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  1. the electrolyzers and liquid vents continue to pump while overpressurized the polling could be changed to every 4 seconds instead of constantly and would reduce cpu use by a hair and ingame electrical usage by alot.
  2. #agricultural update# i have a duplicant in specific, joshua ... he keeps randomly grabbing his stomach and acting ill he has no status messages and remains permanently in the rejuvenator at 100% health unless i kick him out (unassign). it remains through save states. i beleave that maybe getting sick emmediatly during the time that your supposed to become healthy{the moment the sick timer runs out} ive had other permanently sick duplicants before as well
  3. carbon dioxide (what we breath) contains 2 oxygen molecules and they are deleted when put through oxygen scrubbers which use up quite a bit of electricity.
  4. P2O produced in slime biomes become so massive that it completely clogs up gas pipe flow to the point you cannot use gas geyser engines. note that this is while using carbon scrubbers directly below carbon vents. duplicants 'breath' the P2O but do not remove any from the air.
  5. small flowing streams become invisible and only show the blue (or green) aura around the moppable areas . i think the render engine is set to not show enough particles.
  6. wire bridges are not rated at 20 kilowatts. or even 1000 watts when attached to transformers pushing 720 watts
  7. when building 2 ladders next to each-other the ladders have no priority, so if the ladders are about 20 units tall and a duplicant leaves to head for air they may jump back and forth until they run out of air, and promptly fall down the ladder dead. also when making an extremely long ladder {50 tiles or more} dupes get confused about which direction to go to for air when air tiles are circulating.
  8. after making and filling so many storage compactors (about 59) the fill capacity indicators disapeer, i would like it if the display remained active even if the game is running out of resources. the missing indicators stay and seemingly 'infect' neerby storage units when loading from a fresh save. running from a high end pc.
  9. of storage containers, maybe there could be color coded storage containers that contain only one type of media, such as organics or liquifyables or useable ore such as sand and coal and oxylyte, that way you can visually see (and tally!) how much of each type or resource you have.
  10. Show Us Your Colony

    recently revamped the wiring and dragged in 6 wheezeworts to make up for the battery and oxygen production heating. i dont think ill be running out of water anytime soon. i had to cheat twice by spoofing in more sand using the debug menu. the lava at the bottom of the map is wayy to far to reach and sorting through each and every container to disable storing clay or sandstone so that i can have it delivered is far to much annoying. i already tackled that gas vent on the bottom as well as one about 200 clicks to the left - last 5 bases had no steam vents i hope this isnt a reacurring problem id ask for improvement ideas to this base but the update is probably going to need me to start fresh :)/
  11. i think geezers should have a digestion period at the game start to give the old farts time to warm up the bagpipes Xp~~~~