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  1. Maybe pokeshells are duplicants! No idea how that would fit into the lore lol
  2. Can't start new game

    My first method to solve this is to completely delete and re-download ONI through the steam interface, to ensure that it is not a bad download or corrupted file. Steams checksum system for verifying file integrity is not 100% in my experience. The latest version for ONI is LU-372041, which is visible from the menu screen in the bottom center. If that doesn't work, ensure that your computer meets the minimum specs for ONI, as well as checking for any graphics card or Windows updates.
  3. The artwork for natural tiles of steel were never updated, and are still marked in-game with "Looks like silver, update me". I discovered this while making a nature reserve out of melted steel, and cooling it to form natural tile flooring, because I could, and noticed some odd text in the artwork of the tiles. Image attached, it's odd. Recreated in a debug sandbox because it was easier to show the full text
  4. [Game Update] - 306910

    I feel your pain, but with pathing calculations moving to be multi-threaded, it makes a HUGE difference. Even on the test build on a laptop, it made enough of a difference that I don't feel the need to restrict pathing options. The threshold for when I needed to go out of the way to restrict pathing was about 20fps, but with the same base from before QOLmk2 I'm getting 10-15fps increase on a 500+ cycle base. And that's including the test build logging tools hogging processer time.
  5. All critters stand in one spot

    Does this occur if you save and reload the game?
  6. Save File Editor

    I would not recommend it. If you feel the need to experiment, use the advanced checkbox, and see it's possible. I had a pain of a time trying to alter an existing geyser to resemble a volcano, so editing even specific and easily identified entities is difficult in some ways. Backup your save file before you try it.
  7. [Game Update] - 291640

    What does this mean? Is unlocks the research tree milestones? Or does it have something to with autosaves and mods?
  8. Save File Editor

    Exiting to the main menu works just as well. It's always best to move the old save to a safe folder before deleting it, and verifying that the changes applied before emptying your trash.
  9. Save File Editor

    I've tested it and it works on dupes, with all traits, skills, and bonuses. You have to move your old save out of the saves folder, and rename the downloaded altered save file to replace it.
  10. From what I can see, this bug is replicatable, but unpredictable. The sequence of construction to get it to work is as follows: Start with an open area, no previous bridges or buildings. Place a single gas or liquid bridge. Allow dupes to deliver and construct it. Without save/loading, you can now place a second bridge with the output of the first overlapping the input of the second. Connect the bridges at their overlapping points with a single "section" of pipe. The second bridge and first bridge will function normally, with the two bridges functioning normally, and the gas bridges will not interact with the surroundings at all, though the single point of pipe where the bridges connect will thermally interact, as the gasses are "passing through" it. This bug is inconsistent, because if you save/load between building the first bridge and placing the build order for the second, the build order for the second bridge is not allowed. If you attempt to place a third bridge with the output of the third on top of the input of the first, it will cause inconsistencies with gas flow. You cannot overlap a gas/liquid bridge with other structures with inputs or outputs. (Edit: this was also inconsistent. Further testing showed it was possible.) From the forum thread linked above, it seems there was a 50/50 split of people who have been using this for a long while, and those who are just now noticing it. Even following the exact steps I described above, I was still not always able to replicate it with gas or liquid bridges, replicating the bug seems linked to save/loading somehow. Sometimes it will allow placement of bridges at any time, other times you need to quit to desktop and reload to get it to work.
  11. Igneous rain

    I've noticed this as well while messing around in debug with magma and steam turbines. Insulated tiles will "sweat" and infinitely create 10kg of igneous rock several times per second. It's odd, because the tiles themselves are nowhere near their melting point. You mentioned you made your insulated tiles of sedimentary rock, but they were still dripping igneous? That's even more odd.
  12. I just started using the pitcher pump for a rather unique purpose: skimming petroleum. When first entering the oil biome, typically there's a lot of sour gas and petroleum floating around, this time also with some pH2O on top due to a biome breach from a POI. I'm a bit of a visual perfectionist, and I greatly disliked having pH2O and petroleum mixed in with my crude oil source. This is where the bug came in. When multiple types of liquid are available to a pitcher pumps straws underneath in the 2x5 area, it displays this in the tooltip. The issue here is when a dupe tries to take only one of the elements available, they get stuck in a loop of pumping for about 5 seconds, sometimes much longer, then give up. The petroleum tiles underneath are not depleted, the dupes receive no petroleum. Here's a video of it in action: Bollywood Space Force.sav
  13. Save File Editor

    Is this being updated at all? I've tried it for Space Industry, and it isn't working properly. It appears to work for some things, but inspecting the changed dupes or volcanoes seems to reflect no changes.
  14. Can you find a way to enter a mass amount of seeds at once? I have access to a spreadsheet of hundreds of seeds from the cosmic upgrade, which are still valid.
  15. [Game Update] - 289764

    I was thinking of it as a simple quality of life change, as it's just as annoying to med-bed dupes who are injured just a little bit from steam vents, and the minor injuries debuff. Though I get the feeling that ONI isn't exactly optimized for your gameplay style. Why don't you just name all your dupes by serial numbers instead of 10 Gossmans? I just checked, all asteroids except the very closest ones have the new materials. Many are just "trace amounts", but the further ones go up to 10% or higher. The rare materials are the very last things scanned by observatories, so even the closer asteroids can take a long time to scan for the new stuff.