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  1. Hope everyone gets better soon. Not related to any of this, I have a Shipwrecked world where during the dry season only 1 eruption occurs and then nothing the whole season. Is this a Hamlet-compatibility bug? I don't think I did anything weird, besides periodically using the skyworthy to go get rekt in the aporkalypse. I just discovered the volcano for the first time and was looking forward to seeing if the altar of snackrifice does what I think it does, but it's stayed closed and no eruptions have been occurring other than the first. This has been 2 seasons now, same world. I'm about to go use the wooden thing to make a new one.
  2. I'm currently on a world that's like this too. Town's all disjointed and has a very unfinished feel, like the pigs built only half of it. This could easily be intended, but it's just a sloppy town if so. It's so small in fact that there's only of of each of the berry pig, petals pig, and feather pig.
  3. Just found out the Roc can drop dung from the sky. That's probably what happened here actually. Also on a different occasion the Roc is just flying overhead endlessly. It started in the jungle, and didn't seem to land like it was normally supposed to after it was low enough, and now it's just endlessly circling while I'm in the hamlet. I'm currently trying to see what it will do when I leave or walk around other places. Edit: Nevermind seems to have just taken its sweet time landing. When I got to the edge of the hamlet it dropped, and then took off when I went back in which I assume is the intended behavior.
  4. Sent one in. Generally whatever file I start Has some nice chug wherever there's thick jungle with lots happening or grass. I had a world with jungle right next to grass, which was quite an amusing slideshow during big fights. I dunno, maybe I'm just running it on a potato and this is to be expected. Thanks for the free copy though, majorly cool of you guys.
  5. This is normal. You can still place the building, it's stored in your build tab. Try again.
  6. I whacked a "closed" door with my axe, which opened it with no animation, and in I went into a wishing-well chamber from the right. I went to the opposite side of the room (left) and whacked it open too. I had explored both rooms on either side of this wishing well room before entering it, and this was reflected on the map. Exiting through that door simply displayed an empty room with a single light coming in through the roof at center, and a circle of spear traps. The door that I would have arrived in the room at (on the right side of the room) didn't exist. I believe I had actually been to this room before, but there wasn't anything in it except the circle of spear traps. On the map screenshot, the wishing well room is the one directly SE of Wilson's icon. Wilson was not in this room, I had to move him around a while before I was able to find where he was. I decided to build a fire in the room, and eventually Wilson showed up on the edge of the screen, but he was out-of-bounds and unable to get into the room.... I tried interacting with the 2 doors at top and bottom, but was unable to reach them. Other doors on adjacent rooms don't seem to exist, so I can't get out that way. Save+loads did nothing to help with this. My game is softlocked on day 11, I'll starve to death or get eaten by Charlie if I continue. Thanks for the free copy though, still definitely worth it!
  7. They reward you for picking up random manure and keeping streets clean. They don't communicate this very well, because as soon as they approach you, the text thanking you for your good works is immediately overwritten by their idle chatter/proposition. If you want to see it working properly, talk to the pig first, then pickup the manure nearby.
  8. -First bug(?) I'm noticing fairly early is that the pig guards seem to act like there's something to attack when I think the crawling horror stalking me is nearby. They run around randomly going "kill! kill! kill!" "what ho" and so forth. They aren't mad at me. Vampire bats also seem to be missing sounds. No flapping, no screeching, etc.