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  1. attached is my computer info. i have 4 cpu cores running at 3.1 gigahertz. you need this to run at 30 fps average during late game because of thousands of individual gas exchanges occuring within each tile. if you really need to get more fps you can gain a temporary boost by using the fill tool and replacing fast exchanging large bodies of gasses , and use debug mode to mop up as much loose liquids as you can cause that conpresses the gasses and makes them move faster. DESKTOP-JH4FA1T.html
  2. already found a bug lol. opening the door to the volcano room next to a ladder causes them to fall all the way to the bottom of the ladder after opening the door
  3. how to create liquid oxygen?

    thank you well put
  4. how to create liquid oxygen?

    thanks guys
  5. any good methods? ive tried running a entropy nullifier to the maximum and i still yield no liquid oxygen, plenty of liquid carbon that self duplicates tho.

    got any good methods on how to create liquid oxygen?

    in that case its still bull, the thrusters dont need to be run the whole time, and petroleum is self ignitable with a single 1 KJ start of electricity. havnt these guys play tested space engineers? also when leaving atmosphere you can pulse the engines and reduce the thrust required by HALF.
  8. keeps saying i have no thrust distance. 3 fuel tanks and a petroleum engine should be more than enough.
  9. non-smart storage-smart configuration

    thank you was gunna reply my findings on that today
  10. using regular containers set with a priority of 6 triggers the auto-sweeper to deliver to normal storage containers, walled off from dupes so they dont fill the containers with random junk from other containers. once the containers are filled you can set the containers for normal priority and remove the walls, reattach ladders etc