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  1. I've set up a basic glass forge with a small pool of water to freeze the molten glass. But I have to refill the pool periodically. Looking at the behavior of this water when molten glass falls in, I notice that the amount of water decrease with each packet of molten glass. As you can see above, there's 87.5 kg before the molten glass packets fall inside the pool. After that ... Only 62.5 kg remains. And no steam around : 87.5 - 62.5 = 25 kg The forge produce 25 kg of molten glass : 2 packets of 10 kg of molten glass, plus 1 packet of 5 kg This means that each packet of molten glass, whenn falling into a tile of water, deletes an equivalent amount of water. O_o Parthenope.sav
  2. Thimble reed seeds can't be planted in planter boxe, even if we can in standard farm tiles.
  3. Not a bug. Your bottle emptiers have auto-bottle set to on. So the duplicants will try to feed it from a pitcher pump.
  4. I have notice that, in the bedroom ruins, the clock sensor and the weight plate are made out of copper ore, where these should be made out of refined copper. Parthenope.sav
  5. As said in the title, I just finished the research for the first rocket modules But the menu do not appear in the game. If I activate the sandbox mode, the menu appear with the "!" showing that modules have been unlocked. But once I close the sandbox mode, the menu dissappear. Reloading the game solved the problem. Parthenope.sav
  6. tile incorrectly unreachable

    It's mostly some sort of visual bug. Tested on this save, if the errands are set to yellow alert, dupes correctly reach these tiles.
  7. Meteor flying through locked bunker

    If the bunker doors were just repaired, open and close it again. It's a common issue with bunker doors.
  8. Broken bunker doors let the meteor shower and sun pass through. These are the two counterparts of a broken bunker door. More than that, the game don't work the way you suggest. The only way to make a building dissappear on it's own is to overheating it, so that it melt. For all other cases, it just take damages.
  9. My astronaut came back from the one-way travel to the Temporal Tear. I thought he had enough courage to pass through. So, at choice : - find a way to "kill" the duplicant and his rocket - modify the text relative to the Temporal Tear
  10. In my game, I have 2 volcanoes, so I've built steam turbine above. But I notice something strange. Even with a full tile of magma, when it cool down below the freezing temperature, it turns into packs of igenous rock, instead of making a solid tile. O_o As you can see, there's more than the amount needed to make a tile. And the first pack on the left has 10 tons cumulated : the tile produce a pack, magma fill the tile, it produce a pack, etc ... 10 tons ! As far I see, the magma produce a tile only if there's something above. it can even produce weird behavior, like this other volcano. In this room, the magma flow in 2 layers. As mentionned above, the first layer turns into solid tile, and the second was, at first, packs. It turns in a solid tile with burried object on reloading. And a second reloading gives another solid tile above.
  11. Hopefully, this was allready been done.
  12. It's a game, not a real life simulation. In ONI, the buildings bound to electricity are divided into 3 categories : generators, consumers, and storage. If a battery would try to fill another battery, this means that all not fully loaded batteries will become consumers ... And it would be awfull to managed in the code of the game. :-/ It works great this way. No need to add complex real life mechanics, here.
  13. In another thread someone allready suggest to build robots duplicants by using the vacillator recharge for the central control.
  14. There's no bug here. You have many auto-sweepers to build with gold, radiant gold pipes to repair, golden heavy watt conductive wires to build. In the resource list, the game take the count of all the material allocated to constructions and other errands. That's why it tells you have only 450 kg at a moment, but if you over the amount it will tell you have "6.4 t of 6.9 t allocated to pending errands". The only annoying thing is that the game do not count the amounts carried by duplicants, so it often change. For example, here, if you have 450 kg more gold that what is necessary, when a duplicant pick up 500 kg to bring it to a construction, the game temporarely loose the track of these 500 kg until the duplicant put it in the building.
  15. It seems to be part of a bigger problem where materials "inside" a tile or building don't take care of thermal conductivity values.