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  1. The thing about chlorine is one of the most common arguments about things that require chlorine is that they aren't very good because of the lack of a guaranteed reliable source of chlorine. Ore scrubbers can be nice, especially with the new disease system. It can be a safeguard to make sure that if the material didn't get stored in chlorine for long enough, it will be germless before it gets in to the base since we don't have a way to stop germy things from entering the base before we get mechatronics. Hand sanitizers are nice because they don't require piping, allowing you to have clean hands without having to lay water pipes across half the map. I occasionally use wash basins for the same purpose, but that can't be fed with a auto sweeper. I use them sometimes in remote areas where I don't want to run pipes, but only if I have a chlorine geyser. Not having a reliable way to get chlorine makes the buildings that use chlorine bad. I think the game should go back to having a guaranteed 2 natural gas geysers AND a chlorine geyser.
  2. The CO2 geyser introduces basically no carbon dioxide in to the system. The best geysers are around 20 g/s, which would net you a whopping 2.6 g/s dirt (assuming no off gassing), or 1.5 kg/cycle dirt. That is not enough to grow a single sleetwheat plant. And the temperature effect is negligible due to the mass. I feel that it won't recoup the food it costs you to build the machine. And that is literally the best you can hope for. I wouldn't build anything for it specifically. However, if it is not inconvenient, I would hook it up to my CO2 vent system to have it travel to the central CO2 processing area (be it a dirt farm or a slickster farm).
  3. Something useful I found is that if your pipe is in a vacuum, then you can use radiant pipe made out of tungsten. It can't transfer heat if it is is already cold enough, and radiant pipes get down to temperature faster, though you will have to mo Another trick is to use liquid bridges to cover distance. Liquid bridges don't transfer heat, so they can be made out of regular rock. You can cut the amount of insulation needed by a significant amount.
  4. I disagree. Lacking an initial skill point would be like if in the old jobs system, you would have to master the unemployed job before getting a first job, which is just a time sink in the beginning without adding any real difficulty. This is because there is no real reason to leave the home biome for a long time, but not being able to makes things just take longer. I think that all dupes should start with 1 skill point so that I can decide what role they should fill in the beginning.
  5. Now that QoL mk 3 is out, I started a new colony. As it was early in the beta, my starting dupes did not have any skill points in the beginning. When I accepted my first dupe, however, he had a skill point whereas my original dupes still did not have a skill point. I think the starting dupes should have a skill point in the beginning of the game OR get a skill point when the skill board is built. It is weird that the new dupes start with a skill point, but the original dupes don't.
  6. Chlorine is the best though because it kills food poisoning germs.
  7. Not if you remove the eggs, hatch them, then drop them back in the water. If there are no eggs, they are never expecting. I usually put sweepers at the bottom of my ranches and set it up so that the critters can get in to the ranch in a 1 way mechanism.
  8. In a way, they kept a primitive form of latent heat. When the ice solidifies, it gains some temperature. I believe it is around 5C, which has a similar but smaller effect.
  9. The bottle thing was to note another difference because before the change it didn't drop a bottle. I believe they engineered it so that it is just an accelerated ice melter, which can be nice to have. I will probably use them to cool rooms in the oil biome that I want to be comfortable quickly, or for some spot cooling in the early mid game. I haven't had a chance to mess around with it since it was changed, but I was under the impression they fixed it. This math isn't quite right. Keep in mind that ice has a heat capacity of around 2 instead of 4.
  10. I thought they changed that. Now it adds heat to the ice until it melts, then releases a bottle.
  11. The only issue with this idea is that for this to be useful, it would have to somehow be more efficient than the pitcher pump. Pitcher pumps can fill bottles with hundreds of kg of water per second with minimal pumping time, whereas something that is piped is limited to 10 kg/s. The way I would approach this is by having it stockpile a very large amount of water (~2000-4000 kg) and let them take partial bottles. That way, people will always be able to get a water bottle from it without having to wait unless you need a ridiculous amount of water. I do think some buildings should have plumbed versions, like water coolers.
  12. Yokel is actually a quite bad trait because they can't get the learning buff from the research skills. +6 learning is a lot. All my dupes get that eventually and level up quickly because of it. I would easily place that as worst than no dig or no build, which aren't really a problem in a large enough base, as you do need some people to tend the colony, flip the compost, harvest the field, etc. If I see a dupe with no build, but has quick learner or simple tastes and has a high skill in something I need, I will take them. I agree on the others though. No cook, no care, no fighting, small bladder are all better to have than no dig and no build.
  13. I wouldn't put no-dig or no-build in the same category as flatulent. If your dedicated rancher can't build or dig, that is perfectly fine. If your dedicated rancher is flatulent and breaks your CO2 locks and pollutes your ranches, then I have a problem. I would take no dig and no build over anemic. I would take anemic over narcoleptic (because narcoleptics drop stuff and athletics can be "learned" or can be confined to a small place.). I would take narcoleptic over flatulent. I would also take no dig and no build over gourmet or yokel, since there are plenty of non-digging and non-building tasks, but lower morale and lower learning are universally bad. I actually build my farms so that the farmers would be in exosuits. Once, I had an oxygenated farm that everyone used to hang out in (because I had around 60 dupes on an accept every dupe challenge), and they depressurized the farm and everyone starved. After that, I made my late game farms CO2 so that couldn't happen again and put the farmers in exosuits so that they could operate efficiently. It makes the farms a lot more stable. On the topic of allergies, I would be willing to accept a dupe with allergies under very specific conditions. That dupe must have a single job and be isolated in to only one part of the base where there are no allergens or exposure to allergens can be controlled. A dedicated rancher comes to mind, or a farmer in an exosuit. There honestly aren't a lot of late game jobs that require dedicated dupes.
  14. But you would need fewer pacus. With space travel, it might be possible to get enough algae and slime with fewer total animals. And fewer animals means less pathfinding. But you are probably right.
  15. If you are going to have enough fish to eat the meat raw, then perhaps omelettes would be a better solution for morale because you can actually cook the eggs without grilling them.