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  1. I've build two oil wells setted up to automaticaly stop when the pool is full. But the duplicant often comes to empty the natural gaz when the well is disabled by the automation. (or maybe just before) From then, the duplicant is stucked in front of the well, and don't purge any gas at all. :-/ I'm forced to reactivate the well, so that the duplicant can work and go on he's next work. -_- Don't have noticed this behavior before the last update. Cantaloup Gigantesque.sav
  2. Just to up the bug report, because I just encounter it. And it's very annoying if it occurs when you don't have enough steel to rebuild it. -_-
  3. Is it not a number of stored critters ? If the pacus are swimming in the water, they are not "stored" in the fish release.
  4. Same here, but not sure it's linked to the same buff. I know lots of my duplicants have the "ballon buddy" buff (note I think this buff is just ugly :P) Here's my save : Parthenope.sav
  5. 6 steam turbines per line 4 lines 6 * 4 * 850 = .... 20 400 Oups ! You produce 400 w more than what the wire can support.
  6. If you turn the yellow alert on for a delivery supply (for example), the duplicant continue the delivery, even when breaktime occurs. (as far I see) And the problem is not here ! The yellow alert NEVER work for the command capsule, at ANY TIME.
  7. You don't understand. The errand for a duplicant assigned to a rocket is shown in the capsule. The screenshot only shows that even if the yellow alert is on, at breakdown there's no more errand, because it's not affected by the alert. Where others errands are active even at breakdown.
  8. I wanted to launch a rocket before my breakdown time, so after assigning my astronaut to the command capsule I've setted the priority on the yellow alert. But the only astronaut was not automatically given the errand. And then ... the breakdown time has come...
  9. "door compressor pump" is evil. Now you know that you should not use it as it's non intended to be used like this.
  10. After building a transit tube access, it says there's no tube connected but ... there is Maybe it a matter of order in the building. The tube on the left was build for a "long" time. I've deconstructed a section of this tube to make the crossing. So that is was made quickly, I put it on priority 9. My duplicant bring plastic for the crossing and also the first section above the access. And both were constructed at this moment, but the 2 other tube section and the access were not made. The acess was build befor the 2 last tube sections. The power line was already made before. Reloading the game solved the problem. Parthenope.sav
  11. Also observed this bug. When yellow alert is turned on for a delivery task, if the selected duplicant allready carry something, he keeps it and deliver all the materials. Result give some weird situation like that.
  12. Also note that if pacu's can't reach the polluted water, so does a gulp fish breed in clean water. And so, it will not clean any polluted tile that could get inside the pond. Parthenope.sav
  13. Ruins can still collide with the Gravita lobby. In this case it's a shame I can't use this AETN without destoying the lobby. Hoppefully I have another one not far below. But it's 1 lost AETN. PS : you should prevent 2 AETN to pop in the same cold biome, so that they could be spread through the map. Parthenope.sav
  14. A save file, for example. It would help devs. Hve you tried to break the loop on the clean water pipe ? In your screenshots it seem to go back to the starting point.
  15. I alway think it would be more efficient if we could also set an auto-bottle option on the pump, so we could have more than one pump and ask duplicant to use one instead of the other.