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  1. last update solved this right?
  2. that's right, and traps don't show they current % .nevermind they do now
  3. i changed to english and it's working now, thanks
  4. yeah sorry to be the buzzkill but we dont get the same stuff as pc does, but hey at least we get the updates at the same time as them
  5. you managed to run the game? regardless wormstood, i'm afraid we wont get him, like the pirate birdcage or the RoG firepit.
  6. just bought the game, but whenever i try to start a hamlet run the game crashes - error CE-34878-0 - and sends me to the psn menu, I'm the only one having this issue?
  7. i got it. my psn is pebrot-i-tonyina
  8. wow that was a bit harsh he's only asking for some statues, no big deal... still cant see the problem with that, u can easily get rid off blueprints u can just burn them?
  9. then moose goose isn't a boss because spawns in multiple locations?? it wont clutter up if u don't kill them and if u do its as easy as burning the blueprints
  10. yay! thx for this and whoever who thought or asked for it !
  11. why when i try racing my carrat starts to cry and the race don't start?
  12. So i recently built around the pig king, and then klei put ingame wrestling pigs again, do i have to dismantle the whole thing in order to acces the wrestling game? might work if i dismantle only one side of it? I'm on console so i can't test it yet
  13. same here, the game suddenly kicks me out from time to time, it says the server is not responding.