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  1. thanks! we're glad thats a girl but we werent ready for it, don't know what could had happen. lol jokes apart can anyone answer my questions?
  2. So with the yoftb event i decided to tame a beefalo but my surprise is that he gave birth in my base... its srping and i was making a beef contest, when it ended he unsaddled and it may have took me like 10 second to saddle it back, and then i went around to find his child on the middle of my base (wich is pretty far away from the savannah where the beefalos are... is this going to start a new herd there??? if i kill it will affect the taming of my beefalo?
  3. they said the same about epic games buying rocket league
  4. I kinda doubt it can be a feature just because the game stores (ps store, steam, ect) don't like mingling save data because that's how they make money But you can merge epic games acount with PSN already
  5. I also had been having troubles trying to spawn her,,, after several times it spawned once i was away dealing with deerclops, but she didn't agro at me even i was killing her,,, my farm was a basic 4 tiles as shown on pic:
  6. that's right, and traps don't show they current % .nevermind they do now
  7. yay! thx for this and whoever who thought or asked for it !
  8. why when i try racing my carrat starts to cry and the race don't start?
  9. So i recently built around the pig king, and then klei put ingame wrestling pigs again, do i have to dismantle the whole thing in order to acces the wrestling game? might work if i dismantle only one side of it? I'm on console so i can't test it yet
  10. same here, the game suddenly kicks me out from time to time, it says the server is not responding.