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The Gorge Event Ends Monday

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Hey Everybody. 

The Gorge will be ending on console this coming Monday October 15th. 

We want to give you one more weekend to play before we shut down and get ready for the next update. Once that happens, we'll be working towards getting the Hallowed Nights update as well. We've been having issues with the timing of getting updates through the cert process, so things are taking longer than we like. But, we'll let you know dates for the next update as soon as we can. 

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28 minutes ago, Rogueagent01 said:

No patch notes yet for 1.32?

not dfull patch notes, but if you go on the icon of dst and press options theres some notes, they added the option to fix  mobs and items maintaining pressed triangle, thats amazing ! 

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9 minutes ago, Marco Livio said:

They said in that same forum that they would release the Skins from Twitch to us in the next update, but I did not see that happening, is it a lie? :wilson_confused:

I do think they will come with the hallowed nights update ! This update was mainly to end the gorge, but hey thats just my theory (insert MatPaT reference) so we might have to wait a bit more for those skin :) i cant wait to have the Twitch skins though :D 


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