  3. Another method to get dirt is to ranch pips. Pips eating trees drop dirt, just like ranching dreckos eating mealwood or peppernuts gives phosphorite. This still requires duplicant interaction, as ranching is a very very time intensive operation, moreso even than compost piles. The concept of getting dirt from cooking fertilizer has been around for a loooooong time, because once upon a time dirt was non-renewable and actually rather limited for long-term survival bases. Back then fertilizer synthesizers were also the primary method of generating natural gas, rather than an annoying byproduct. Despite the name, fertilizer was the less useful product of fertilizer synthesizers, and people were coming up with all kinds of wonky builds for cooking fertilizer into dirt using magma. Despite all the insanely creative methods that people came up with, they all sucked. Mostly due to the tile forming problem, and 50% mass loss because of it.
  4. transformers heating?

    Can you take a screenshot of the area, maybe with the heat map? It would tell us more about your situation if we could see it.
  5. transformers heating?

    Yup, that's what I do when the pressure gets too high, though there's no real limit to the generators that vent to surroundings, so I don't worry about it. Solids can be dumped into a box and ignored, whereas gas/liquids need vent overpressurization exploits with liquids to accomplish the same effect. Carbon skimmers are more work than just not doing anything about it. My slickster ranch could die off and it wouldn't matter in the long run. Space is waaaaay to far away to do that, and the high pressure is beneficial for keeping the buildings cool. The power generators create CO2 so fast that they almost cool themselves. The amount of CO2 mass they add to their surroundings nearly balances with the heat they also dump into it. 1000 cycles from now, I might need to cool things down, but it works quite well to ignore it.
  6. transformers heating?

    I don't bother dealing with the CO2 output of coal, petroleum, or wood generators. Why go to all that extra effort of keeping it in oxygen or cooling it when dupes will be in atmosuits? The CO2 pressure just builds up, and feeds my molten slickster farm, so it only increases in pressure by about 1kg/m3 per 10 cycles. Eventually, once I get enough supercoolant, I plan to just freeze everything in the power core. Solids are a lot easier to deal with than liquids or gasses, so if I aquatuner/steam turbine everything to -200, all I'll need is a few shipping rails to get rid of everything.
  7. Rocket cargo

    After filling out the tech tree, there are only a few asteroids worth going to repeatedly: Decor items: the gas giant, ice giant, and oxidized planetoid return tier 4-5 decor items, though they are only brought back by duplicant passengers/pilots, and only one per duplicant. Gas Giant: solid transportation. You get the full 1,000kg of pure niobium, isoresin, or fullerene, since there is no other solids in the gas giant to take up cargo. Pray for fullerene. Rare plants/animals: interstellar ice, organic mass, salty dwarf, living planet, etc will yield biological cargo that you can't get otherwise on certain starting asteroids, other than through the welfare pod. Diamond: some starting planets don't get much diamond, particularly if you get something like frozen core or sparse oil biomes. Tungsten/wolframite: the glimmering planet yeilds tungsten/wolframite, and on starting asteroids like Verdante have zero wolframite this is a MUST. Gilded Asteroid yields fullerene as one of its primary resource rather than a rare/trace amounts resource, so you can get far more fullerene from one of these.
  8. transformers heating?

    It depends on the surrounding atmosphere. If you immerse the transformer in hydrogen, which has a fairly high specific heat capacity and conductivity, it will keep that transformer cool for far longer than anything else. Chlorine is the exact opposite, it's a very poor conductor of heat. Carbon dioxide and oxygen are mid-range for conductivity and specific heat capacity. Vacuum is a perfect insulator, never put a transformer in extreme low pressure or vacuum, it'll break fast. The other consideration is atmosphere density. The denser the atmosphere, the longer it can keep from overheating. My power core has about 80kg/m3 of pressure, and all the steel buildings in it have yet to heat it above 100oC after 500 cycles. Keeping it low pressure would be bad, as the buildings would heat up the relatively tiny mass very quickly and not be able to dissipate it. Lastly, you can use liquid cooling with a single tempshift plate. Drip a small amount of any liquid like water or petroleum over the building, and the liquid will absorb all the heat from the building, with the tempshift plate pushing it to the surroundings. No need for anything complicated, just a small amount of liquid dripped over it with a bottle emptier, clean up any spillover, and it's good to go.
  9. tepidizer uses?

    You even quoted me in your first post where I said it's great for purging food poisoning. Did you actually read it before quoting? Second reason: heating polluted water is also a great way to bring it to approaching boiling point, so you can boil/condense and gain a load of dirt as well as clean water. Sure, a volcano would be better for this, but not every map has one, and tepidizers are stupidly simple. Third reason: temperature management. Some farms like peppernuts or trees require heating in asteroids like Rime, so heating a pool of liquid beneath the farm is far easier than a complex aquatuner setup. Maybe even heating a pool of polluted water for the irrigation, since slush geysers are a massive source of pH2O, but it's way too cold. Who needs hot water? Not you, it would seem, but lots of people with a specific need and some creativity.
  10. tepidizer uses?

    Sure, you could use an AT for that purpose. But if all you need is warmed water, a tepidizer is FAR more energy efficient than an AT. Tepidizer requires 960W, and produces 4,064 kDTU/s of thermal energy, which equates to 4,200 DTU per watt of energy consumed. Aquatuner doesn't actually produce any heat by itself, it only moves heat from the coolant to the environment. Unless you are dumping the coolant somewhere, there is zero net gain in heat, despite costing massive energy. Assuming you are dumping the coolant just before its freezing point, aquatuners cost 1,200W of energy, using polluted water as coolant would move 585 kDTU/s of thermal energy, which means 487 DTU per watt, which is ridiculously inefficient. Even supercoolant wouldn't overcome this efficiency gap. Conclusion: unless you are desperate for cooling at the same time, it is 8.6x more electricity efficient to use a tepidizer. The only limitation is that the tepidizer can only bring it to 85oC maximum, which may be more of a benefit than a drawback.
  11. Favorite modded contraption

    For me, my favorite modded building is the standard SPOM, but with the Rotate Everything mod. Symmetry
  12. tepidizer uses?

    If you are looking to purify liquids of germs without needing a complex setup using chlorine and water reservoirs, simply heating the liquid up to 85oC is an easy and fairly fast way to get rid of food poisoning. If you are on a super cold map like Rime, everything is frigid and frozen, and heat is the main problem to solve, rather than food or resources.
  13. I tested your design, and it is still afflicted by the same bug, delaying by 0.1s makes zero difference. The source of the problem has nothing to do with automation, it's the power shutoffs getting locked in an enabled state but are still open. The only way to break them out of this state is to cut off the green enable signal being sent to them. In a battery flipper, when a smart battery gets drained after a charge/discharge cycle, it will send a green signal continuously until it receives enough charge to exceed its charged threshold. Since the power shutoff is stuck open despite being enabled, the battery will never receive any energy, permalocking the flipper. The only way to break out of this catch22 that I can think of is a daily toggle on a double NOT gate with a clock. Since there's no automated way to have an error state monitoring system that can correct these problems automatically, this is the best we have for now. One possible method I've been tinkering with is to have the circuit automatically reset itself via a filter gate set to an incredibly high delay, taken off the battery output. The exact delay amount would depend on the circuit connected to it. If the battery remains discharged for too long, it would trigger the filter gate, forcing the circuit to toggle states. My WIP setup currently has problems if the power supply is cut off or if the circuit has a very very long discharge cycle, but I'm working on it.
  14. Too much food

    You could also have autosweepers ship everything cooked by your grills into a 1x1 box of chlorine, and use the corner trick to allow dupes to access the food as they need it. I have all 20 million kCal of food in one spot because of this, works perfectly.
  15. Can you upload your save file? I can start it up and take a look, but otherwise I'm blind without seeing the rocket for myself.