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Yes!  I like this idea.   definitely insulated doors.

Other suggestions people added are some sort of actual air tight doors or system.  Even if it takes 3 to 5 width to construct.  currently the method people are using are water lock that takes up almost 5 in width. 

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I have a water lock that only takes two or three width that is perfectly insulating.  It works like this: 


Where T is an abyssalite tile, C is CO2 or something, W is water or another liquid (around 30 grams), V is a vacuum, and G is the gas from the other environment.  This is easy to make and allows for vertical entry in to any temperature-sealed area.

I'd show it in game, but I can't open it right now.

But I get your point that we should be able to do this with a door.   I think the theory is that you can with the tubes, so that is good enough.  I disagree personally.

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2 doors surrounded with insulated tiles, air pump and atmo sensor inside, should work fine. Not sure how right now, but few patches ago air pump made perfect vacuum in hydrolyzing room after it run out of water. but even if vacuum not perfect, low pressurized air is fine insulator. And no need to build this ugly water locks.

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