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  1. thanks! we're glad thats a girl but we werent ready for it, don't know what could had happen. lol jokes apart can anyone answer my questions?
  2. So with the yoftb event i decided to tame a beefalo but my surprise is that he gave birth in my base... its srping and i was making a beef contest, when it ended he unsaddled and it may have took me like 10 second to saddle it back, and then i went around to find his child on the middle of my base (wich is pretty far away from the savannah where the beefalos are... is this going to start a new herd there??? if i kill it will affect the taming of my beefalo?
  3. they said the same about epic games buying rocket league
  4. that's right, and traps don't show they current % .nevermind they do now
  5. yay! thx for this and whoever who thought or asked for it !
  6. why when i try racing my carrat starts to cry and the race don't start?
  7. So i recently built around the pig king, and then klei put ingame wrestling pigs again, do i have to dismantle the whole thing in order to acces the wrestling game? might work if i dismantle only one side of it? I'm on console so i can't test it yet
  8. same here, the game suddenly kicks me out from time to time, it says the server is not responding.
  9. yay i was about to post something and saw it,nice fan art, i may do some someday
  10. theres any way to reverse a unravel?? i just made something really dumb ... PS. ok dont seem to be any way, fml lol. people watch out when unravelling items, make sure what u have picked before confirming, you all dont want to make the mistake i made! omg i was like yay thats nice 150 spools for a t shirt! lets go!!! i do it and then i see im still having 2 t shirts said: wait what? please dont be..... check it, and yeah of course it was! my favourite skin wasted into spools lol.... bye kitty costume ull be missed! lol hope none of u are as distracted as i am.
  11. im enjoying the update so far, the spanish translation its pretty decent, i was afraid the puns on mobs names would loose its fun but theyre pretty well done im laughing every new one i found lol. but there's a cople mistakes here and there ( like in spanish you spell the adjective after the noun, so a it wouldnt be a slippery axe but a axe slippery) i would love to send feedback if you need it
  12. how did you get the pirate birdcage on ps4?