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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, did anyone maybe made already system penalty such as Meat Effigy has? Because I need it to health, hunger and sanity... I started low and just used components: health(maxhealth), hunger(max) and sanit(max). But these stats aren't being saved... Any advice, ideas, suggestions, propositions?
  2. At the moment, the sanity mechanic is one of the most interesting in the game. But I, in all honesty feel like it could use a great improvement. The thing that bugs me the most about Sanity is that being insane doesn't have that many effects. Therefore, I would suggest adding these concepts to being insane: -Trees, Rocks and other harvestable resources would scream or yell in pain as you gather them or break them down. -Tools and Weapons in your hand would talk to you and say rather discouraging and possibly bloodthirsty things -Animals would talk, react to being hit and hitting you. The more insane you are, the more would they speak. -The appearance of said animals would change as well, possibly having Beardbirds and Shaved Beefaloes that gain their fur as you shave them. -The examination quotes of your characters would get messed up, with letters being scrambled the more you are insane. -The boon skeletons would come to life and start attacking you if you take/took their items. -You can see your reflection in ponds. Should you be insane, your reflection will start resembling Maxwell. Maxwell's reflection will start to look like Wes. -Food will start to run away from you. -Pig Heads and Merm Heads will jump from their sticks and start hopping after you. The heads will return once you get sane. Stats: Health: 100 Damage: 25 These additions would, I think, improve the insane feel a bit and make being insane a tad more challenging.
  3. Hey, everyone. Long-time lurker, first time poster. Something about Don't Starve made me feel like writing a poem. So I've decided to put it here for your amusement. I like to imagine the characters keep diaries. And that as they lose sanity, their entries become progressively more erratic as they begin ranting on and on about "shadow creatures". I visualized this as an entry in Wendy's diary when she's more or less gone completely insane (sanity <40, in game terms). I will say, it's pretty dark. Darker than I intended it to be. So it goes. *** Terror, Terror, Terrorbeak, Through the black-stained night you sneak, From the shadow, from the deep, To my darkened room you creep. Terror, Terror, Terrorbeak, Though these sturdy walls my keep, Through the very cracks you seep, Aiming for my throat you leap. Terror, Terror, Terrorbeak, For my virgin blood you seek, Feel your tongue across my cheek, Of what next – I cannot speak. Terror, Terror, Terrorbeak, You will never let me sleep, Though I scream and though I weep, To stop you I am far too weak.
  4. Okay, there are some other threads like this, but let's just start over with a new thread! I'll give you one of my tips to start. They might be obvious, but it's good for people who don't have much knowledge about the game.If you're starving and beefalos live near your base, kill them. It's best you use a spear at least and wear a log suit before killing them. After you've killed them, take all the meat and go home to your base. If you have a crock pot, use all the meat to make meaty stew. if you don't have enough meat, monster meat and morsel can be used with the meat. I usually cook them before I put them in the crock pot just in case it turns into wet goop. Wet goop doesn't fill anything. After the meaty stew is finished, harvest it from the crock pot and eat it! A good thing about this is that beefalos aren't hard to find, crock pots are easy to make, and meaty stew replenishes 150 hunger, some health and 5 sanity when consumed!
  5. Wait.. Robots have brains? I never.. oh wait, they don't. Why does WX-78 have sanity? I don't think if they had no emotions they'd start to go insane... Not nagging at the devs to change this, because that would be way to overpowered. So, if WX-78's sanity is removed, you could make it so that as WX-78 loses hp (or in a robot's term, power) the player will do less damage also. This may just all be a waste of time, but I'm just stating this.
  6. Hey guys, I've started a new let's play of Don't Starve on my channel, this is my first Lets Play ever! So suggestions and positive criticism would be extremely appreciated from me! I've watched like a 5-10 minute video on Don't Starve before doing a semi-blind lets play on it!So here's Episode 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DPf2HPA8MY
  7. Hey there, I am a huge fan of Don't Starve, really like the direction it is headed. I was noticing something though - my main method of restoring sanity aside from dapper hats is eating well-cooked foods. Once you get a recipe that works well for you - in my case monster meatballs - there is little reason to change. I was reading that this is one of the major ideas behind the winter update - forcing players to adapt to new situations - and in that vein I had a suggestion."AW, meatballs AGAIN!?" My suggestion is implementing a system of diminishing returns for food sanity if you don't eat a variety of foods - essentially making your character get sick of that particular food until eventually you get no sanity from eating it, maybe even eventually taking a sanity HIT as you force down another steaming pile meatballs, or kebabs, or WHATEVER. It may make the early parts of the game too difficult - I remember spending DAYS munching roasted berries before I really got the hang of the game - but hey that's what Don't Starve is all about am I right?
  8. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 72968 Issue title Tallbirds won't stop chasing Steps to reproduce Stole the tallbird egg Ran away while tallbird chased me Night came Had to kill the tallbird Tallbird killed me Describe your issue I stole the tallbird egg and the tallbird started to chase me. It didn't stop chasing me and I had to try to kill it because the night came but it killed me I do think this is a bug because the tallbird didn't stop chasing me when I stole it's egg.
  9. Kikou, comment capturer des abeilles svp?
  10. I have been reading the forum and saw how some people were complaining about how the sanity meter didn´t bring a new challege to the game, even when the system is fun itself, you choose if you get insane or not. For me, this is wrong, sanity needs to be something you should worry a lot too.But how, you ask? My suggestion is: make your sanity drops everytime, like the fatigue. And the hats that make your your sanity grown? Make they have durability and they will make your sanity drops slower than normal. Not only that, but more stuff should make your sanity drops even more, things that would only happen after day 10, like the hounds. This would make things easier at the beggining, but after day 10 the world would drive you crazy, and you would need to struggle for the survivor....of your mind.Post here your thoughts and comments and feel free to give more ideas to improve the sanity mechanic.
  11. There is a bug that when moving past a night light or any location that once had a night light during dusk/night, will make the screen black and if this is saved, you won't be able to open your save game again. To avoid this, destroy the night light and do a 6 by 6 wall around it (the night light occupies 2 by 2 spaces), that was you can't move past the area by mistake. I have tested this around 6 times, it happens when you move past the area that once held a night light or is holding one during dusk/night. Day seems to be safe to go close to it. I'm telling you this so you can avoid losing your save game, as some people already have.
  12. Winston H. Black The Time Lord "Sometimes, I am on time when I'm late." G'day, MM here. I decided to make a newer character suggestion. I present to you, Winston H. Black! Hence his title, you may think that he would have something to do with time. Bingo. His perks would consist of a longer Day/Night cycle, and things would respawn/grow/die faster. Example, say, a spider's nest would grow 1.5x its original rate, and regenerate spiders 2x as fast as well. Berry Bushes would generate berries 1.5x faster, but food and flower spoilage would advance 2x its original rate. In a nutshell, positive effects would be advanced by 1.5%, and negative effects would be doubled. such effects would apply to sanity as well, but only by 1.5%. Sincerely, Maxwell's Man
  13. any ideas how to fix to run on the game ?
  14. Wow Winter Hat

    Wow, day 20. I ran out of ideas to do certain things at the time, made a winter hat. Finally felt inspired to explore my world more since it felt like the official winter update just came in. The winter hat extended my playability to day 41 and I'm still inspired to play more of the game :DCan't wait for what the official winter update brings, heard it will bring the best "content wise" update to the game, hoping for a neater and cleaner looking winter design when it rolls it
  15. You just conquered your fears shoulden't this relax you make you braver and restore some sanity?
  16. Straw rolls. Sleeping restores sanity so stuff like the top hat and stuff becomes useless if you have grass farms. That's pretty much all I have to say on the matter. Fistfull of jam is in the game (4 berries in a crock pot, possibly restores sanity). I never saw the aggressive reaper like shadow turn fully visible, he buggered off after I started going below 30.Overall, well done Kevin. Although beefalo hat is still slightly OP.
  17. If your bored, set goals! Explore the entire map! Kill every spider nest! Capture all beehives! Lead an unstoppable empire of pigs, spiders, or smallbirds! Build a city or a village! Make a farm plantation! Take every single berry bush and plant them into a super farm! Dig up every grave! Become a chef! Make a forest! Make meat traps for hounds! For any more fun ideas, please post!
  18. while i heard you guys might be adding sanity to the game i would like to suggest pen and papyrus the pen is like a net everytime its used it waste 10% of the ink like the dapper vest and top hat it will give you sanity everytime you write. how to equip right click the pen and right click papyrus (pen layout on how to make 1tentacle spot{ink}+1stinger+1papyrus=pen) (second pen layout feather+tentacle spot= pen) hope you like