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Digging up the Bandit Stash should spawn a Peagawk Feather instead of Bone Shards

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So... when you play Shipwrecked and you dig up a X-Marks-the-Spot you will get a chest and two bone shards. That is completly reasonable since the treasure marker is made of 2 bones. But when you dig up a bandit stash - which is marked by a peagawk feather - you will still get a chest and 2 boneshards. I think it would be nice if it would instead spawn a chest and a peakawk feather. I think the balance would still be ok... peakawk feathers are fairly easy to obtain anyway (as long as you have at least one peagawk chased into a secure area in which it won't get killed so easy) and bone shards can be optained by searching dung balls - at least I think so.

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2 hours ago, Sasuga said:



But I don't know where else to find bone right now. (29 days in.)

I checked the wiki; it seems atm the only 3 ways to get boneshards in hamlet:

- dig up dung piles (not recomended, since dung beetles will in that way not respawn)

- hammer skeletons (boons or player skeletons)

- dig up bandet stashs...

So you are totally right... I just thougt scavaging dung balls would also yield bone shards, but it seems I was wrong.

Edit: But since scavaging dung balls is a renewable way to get loot I would suggest to add bone shards to its loot table and let the bandit stash drop a peagawk feather.

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