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  1. My Beefalo did not attack him when not in heat, & did attack him when in heat. He killed 8 of them & it still took 17 hits with a Dark Sword to put him down. Neither Deerclops of the 2 (of 3 total in 1 winter) that came after me, aggo'd the treeguard even with what is I guess their AOE attack (Kevin on livestream?). I killed the first with 5 firedarts & 14-15 hits with Dark Sword. Sanity about 140. A friend did have his treeguard--we had discussed this strategy when the teaser came out, as we both use them vs. Killer bees, etc.--kill his Deerclops. There is at least one other thread up where the poster ate the eyeball and got another Deerclops.
  2. Sry for double post, have friends have had luck using bush hat to hide from Deerclops. Don't know if that is an option for you.
  3. Have had 3 Deerclops spawn in one winter, but not, I think, back to back. Also a friend & I had talked about using Treeguards long before the update as I use them vs. killer bees, tentacles, beefalo. I had two around my camp. Was never able to get either of the 2 Deerclops that actually came to me to aggro either Treeguard, even with the AOE Kevin said they had. One killed my surviving beefalo & all of the Treeguards attack my walls if they get close. So I took one to the swamp & lost patience with the other, it was a long winter, & killed him. My friend did get his Treeguard to kill his Deerclops, so....
  4. I also have not seen tallbirds through 5 adventure worlds, and 2 sandbox.
  5. And everyone playing from day 1 as a new player has a pocketful of firedarts and a panflute made with a mandrake by winter?
  6. All these fire answers don't address the issue of gathering silk from a day one game to have some of the silk intensive items for winter, but actually for routine game play. I also believe "hire pigs" should not be the only answer in a game that has offered amazing diversity. Have you tried multiple grass traps, or are those still working? I find that 2 rows of 3 between the nest & where you intend to run works to "thin the herd", so to speak. Been a bit busy with hounds, the four-legged hit sponges that have gone vegetarian.
  7. Just watched that. Was anticlimactic. From watching earlier hadn't expected them to be very hard once the hounds when down, & people have been killing hounds for ages. The Deerclops fight was interesting, but he seems quite a bit dumber than even a Treeguard, just really high hp. Maybe it will put to rest the "Deerclops unfairly OP" threads. Pan flute, master of all monsters.
  8. I thought that at one point Riptide said that a mandrake would be required for a pan flute. Is there any confirmation on that being the case after the update? Or is my sanity meter acting up again?
  9. Photo-bombing pigs. Pigs being stung in the arse by bees. The thought that somewhere a psychiatrist is going broke with this crew of characters running around on an island far from his office.
  10. Nope, game is hysterically funny. Of course, I collect & read horror fiction. After HPL's Mountains of Madness, Hope Hodgson's Boats of the Glenn Carig & most things my Richard Laymon, games look pretty mild. & Willow & Wendy are the vanilla twins of questionable sanity.
  11. I think farms are a matter of style, it depends on what you want & how you want to go about it. I never used them pre-"Long Live the Queen", not because that mattered, but it's hard to date things in a game. I had beefalo on one side, pigs the other, & bunny traps I could reach from my firepit. Cookies come from farms now, & I think it gives the developers a range of options so that everything in the game isn't automatically an animal or monster drop or bee poop. Maybe a rare plant like--but not actually--a mandrake would spice things up or more cookie-ish recipes.
  12. I've started quite a few worlds lately, and talk to quite a few new players. I was wondering if a simpler build on the Crock Pot might aid new players without damaging game difficulty. Plus, early on they are fun to play around with. With spoilage & insanity the 3 refined stone seems like it could be reduced or changed. 6 charcoal is kind of tutorialish in teaching burning & charcoal, & 6 sticks is a no-brainer; but quantities of stone often involve a trip to a new area of the map & push the Crock Pot to "later on". Also with research as it is now, an early science machine--requiring stone--seems appropriate, further pushing back the Crock Pot.People that build a dozen Crock Pots, always will regardless of the build. Just a thought, Martha Stewart would say that more players is: "A Good Thing".
  13. 145 kills, but I finally reached the almost Krampus point, made a save, & reset to it over & over. I've heard as few as 3, under 20 is common. Over 100 seems to be unusual. I rarely got Treeguards before Progress Update, so I don't seem to hit the low %'s.
  14. Three gem mines in my capital, & three gold in my 2nd city. Oops, 1st world, Beefalo to the east, Pig town w/King to west & swamp just beyond. Big forest between base & Pigtown. Was a mini-continent world in the time of circle islands connected by ever lengthening bridges. Only 2 Tallbirds widely separated, but that was before smallbirds. I seem to get the worlds where beefalo are (or were, pre-wormhole) prohibitively far from the Pigs & Swamp that I like for their entertainment value.
  15. The sanity combination that seems to be a bit unfortunate is the Night Armor & the Dark Sword together. & it's more to carry, so putting my eggs in the Dark Sword basket. What's dead doesn't often kill you. &--just a weirdism--why "Dark" Sword & "Night" Armor...Why not "Dark" all the way--including "Dark Light"--for a nice genre of equipment/items?
  16. This doesn't kill him, normally I don't kill mine, I use them to harvest tentacle spikes or beefalo: a toothtrap will "break aggro" on a Treeguard. I've never seen it posted, but don't read that much. After that do whatever you want with him. If you want to chop trees, carry the trap & move away, drop it when he comes. I thought it would just "clip his toenails", but when it popped he lost interest.
  17. I have always thought winter would be a hunting season. Bunnys are active in winter climes. I think a person could support himself/herself with a boomerang. I would guess even a hibernating spider nest would respond to attack. Hunting would also take players out of their camps & expose them to what may be hunting them through the blizzards (please, let there be blizzards) & expose them more fully to the cold. I want Wilson with a "to his toes" icicle on his nose, or maybe Wolfie.
  18. Your sanity meter is full, but perhaps it has been "painted in place". I like your style though. At present entering next level of adventure naked would work out fine.
  19. I've been using the heck out of the Armor & Sword & no problems, as you say. I hadn't made the Night Light as was waiting on Fire Gem. Had a comment about this bug but no thread link, so really glad you posted. Thanks. Won't be making it. Too many ways to go insane. I like eating Monster Lasagna. Food fill (with enuf) & 33% wrapped up in a neat bundle.
  20. Tophat for appearance, especially with Wolfgang. Feathered hat was my "crazy hat" for Wilson, the the garland has taken that place. I don't mean it saves him from craziness; I mean he's obviously crazy for wearing rotting flowers on his head, not to mention collecting them instead of food.
  21. Perhaps effigy ability for the masses? Especially since coming back through an effigy is quite interesting now, as insanity is still highly active.
  22. I did about the same as 24kgoldring, except had a brain cramp & didn't put on armor. Died & resurrection through effigy is an interesting experience. Was still quite insane, not 0, but not good, had mind monsters chasing me, & of course, nothing in inventory. Very exciting. Loving the screen edge squigggles.
  23. I also think it's good to give it to different people. But I believe lethalfrag said he hadn't played the game since the Krampus update, which in terms of game development has been a while. At least it should be someone who is familiar with the current game. Also if a person hasn't played since the Krampus update, how much do they even want to play the game. There's a difference between agreeing to demo a game because you like a game & agreeing to one because you're trying to support yourself by streaming videos. I'm not saying that happened this time, but it could happen. A palpable air of disinterest wouldn't contribute to a demo.
  24. I'm not disrespecting anyone, but perhaps next time the developers could ask their chosen "streamer" if he would like to play the demo for a while. So many things weren't even touched on. It's better than nothing, but if I had that demo I'd still be playing it. Wes would be one tired mime.