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  1. It says, "Share your coordinates with a friend and they can start a colony on the same asteroid!" So, I copied my coordinates over to another account on my computer and it wasn't the same asteroid. Gizers were different, everything, not the same map at all.
  2. I can concur with this report. I have video as well. I created a new box and it happened to me.
  3. Some pigs have always gotten stuck as way back as Beta, particularly in the corners of hedges, but whether or not it only seems like more pigs are getting stuck or more pigs are actually getting stuck, could you guys please fix the pig's pathing when they run home at night so they actually make it into the safety of their own homes? Its a bit of an exploit, I'm able to place things down for them to eat and they eat it, and poo, and then I can pick up the poo and they pay me. But, its also just immersion breaking.
  4. Now that I figured out how hats work, I'm alright with it. I just hope they're setting things up for (new) 'jobs' now. It'd me nice to put a Dupe on a 'job' and they auto-priority to how the job is set to prioritize.
  5. In reverse, I've figured out where the hats are at now, and so its fine. I also hope they're going to be adding a 'jobs' feature in that can have assigned skills and priorities with a slick of the 'jobs'. That would be nice. I like the idea of some sicknesses being easy, but not all of them. Perhaps their could be new illnesses introduced that can be similar but more difficult and more deadly. Everyday illnesses that are simple to deal with, and will even burn themselves out in non-biohazard Dupes. While other illnesses could wipe out the colony if not managed properly. However, because its a game and not real life, I wish every illness to be manageable, just some more difficult than others.
  6. I miss the hats. I don't think all illness should be able to be shaken off without care. Rest/sleep should effect a dupes 'immune system' (which is now gone. )
  7. I just saw in another thread, someone pulled the LUA Script for a character. If Don't Starve is using scripting for a lot of stuff, its going to have frame-drops... I remember back in the day, I used to script for Neverwinter Nights, and we had to be careful because too much scripting, to big of scripts, would cause the servers to feel like they were lagging; Then Neverwinter Nights 2 came out, and despite people having high end machines, the game still had frame-loss, slowdowns, whatever you want to call it (kids call it "lag" these days, even though that's not technically correct.) And the reason (IMO) Neverwinter Nights 2 had issues was not graphical, as many people on the forums complained and thought, but scripting. They wanted to make something big, and over-scripted.
  8. I'm curious as to why the sound effects keep going out of sync in Hamlet. Are you guys writing a whole new engine for Hamlet? I thought as a DLC its using the same engine as Don't Starve..?

    As a long time gamer, programmer, and game programmer, I can usually tell what's causing a bug, but the logic behind this bug is escaping me and hurting my brain in doing so. I can think of several things that can cause the sound to be out of sinc, many things, but I don't understand how it can happen in an engine that's already been working find for years. This is not a criticism/complaint (bugs happen), this is a plea for help; help my brain stop hurting please, if you can.

    1. bizziboi


      It uses the same engine (well, stuff was added for Hamlet, and part of the soundsystem did need modifications, so even the same engine is never the same engine) but all sound effects are driven from script rewrite) so if the person who hooked it up made a mistake that would be an issue, there is also potentially some oddness going on with the sound in general, may be related to the amount of sounds being handled, it's on the todo-list for sure, but the the todo list is fairly crowded at the moment.

    2. Sasuga


      Ah, the idea that you guys played with the sound system hadn't crossed my mind. I feel so foolish now. Thank you for the response.


      As for a massive todo list, I can see that. I'm loving Hamlet, but the bugs are frustrating. Still, I can't complain and am not, it is in beta. I'm very excited about you guys 'completing it,' but never-ever want a rushed job. I always feel its better to do right right. Too many games have been rushed out the door and end up short of the glorious things they could have been.

      Thanks again for your reply.



      AKA SasugaTV on Twitch

  9. I had a very similar thing happen to me, except before mine disappeared I noticed a poo on the floor that I didn't put there. I picked the poo up and then bought something all in the same second or so, and the shop keeper ran up and vanished the exact same way as that video for me.
  10. I exited this cave on the edge of water, very near a water fall, a few times. Each time the animation would do this weird thing where I would exit out the back of the cave, then loop around the right side where the water was, and walk around the front of the cave, and at that point I'd gain control of my character again. A few times I did this, and then I was kidnapped by a giant bird, got the egg to hatch, and the exit cave was that same cave on the water's edge near the water fall. When I exited it, the Robin was with me, and I got bumped onto the clouds and couldn't figure out how to get back onto land.
  11. I had this same issue, I didn't understand what was causing it (didn't know it was the stone egg I stuck on the shelf) and thought the Ro Bins were falling through my wall. I had about six or eight of them at one time, and like 10 or 12 robin eggs (yes, more eggs than Ro Bins!) I tried using some of them, but two Robins were apparently linked to one Gizzard, and two others linked to another single Gizzard, meaning I had a bunch of eggs not linked to Ro Bins at all, and I could have two follow me with one Gizzard, or four follow me with two. Also, however, the Robins would randomly disappear on me, then reappear just as randomly, with my loot inside them! I had to stop trying to use them and parked them in the middle of my village. Then, when I'd go back, there would be less or more of them than the last time I was there. They'd also get stuck in walls, or outside the walls of my home. It was a real mess.
  12. I've noticed the Printing Pod Decor bonus goes 8 to the right and 5 to the Left.
  13. Personally, I like it. *Shrug* I had a Gastrophobic with a Cooking Skill of +2, I've seen on these forums something like a Gastrophobic with a cooking skill of +6. I also had a Biohazard with an immune system of +6, so I allowed it to join my colony. *Shrug*
  14. I have OU-23587 and its still happening. Happened to Wash Basin.
  15. The 1 through 9 priority buttons are not showing up on some buildings, Even when buildings of the same type are showing theirs. Using the Prioritize button on the lower right has no effect on these rogue buildings as they buildings show no number at all. I've also noticed that the Dups seem obsessed with these non-prioritized buildings, as if they have a higher priority than 9. I have three Message Tables, one of them was affected. It had power and was even being used by the Dups while having no priority showing or ability to set/change priority. Same with Microbe Musher, it was being used, no ability to change priority and now priority showing. I wish I'd taken screen shots, but I destroyed the buildings and rebuilt them before thinking to file this. Building's I've had affected so far: Message Table & Microbe Musher