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  1. Could be interesting if the alarm is bound to a room. It will give a small prerequisites, so that we can't, for example, evacuate duplicants from the surface. If duplicants gets out when meteors are falling, I think it's our fault not to manage correctly the access to the surface. There may be a mod for that. But it doesn't mean that devs can't add it to the game, so that players won't have to download the mod.
  2. Devs don't react so much on this forum.
  3. Being able to name things like pipes, even with just a text sign, it's a suggestion made a loooooong time ago, and maaaany times.
  4. Like flooding a room if a sensor detect a specified type of agressive critter. Or filled another room with sporchid flowers because some invaders are extremelly allergic.
  5. Did you try to place the fridge not just under the exit of the tube ? Duplicant have the awfull obsession to build or load from a distance. Maybe they don't like to fall from the tube just upon the fridge. On the other side, if they have a good "athletic" skill, walking all the way may take a bit less time than the transit tube.
  6. If every thing that can be automated is replaced by an integrated function, automation will be of no real use. "Quality of life" doesn't mean "easy game without any management to do".
  7. It's completely possible through automation. And it's not very hard to make.
  8. You know, it's supposed to be a survival game. For play without problems like meteor damage, there will be the "no sweat" mode. Not at all. The two things are completely different. Currently, a tile of 200 kg gives 100 kg. I wish the amount in tiles to be nerfed, like 60 kg of material, and that it shows 60 kg instead of 120 kg. so that players are not lured about how many materials can be mined from a tile.
  9. That's right. Currently, it's the only real challenge in a standard game for those who already get enough water, oxygen and food supply. Except furnitures, none of the buildings should give bonuses. These should only gives big maluses. And the only way to get positive decor value should be to fill the base with paintings, statues and plants. It will also gives more interest in building a massage room. Currently, it's quite of no use. :-/ Diseases are too easy to handle, since the last update. Slimelung don't even cause death anymore. :-/ According to me, here's what should be modified : More wounds sources : duplicants should hurt when falling, takes damade over time when sick, etc. Except starving and suffocating (which are easy to avoid) duplicants can't die. This system need to be reworked completely before the release. It's no more a survival game once we masterred the common systems to get oxygen, food and water. By default, if the player choose the "survival" mode, it should not gives the choice for the first duplicants, or when printing new ones. The only way to get an interesting game is to decide by ourself to not choose among the duplicants. Instead, it's easy to avoid allergic or flatulent duplicants (among other negative traits). Choosing the duplicants should only be possible in the "no sweat mode". Having less resources in the surroundings, so that exploring space gets a real use. Currently, it's possible to run a good base with 10 duplicants, without needing to explore space. :-/ (and please make the duplicants mining 100% of the resources. It's just not intuitive at the base) Talking of space. Each destinations should only have limited resources, so that the player will be forced to go deeper to get more materials. And rare materials should not be found in the very first destinations. Currently, it's possible to make infinite runs to the first asteroïds to get as many isoresin, niobium and fullerene as we want, with rockets equipped with 2 solid material tanks. It's way to easy :-/ (even if collecting enough isoresin to build just 10 insulated pipes is really boring) It was allready said, but the rockets needs to embark food for the astronauts. So that we can't leave the duplicant inside the command module forever... -_- In "survival" mode, we absolutely need random threats to handle. Ennemies, buildings that suddenly broke or being damaged for no reason (with few probability) And talking of threat, we AB-SO-LU-TE-LY need to get back meteor rains that brake the surface more and more along time, instead of just accumulating regolith on the surface ... -_- It could also be great to have a special object impact that will come from time to time and that will be able to damage bunker tiles and doors.
  10. As @Sasza22 said, the autosave will be replaced after starting a new base, and you can delete the main save manually. So I don't think such a function would be usefull. If devs decide to add it. Maybe not a "delete" button, but one to open the save directory. From there, you can delete all you want at once with only 1 warning.
  11. I'm getting bored of the game after launching my ifrst rocket. The game definitively needs something to push players to send rockets so that the base can survive ! In a survival game, having a base without any real threats, and no dead duplicants... it's just not normal for a survival game. In my current game, my only challenge was to refill the oxygen in the main base, because it had fall to "breathable" due to a power shortage while I was focused on building surface rooms. And it was not hard to get back to normal. :-/
  12. I've made the same. Got plenty of reed fiber before getting the very first grams of isoresin. But getting enough isoresin to build pipes made out of insulation is just too hard. After making around 30 sections of insulated liquid pipes, I still have 266 reed fiber. After that, I got bored of sending rockets to get enough isoresin to build 4 new pipe sections, and again ... and again ... -_- So I switched to the sandbox mode. It's way more funny now. A insulated pipes have a thermal conductivity of 0.063. So the liquid or gas inside it still exchange heat. Pipes made out of insulation is essential for carrying liquified oxygen and hydrogen if you don't want to repair the pipes all the time.
  13. I just take a look at your save. Even if you place a second filter, if you still make the mistake, you'll have a problem. Sorry if I dont give you the solution directly, but I think it will be better for you if you understand why it's not working. For a filter to work you only need 3 things : a constant flow : if the gas came to stop in the pipe, the filter will not work properly only 1 shutoff only 1 sensor and 2 units of automation wire : no more automation is need to filter a gaz in the basic version. 1 NOT door can be use if you want to remove all but one gas from a pipe, instead of extracting one gas among anothers. Sometimes it's better this way. Now, to find what's wrong in your setting, just think about how a flow of gas works in a pipe, when the gas flow through a T cross section.
  14. it's not a bug. This system is just wrongly made. On a permanent flow of gaz through a pipe, I can assure you that a filter made correctly works nice.
  15. Not an anoying bug. It's just to "clean" the game. If a steam turbine if disabled by automation while it provides energy, the efficiency bar remains in place. Iris.sav