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  1. I played since the cosmic upgrade, and it always worked this way. In a way, the power transformer really protects your circuit from overloading, since you can't connect directly a standard wire to a high watt wire without having overpowered damages. But I guess this small energy storage was originally made to prevent buildings from stopping to quickly in case of shutdown. So it could be reworked.
  2. If I'm right, this little gauge is more of a small energy storage. If the power in input is enough for the buildings on the output wire, the power transformer will not store energy. If there's much power than necessary, it will store some energy (1 kJ for the small transformer, 4 kJ for the large one) If there's not enough power for all the buildings on the output wire, the power transformer will use a part of the energy stored to ensure that most of the buildingss work. In this last case, and if the input power is enough for the standard 1 kW, then the power in the output circuit will rise above 1 kW. And so, it will take damages. So it's not really a bug, it's just that the power transformer also act as a small battery.
  3. Maybe because each port occupy 1 tile ? And maybe also because 4 wires that goes on the same tile would be connected ? Maybe ..
  4. You should have up an old post, instead.
  5. This is a very well knowned bug.
  6. It's not a "logic" gate if it can have 4 port on only 1 tile ! O_o If you want 2 inputs and 2 output, your gate must, at least, be a 2x2 square.
  7. I agree for the idea, not for the amount. These are "rare" materials and should stay rare. So for each tier, the amount should only increase by 1%. Wich means that the farthest planet can provide around 10% of fullrene, the rarest material. I agree for this distribution. I'll only add gold amalgam in organic masses and gold on metallic asteroïds. Or maybe on terrestrial planets. It's weird to not find any of these metals on any space destination. :-/ And as I suggest in another thread, each destination should have its own point of interest : a randomly selected material in the available common materials on this particular destination, for which the amount will be increased by 10%, for example. This will increase the interest to explore each destination, even if we have two destination of the same type at the same distance. I agree with this. Building the roof, bunker doors and gantry cost already lot of steel. This engine is far to expansive. I never understand why the cargo bay don't have an automation port, so that we could ask to empty it only when the room is in vaccum.
  8. It would be better to have a system that allow the automation to switch between locked and auto states. I don't always want to open a door when conditions are safe behind, but still want duplicant to be allowed to go through. With your system, you have no choice but switch between open/locked or open/auto states. With my system, if you only want to switch between auto and locked states, you just have to put a wire on the second output (no matter which one) to have a continuous false signal. With auto states, your dupes can go through. If you only want to switch between open and locked states, juste set an automation cable that linked the 2 inputs. And if you want to manage the 3 states, you'll have to think about an harder circuit.
  9. Knowing that 1 tile is 1 m3 (according to the max amount of water in 1 tile), why the liquid oxygen volumetric mass is not 1141 kg/m3 but only 500 kg/m3 ? On the other side, liquid hydrogen volumetric mass in game is far beyond 71 kg/m3. Most of material have fusion/condensation temperatures close to the real values. So it should also be true for the volumetric masses. Look at this screen : There's quite the same amount of liquid in the 2 reservoirs (around 500 kg/m3) but the liquid hydrogène should occupy 7 times more space.
  10. Telescope bug

    OK. Another question : one of the 2 last destinations at 60 000 km is marked with a rocket sign, which mean you have select this planet while rocket XVI was selected (according to what's shown on the screenshot) Was it the last one you have analyzed ?
  11. Maybe it could work like some sort of AND gate : - If the 2 inputs are false, the door is locked - if the 2 inputs are true, the door is open - if only one of those are true, it's in auto state
  12. Another way to do this would be to have rocket destination with an increased amount of a randomly selected material. Currently, if you have 3 carbon asteroïd, except for the rare materials, each one is quite the same. If one of those has a 15% increased amount of diamond, the other one 15% more refined carbon, etc., it would be more interresting to go to a farther destination, instead of just launching multiple rockets on the first carbon asteroïd in the list. Currently, except terrestrial planets (and maybe gaseous ones), there's no real interest in launching rocket to a distant asteroïd if we have a closest one of that type.
  13. More than a matter of oxygen, any duplicant that hold material should finish his task at breakdown or before going to eat. For all breath issues, has said, there's solutions like using atmosuit, or providing oxygen. It's our duty to manage this.
  14. Telescope bug

    Just a question that could help devs : does the last analyzed planet is the one where you launched your rocket ?
  15. Liquified gases (maybe also solid state variations) can't be put on pedestal either.