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  1. I've had problems with water locks letting too much temperature out, and I found the debuf annoying, so I tried using carbon instead. I just connect a vent from my natural gas generator's carbon to the side of the door and it is surprisingly gas tight / well insulated. The net temperature has dropped significantly faster the past 20 or so cycles and no carbon has actually gotten into the room. I'm not 100% sure if no hydrogen is leaking out since I had hydrogen in my base in the first place. Though the gass pressure has been really steady so I would say hardly any hydrogen has escaped. Since doors occasionally destroy gas, it also destroys a bit of free carbon for you. Also, whenever the door is opened the carbon pushes left, so I don't think hydrogen will escape. (I was afraid carbon would get into the room so I was considering a small cooling pocket below it to liquefy it, but It appears it was not necessary.) *Edit having played another 100+ cycles with this, I've noticed this setup is almost perfectly gas tight UNLESS your base is flooded with carbon and the carbon inside the base rises a few tiles over the lock. The extra pressure from the gravity of the carbon in your base is enough to push into the hydrogen. I didn't notice I ran out of water to pump into carbon scrubbers. Otherwise the carbon / hydrogen is really steady since the amount of carbon pressure is always the same due to the setup. **Edit after drastically changing the setup of the rest of the base I've noticed that very high pressure oxygen can also remove the locks ability to refill itself and then it'll just be replaced with oxegen, I ended up added another door above just to destroy oxygen so the carbon has a chance to replace itself