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  1. Mop bot

    Mop robots means more robots, less duplicants ... more matrix ! Actually, at the very beginning, the duplicants are planned to be useless.
  2. It's also the case for loaders and receptacles for conveyors.
  3. When a duplicant load an item on a pedestal, it appears a little too low on the pedestal. After a reload, the position is correct. On the screen below, the viscogel and supercoolant were just placed.
  4. Restrictions on opens doors do not work. The door is opened. That's why the list is grayed.
  5. On first screen, it's all due to the permanent open state of the door. And according to the paths on the last screen, it seems to be an issue with the ladder just dehind a door. So you just have to replace the ladder. So not really a bug, except the part with the ladder, maybe.
  6. As you can see, the flower pot appear in front of the couch, but the wheez wort appears behind.
  7. It would be really great if, in addition to the rotation, we could also mirror the logic gates. So that I can make the automation circuit on the left side the same way as on the right side, without the bridges and others changes that makes it less readable.
  8. Honestly, I would prefer flatulent dupes not to expell natural gas, but instead a big amount of food poisonning germs (for example). Or at least, as it was allready said before, having atmosuits that blocks natural gas the same way as carbon dioxide.
  9. Can't promote dupe

    Waiting for a patch, have you tried to reload the game, maybe it solve the problem. Also try to assign this duplicant to no job, and get him back to the architect job. To see what happens.
  10. I don't know if the patch was allready applied, but I still have random crash Here's the save Hebe.sav And the dump file SimDLL_CRASH_release_312713_20190316-05.21.47.dmp
  11. CO2 apears from nowhere

    Seeing the duplicant climbing the ladder without an atmosuit, I think it's not a bug. Just a mistake on your side.
  12. First a screen of the automation circuit : The memory toggle on the right says there's an invalid port overlap. But the only overlap came from the bridge, and it's not upon one of the port of the memory toggle. I tried in sandbox mode with the AND gate, and the same behavior occurs. Also note on the memory toggle on the right that breaking the bridge do not remove the error. :-/ Hebe.sav
  13. To get rid of the polluted oxygen, we have the deodorizer, but it suffers, in my opinion, of a big design flaw : The building first store polluted oxygen Once it gets enough, it transform it into clean oxygen and clay. But working this way, once there's no more polluted oxygen around, the deodorizer often have few grams of gas inside. This means that, when we want to deconstruct it, there will be a small amount of polluted oxygen released. :-/ This building should not work the same as others, by waiting to store 100 g of gas to work. It should store the gas, and consum it according to a ratio, so that it consummes ALL the gas stored. Or at least drop a bottled polluted oxygen, when deconstructed.
  14. In my opinion, it's obvious to press enter to validate a number typed in a text box.
  15. Your issue may be due to the the outputs of the pipes bridges, that directly surround the output of your carbon skimmer. The pipe system don't like to have 2 outputs in a row. It's better to leave 1 section of pipe before having the second output. Also, take a look at the content of the pipe at the output of this bridge, right to the skimmer. Maybe it contains 10 kg of water, If it's the case, it will block the flow of the liquid from your skimmers. So I suggest to replace the bridge between the 2 skimmers by a pipe section, and put a bridge with the input at the middle of this new section. Also, the vertical bridge on the right of the skimmers don't semme to have a real use. Try something like that :