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  1. I do also have this bug occuring. I noticed that all my decorations (until now only pillars) are gone after I load my save. As long as I don't exit the game and re-enter all pillars are displayed properly. But afer continuing a save all the pillars are gone. Shelfs seem to be not affected by this bug.
  2. I reported this crash before, but since I finally found out what triggers this crash I decided to give this a new and "clean" bug report. So here we go: The Game crashes when Maxwell attacks the Masked Pig after his Shadow Puppets died of old age. This crash is not triggered if you despawn the Shadow Puppets by yourself (attack them), loose your Shadow Puppets by an enemy or other means or exit and re-enter the Game after the Shadow Puppets died. Since advancing the game by console commands does not age your Shadow Puppets it's a little tricky to reproduce this bug via console commands. I'll provide my safegame and my log. It starts just right before 2 Shadow Puppets die of old age. If you spawn a Masked Pig and attack it (the choice of weapon does not matter) the game will crash. And here the link to my old bug report which became a little messy over the last 2 days: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/klei-bug-tracker/ds-hamlet-early-access/crash-while-attacking-the-masked-pig-with-maxwell-r14763/ log.txt porkland_1
  3. And last but not least this time I managed to capture a little video of that crash happening. And of course I will add my log. In this game file it is actually the second pig bandit I attacked. The first one had no problems (and escaped). Oh... and I guess I was force attacking (muscle memory due to attacking butterlies); but I'm not completly sure about that. The video is a little laggy and shaky; Don't Starve is running way better on my engine, but since I don't have a very fast upload I just decided to go with this poor quality. Don't Starve 2018.11.15 - log.txt
  4. While dealing with this issue I noticed another bug. After I experienced another of those crashes I just decided to update my bug report and add another screenshot. Therefore I left the crashed Game "run" in the background to take a screenshot. Afterwards I edited my post (spelling, grammer, etc. english is not my native language so it can take a minute or two) without closing the game. When I went back into the game to close and restart I just realized that I just died (the dying massage was just right in front of the crash-screen). I was so dazzled about that, that I just clicked ok and restarted without doing a screenshot / saving the log. And well... yeah I really died - so the savegame is gone. After checking my older screenshot which I made for that crash report in this I realized this: So I think it also unpaused the first time I did this but I just didn't notice since I did not die. I don't know if this happens with other Crashes too or only with the attack the Masked-Pig-Crash I experienced.
  5. So... after playing for a little bit more in a new world without any mods this crash happend twice again. Without any involement of Shadow Puppets. So I acutally have no clue atm how to not trigger that crash exept that attacking that damn Masked Pig is somehow involved... but it seems saving the game and reentering before dealing with the Masked Pig seems somehow (at least until now) prevent this crash from happening... (at least it did not a single time occour when I "pepared" for a crash.) Edit: Just to be sure - I'm still playing with changed world settings (all seasons long, no boons, no glowfly cycle) Edit2: It also crashes with unchanged world setting while playing maxwell. No crashes with wickerbotten, warbucks and wigfried. log.txt
  6. So this crash actually happened to me 3 times (over a pretty short period of time) . One of them I already reported via the In-Game-Feature, but after thinking about this a little more I decided to give this bug report here a go since I remembered a few details which might help to track down this bug (and which I didn't provide in the In-Game Bug Report). While I was playing as Maxwell I attacked the Masked Pig while I had 2-3 Shadow Puppets active. My Sanity was around the Insanity Threshold (actually I'm not completly sure wether I was already insane or the screen was just very shaky) and I switched right before the attack from the Dark Sword to the Halberd. This happend once while it was Daytime and twice while it was Dusk. Once this crash happend after I ordered the attack but before I (Maxwell) reached the Thief but while my Puppets were standing right around the thief and once this happend right after I actually did the attack and my Shadow Puppets were a little further away. (About the third thime I'm not sure anymore...) Mods: I'm using the Geometric Placement Mod; it should not have any interaction with this issue but just in case. No other Mods are used. And now to the funny part: I tried reproducing this via console commands and I was not able to do so in around 5 tries. And even in my normal Game I was not able to reproduce this crash voluntary until now (but I just had 2 tries until now). When I'm preparing for a crash while seeing the Thief it just workes fine... until now. Because I already submitted my files via In-Game-Bug-Report I forgot to take a screenshot / save the logs to add here, but if this happens again I will add them. And some additional Information (I don't think it has anything to do with this crash; but just in case): This happend in 2 diffrent worlds in both all seasons were changed to long, no boons are allowed to spawn and the glowfly cycle is disabled. Edit: This Crash just happend again, without active Shadow Puppet's and while being completly sane. I have no clue what causes this crash. I will deactivate my Mod's an see if this happens again in a new world. Ah... and I forgot to mention it: Validating the game files just gave back that no files are corrupted. log.txt
  7. I can confirm that this issue happens... I just wanted to disable the glowfly lifecycle to prevent them from going extinct...
  8. I had the same bug happening on day 69 in the ruins. And while it spawned kind of "outside" the room I was in, it still somehow managed to kill me in one hit (atm playing as maxwell and I was just about to switch gear and had for just a split second no armor). Edit: And I might need to add: I was standing near the left edge of the room and I think it tried to make that eat the player thing.
  9. I just had the same bug happening. If you want to reproduce this bug make sure that the chest in question is really hit by sunlight. If you build the chest closer to the backwall everything will work fine.
  10. In my actual game I decided to change my season length for all 3 seasons to long, but Humid Season just started on day 12 - the same day as it started when I played with default settings. I'm not using mods atm. Edit: After further testing I just realized that I can not change anything in the world generation options. So this bug report is a duplicate to this: I'm very sorry; I guess I searched for the wrong key words. This bug does also apply to Not-Hamlet worlds as long as the hamlet dlc is enabled and loaded.
  11. As far as I know meteor showers should start when you discover the surface... at least thats what the devs posted in a update note... And I checked all update notes which are newer then 272945 for the word "meteor" and I found nothing regarding the start of meteorshowers. So I guess if your asteroid gets destroyed before you were at the surface or near the surface it could be considered a bug. But to be honest I don't know which behavior is intentional at the moment.
  12. Yeah, I can also confirm that bug is back in the latest update...
  13. My astronaut also lost all skills after landing, but he kept his learned jobs and his brain-scrambler-thing trait. Edit: And he lost his bed assignment and his schedule assignment as well.
  14. While testing the new rockets i forgot about the return time of my rocket and it landed through a closed bunker door without any interaction at all. So I did some further testing and those are the results: If you launch a fresh build rocket it will destroy closed bunker doors If you return a rocket it will NOT destroy closed bunker doors Afterwards it will always passes the closed bunker doors without destruction; the launch animation will most likely not be played (the first time I tried this it was played, afterwards never again; the rocket just vanishes.) If you reaload the game this bug will be stable and will not disapear. If you deconstruct parts of the rocket to unload it, it will afterwards destroy the bunker door as if it was first launched. I encountered this bug in normal survival play, but im pretty sure it is reproducible in sandbox too. In case it helps I'll attach my savegame. The Rustic Spacestation.sav
  15. I think that is intentional... if not - happens to my dupes too - all the time.
  16. I have the same issue... the Great Hall detects a Water Cooler just fine, if it's more then 64 tiles big (so that it is not possible to detect as a Mess Hall).
  17. I'm not completly sure but I think this bug happens, when your Dupes try to store a seed in a container which does not have enough space left for the seed. I encountered this bug too.
  18. The Brawler's Harness is not compatible with the Fighter's Pteruges. It is possible to equip both bot only the first equiped will be shown.
  19. Today I encountered the Tigershark. The spawn-trigger was me eating foods while on ocean in Monsoon-Season. It was passive (as intended) so I decided to go for a fight and lure it to land. But here I encountered my first issue. I hit it with my spear (from ~90% to 0% so about 120 times?) and the Tigershark didn't notice. It was not frozen. When Wildlife (Monster type) spawned it attacked and killed it. But I was just totally unable to aggro or damage it. It was quite a "Cuddleshark". Ending the game and realoding fixed that problem. Afterwards I lured it at land and put up a fight. When i got the Tigershark to low health (I suppose the threshold when it should retreat) it decided to jump into the water but instead of retreating it re-aggroed but was unable to jump back to land so I could kill it from the coast. It was just sitting there right next to the coast and launching that dive-bomb attack over and over again - and sometimes a bite. (I missed to make a screenshot of that odd behavior.) As far as I know (from my revealed map) I was not near the shark-kitten den. I have no mods installed and I'm playing the current shipwrecked beta. log.txt
  20. Without even trying to replicate: I started in Mild Season in Hurricane Season my Seagulls are invisible.
  21. Even if the Sea Yard ist completly full of fuel the examination states that it is almost empty. (At least if you are playing with Walani. - I didn't test with other charecters.)
  22. I'll try to reproduce that tar slick on land too. When I'm back home I will also test if it's possible to use that tar slick. Thank you for helping to catch that "something" that's causing that bug.
  23. It is a world primary generated as shipwrecked. I was spanwned on that island (so its my starter island). The first 2 days I explored my starter island, there was no tar slick. Around day 12 I used the quacken drill in the ocean to the southeast to spawn a tar slick (you can also see that tar slick on my map; its in the sea to the south east and that tar collector thing is build on it). A few days after that (on day 17) I realized that there was suddendly a tar slick in my jungle too. I didn't find the seaworthy jet and I didn't use one. Maybe the use of the quacken drill spawned the tar slick in the ocean and in my jungle too (or maybe it was something complete different). But I'm not sure about that. I was not able to reproduce that issue jet. Edit: I'm using no mods. Edit 2: Please excuse my bad english... It's not my mother tongue. I can understand spoken and written english very well but i have issues expressing what i want to say.