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Warning, don't use the night light before a fix comes, it deletes saves.


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There is a bug that when moving past a night light or any location that once had a night light during dusk/night, will make the screen black and if this is saved, you won't be able to open your save game again.

To avoid this, destroy the night light and do a 6 by 6 wall around it (the night light occupies 2 by 2 spaces), that was you can't move past the area by mistake.

I have tested this around 6 times, it happens when you move past the area that once held a night light or is holding one during dusk/night. Day seems to be safe to go close to it.

Posted Image

I'm telling you this so you can avoid losing your save game, as some people already have.

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That happened to me one night. It wasn't dusk though, it was night time. I was playing as Wendy and I ran past my nightmare lamp and everything turned black and I was like "omg what did I do?!" and then "omg the grue is gonna eat me!" Abigail turned this weird reddish color but other than that, everything was black. It was freaky.I tried reloading but then my save was gone.Good to know it wasn't my fault.

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This isn't to scare player from doing anything with insanity items, it's just the nightmare light! The dark sword, nightmare armour are okey as far as I know. Insanity is scary enough the first time you try it out XD

I've been using the heck out of the Armor & Sword & no problems, as you say. I hadn't made the Night Light as was waiting on Fire Gem. Had a comment about this bug but no thread link, so really glad you posted. Thanks. Won't be making it. Too many ways to go insane. I like eating Monster Lasagna. Food fill (with enuf) & 33% wrapped up in a neat bundle.
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