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  1. It makes me wish they hadn’t given out the game for free to early testers. I bet with a couple extra grand, they could have made the package feel a little more complete, and those early testers like myself would have been more than happy to buy the early access edition.
  2. I just found out that Steam is no longer compatible with my OSX version: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?s=706fa88579bafa56620f9512992d1eb2&ref=5953-QTIO-1764 Let me update to 10.11 and see if it works. I don't want you guys wasting your time hunting a Steam-side bug
  3. Can you remind me where to find them? I haven't played DS since before the Home Sea Home update.
  4. Running in OSX 10.10.5. The application crashes immediately upon launch from Steam. Let me know if the log would be helpful.
  5. Was the crown crafted before the update? I made one just before the update went live and it has no effect when I go sailing. However, I haven't tried crafting another one yet, so the problem may be less simple than that.
  6. I thought this was intentional to limit rocky turf and consequently cobblestones. Good news!
  7. No matter how many times you "prototype" the cactus armour, you always have to return to an alchemy engine to craft it again.
  8. Holding F on a keyboard does not auto attack mosquitos, even though they are considered a hostile mob. This can be quite a nuisance because they are hard to click on. Instead, one has to wait until the mosquito moves in to attack before holding F will have the character swing their weapon. This also is annoying for trying to defend you doydoy birds and Packim because it is easy to accidentally click on them rather than the mosquito due to its small size.
  9. When a flingo gets flooded, it cannot be turned off. The only option is to examine it, which can waste a full tank on nothing
  10. Can confirm. Interestingly, it happened to me upon exit from the volcano with very high sanity (I don't think they should have even been visible). I could not attack them but they swam over to the boaty knights, who did not retaliate. There was also a full moon if that plays into this.
  11. Whenever you enter/exit the volcano, you will lose your speed boost from coffee
  12. I have an Ice Fling-o-matic set up by my grass and twig farm but when I turned it on AFTER my plants had withered, it did not fix them. I even lit them on fire to force the fling-o-matic to throw its snowballs, but although the plants were eventually put out, they remained in their withered form. I believe this is a bug, but it may be intentional
  13. Can confirm. Keep encountering the same issue
  14. If you could post your log.txt, it would help Klei figure out the problem. On mac, the filepath is /user/documents/Klei/DoNotStarve/log.txt I'm not sure what the path is for windows or linux, but it shouldn't be hard to find
  15. This isn't so much a bug as a needed fix. Because both the coconade and boat cannon use the right click to throw or launch, it is impossible to give the player the choice of which to use if they are both equipped. However, priority should be given to the coconade because that's what's about to explode in your hand. If I weren't already messing around in God Mode hunting bugs, this certainly would have lead to a frustrating death. Why would anyone ever use a coconade if they have a boat cannon? I don't know but in case they do...
  16. When trying to use the super spyglass with a boat torch equipped, I somehow duplicated my super spyglass. I was holding the spyglass with my cursor and used right click to peer. The animation played but rather open my map and reveal, the spyglass was put back in my inventory and another appeared as well. EDIT: changed category of bug
  17. I can provide an image if desired, but I don't know if there's a reason too. A lureplant has spawned on top of one of the wrecks in my game. Not sure if it can happen to the mast variant.
  18. Do corpses explode on their own now? I came back to one of my whales after a long time and it had already burst. Is this part of the bug or a change to the game?
  19. The game forgets to apply the God Mode protections to the player once another command is given to the console. Upon activating godmode, whether I give myself something, spawn something in, LongUpdate, or whatever, I go back to the normal condition of being able to lose hunger, health, and sanity. However, god mode is still active because when I type type c_godmode() back into the console, it displays "God mode: false." Then I have to input it one more time to get "God mode: true" and become invincible again. Very inconvenient for tracking down other bugs. EDIT: Hmm... seems to be working okay for c_give right now. Maybe it's just certain items? I'll try to test around more and see if I can pin it down
  20. While fighting the Tiger Shark out at sea, she became injured and fled to her den. Her den was very far away and so she got considerable distance between me and herself. Once I arrived later in the day, she was no where to be found. I attacked a few of the sharkittens and she still did not make an appearance. I used c_gonext("tigershark") and nothing happened. I tried to reproduce this with a spawned in Tiger Shark, but the game worked as it was supposed to. Not sure if it's easily reproduced
  21. Once you leave the volcano and return to the sea, the altar of snackrifice forgets your appeasement. I sacrificed the One True Earring and upon immediately returning to my boat, I received a warning quake and then an eruption within 8 segments (One True Earring should give 64). I repeated this several times and got the same result for each.
  22. I'm honestly more excited about the tweaks from this update than the actual added content. Thank you so much for this, Klei and Capy! Also, my suggestions about boar heads and coconuts falling on your head got added!!
  23. I died today due to what I think is a bug with tallbirds. Once they have aggroed the player, no mob (I've tried hounds, Mactusk, eyeplants, killerbees, and a few others) can take that aggro away despite how much they chomp on the tallbird's legs. Is the tallbird intended to lock its aggro on the player? I have not tested this in the base game fyi.
  24. They already have the characters designed and such, so it's not going to happen. But I do agree; I prefer more in the world to interact with than characters to act as