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  1. pips enter trance like state and wont seed, other pips deliver seed and wont dig.The Radioactive Moonbase Cycle 159.sav none of these pips are moving
  2. something usefull todo with 20 tons of gold ore
  3. basic circuitry:dump timer

    looks like it works just fine to me
  4. a mid game ice melter using 100% aluminum ore and refined aluminum metal. usefull for melting large glaciers near your base.
  5. ok so the dispenser is connected to 2 outputs and has one input coming in the and gate is recieving an input from both the dispenser and a not gate(1) the not gate(1) is providing a green signal for the and gate the buffer gate is recieving from the and gate and is set to 33.8 seconds {the time it takes 11 dupes to move 20tons of material from 100 units down a ladder to back inside the unit} the final not gate(2) takes from the buffer signal and turns it off the purpose of the 2 not gates is to invert the logic of the circuit so it stays closed for the required time to fill it full, and to provide a stable green signal to the and gate.
  6. 105083.562921 fahrenheit seconds is the the true maximum temperature of a synthetic daimond(better than a standard cut daimond).. thats 58361.97940055556 celcius 3500 joules per second (3500 watts) is the maximum heat containment per 2mm² of daimond in game the maximum temperature change per second is .1 F at normal speed for a foreground tile. a far more effecient array of tiles with less tiles below
  7. has anyone created a heat trap?

    any chance you could create something that turns dirt into sand via conveyor belt? using an array of aquatuners? its kind of a novelty concept now that theres plenty of sand in the biomes but the question remains @DarkMoge
  8. overcrowded doesnt slow reproduction for pacus, but it affects everything else.
  9. is it possible to run a steam turbine at full power using only one turbine vent? whats if i had highly heated overpressurized steam?
  10. #your right theres no packetizer for solid objects, ill put in a suggestion to klei right now.# so we have volume control for fluids we have a gas valve for gasses but no packetizer for solids... i was thinking of something that that receives ore, minerals, and refined metals, then extrudes them to either the right or left side or even fully rotatable? and it comes with a programmable interface so you can specify how long to delay before pooping out more pieces of solids; then how big in grams to make the packet. the idea is that the extruder lies far out from the machines ground stability requirement, allowing the packet to fall a far distance (potentially through a trap door?) and be picked up by a sweeper to be delivered to rails to be used for deliveries and conversions, melting small amounts of ice, freezing dirt, transporting frozen crude oil, delivering radium to nuclear reactors, genetic ooze to printing pods. etcetera
  11. has anyone created a heat trap?

    your right theres no packetizer for solid objects, ill put in a suggestion to klei right now.
  12. has anyone created a heat trap?

    i know their must be a way to store energy without converting it to electricity. maybe runes?
  13. has anyone created a heat trap?

    well i wanted to take ambient heat and collect it in a dense location, for storage purposes and later to resolve crude oil into petroleum. im trying to trap ambient heat is the goal.
  14. im trying to figure out a way to trap heat in a 8x8 or smaller area by using converyor belts and or water pipes and or insulation tiles. mostly insulation tiles. i want to siphon heat without using high voltage to trap extreme heat in a room, any ideas? -all materials and end game substances allowed.