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  1. only 12 words could describe my feelings for this update.
  2. pips enter trance like state and wont seed, other pips deliver seed and wont dig.The Radioactive Moonbase Cycle 159.sav none of these pips are moving
  3. totally not a fan of forcing us to 'grow' wheezeworts, outside of plant pots and using phosphorite, especially because it gives no seed and the amount of water and phosphorite youve been asking for plants is not sustainable in large amounts. havnt you heard of overwatering?
  4. because there is no priority for critter lures, even with eleven dupes delivering to storage (basically idle) the critter lure never gets loaded
  5. dreckos wont eat from planter boxes unless its neer a wall.
  6. i have noticed that the sound will loop and stall for the sweeper movement if it runs into 2 objects with the same priority. it will even continue making the noise during a automatic game save.
  7. far too much regolith, my autosweeper has been sucking up regolith for 16 days!!! and it keeps coming in.
  8. cant use conveyor belts to move frozen oxygen,methane,crude oil etc because theres no entry for them also cannot store them for use with lava, underwater storage units, steam areas, etc
  9. this is after landing. the second cargo bay is completely gone, all 3 fuel tanks remain tho.
  10. how does one begin to "decode" the save file? what clued you into the codes data form?
  11. even with 6 gold tempshift plates and an ice biome at -19F the polymer press heats too quickly to cooldown. see broken polymer press image here the rate at which the polymer press overheats needs to be lowered