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  1. For those who don't know, about 2 weeks ago, Brothgar's Youtube channel was hacked. Now, apparently he has it back. His channel was renamed and was posting scams, so a lot of people unsubscribed. If you were subscribed to him, double check that you still are. His videos aren't back yet.
  2. One thing to make sure of is that baby slickster is checked on your dropoff.
  3. I usually set up my grills to cook gristle berry, mushrooms, barbecue, and fish fillets forever. Sometimes I also do frost buns if I have a cold biome. Normally they spend most of their time on just one of them, but they are all cooked.
  4. There is a difference between artificial and precise. This situation is not artificial. But this isn't what I want. I want a system where, if there is excess capacity on a wire, the power used is unbounded, but if there isn't enough capacity, it is capped with internal priorities. I can so the internal priorities easily, but I can't do the unbounded part without keeping track of every machine on the circuit. Couldn't this be done with transformers and a wattage sensor along with a smart battery? You run the turbine and panels through the transformers and use the wattage sensor to measure the power usage. If you overproduce, this can be detected with a smart battery.
  5. I agree this would be nice to have, but is it necessary? If the power generation isn't high enough, a smart battery should be able to tell us that and perform actions accordingly, including cause brownouts on non-vital systems and use the new notifier to tell us.
  6. If this is the case, I challenge you to create an automation system that will only allow an oil refinery and pump to run simultaneously if it will not overload the circuit it is currently on. If the other machines happen to be off, the pump and oil refinery are allowed to run simultaneously. All other components on the circuit are generic (meaning they could be anything) and are considered to have priority over the pump, and are not necessarily controlled by automation. This device should change about as quickly as any other sensor if the pump should be deactivated. Keep in mind that this oil refinery is an example, so you should not rely on the fact that there is a dupe standing at the refinery when it is running. Additionally, I challenge you to make a device that detects whether a generic machine is currently running. This should work with any building, including an air tunnel, a juke box, a liquid pump, or an autodigger, without any modification to the setup (except changing values on existing automation components.). It should output "true" if the building is currently running and "false" if it is not, and be able to produce these outputs without any significant delay.
  7. Do you mean on conveyors or debris? Because I would love conveyor sensors. Out of curiosity, how did they act inconsistently before? I can see another purpose. If the power consumption is below a certain point, you could turn on some optional machines. You could use this with a memory toggle to turn them off if the circuit started overloading. Or, looking at it from the other side, you could turn off machines if the circuit is overloading. You could also use this to detect if a machine is on or off and do things accordingly. For example, I could imagine a circuit that could overload if I run the oil refinery and the associated gas pump at the same time, so I put in a device that detects if it running both would cause an overload.
  8. ONI multiplayer

    But you would have to be careful. The simple mouse over appears to create a little interface for each object, even if there are thousands of objects. I like one tile ranches, and the game freezes if I accidentally mouse over the critters. Honestly, I think this is a bad thing for the game to be doing period, as most of them are drawn off screen, so why make them? Just indicate that there are more objects without elaborating.
  9. A save would be helpful. Assessing the automation without being able to run and look at the gate settings is hard. (If you don't know, your saves are in Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded in Windows. Except you are playing on a Mac, so its probably in an equivalent place.) I do know door pumps still work, so maybe there is something wrong with your timings? But I think the bead pump is a better infinite compression tool anyway. EDIT: Sorry, I didn't see the timing on my phone's screen. A while ago, they made doors close slower when unpowered. You will need to increase the time on the gates or plug in the doors.
  10. ONI multiplayer

    The data is important, arguably more important than latency. As long as the UI feels responsive, I think most players would accept it. By responsive UI, I mean that when you click a build order, it appears on your screen quickly, even though the game may not know about it for a bit. ONI does not require reaction times or anything like that. Or, more to the point, if it does, you are probably doing something wrong. Kitten and I are concerned about data in different ways. I think pure video streaming can lead to compression artifacts or throttling making the text unreadable, thereby making the game completely unplayable due to resolution down scaling (because of all the small text in the game). To experience this effect, watch an ONI youtube video with the resolution set low. But Kitten thinks my solution will use too much data and thinks it will hurt performance on the game, which is a very reasonable concern. I think a hybrid approach may be in order. Perhaps a video for the basic screen and overlays, but when a client clicks on an object, it does a data query for what is on that tile and displays the text locally.
  11. The game doesn't have very good controls for which materials your dupes can use. The best you can do is to use conveyor loaders (I believe). You have a dupe live where the hot dirt is (and be delivered food, have a bathroom, etc) and have them take the dirt and put it in to conveyor loaders. Then you can use the loaders and rails to move the dirt through a cold metal heat sink and dump it out in the base, where everyone else can use it. Once the dirt is gone, you can move the dupe back in to your main colony. But one thing to consider is that dirt has a high thermal conductivity. What I do with my farms on Aridio is I build a row of farm tiles, then I build an ice tempshift plate over the farms. This cools the tiles quite quickly and can be done in the early game.
  12. I think Aridio is the hardest. It's a hot forest with little water, so growing food is difficult. But ranching is also harder on Aridio than as it is on Oasisse. There is so much sand to feed hatches in Oasisse while also having comparable amounts of dirt. Oasisse is a map where heat death is imminent. Aridio is a map where it already happened. I have been playing Aridio with max difficulty except food and accept a dupe immediately every 3 cycles, no deaths. Currently have around 75 dupes at around cycle 200. I don't think this is possible with ravenous. I have learned the art of the cycle 8 vacuum insulated farm with ice makers to cool it. You should look at ice temp shift plates. They make an area cold very quickly.
  13. You can also use a waterlock to build your vacuum insulation. This has the advantage that dupes can get in and through. Thats generally how I do it because it leads to a base with multiple potential exits.
  14. Can't start the game

    I think the consensus is that this bug was caused by anti-virus software. I know my Avast was causing problems for me. Perhaps you should check your anti-virus too see if it is blocking ONI.
  15. ONI multiplayer

    Many of these values to update extremely regularly, but you don't need to see all the updates. The appearance of sandstone debris does not change when it goes from 30 C to 30.1 C, so why should the client be sent that information unless we ask for it? Dupe positions are needed, but they also are predictable with a path, so the client can display the dupes on the projected path until they are told otherwise. Occasionally, they might do a sort of jittery teleport if their path changes, but that wouldn't be too bad considering they already do that. Same with critters. My point is the map does not visually change very frequently, so you only have to update when it does or when the client does a query on it. You do make a good point about the GPU though. It is hardly used as is, so if it were used in this way, there would be almost no loss of performance. But this results in a text problem where if you have a bad connection and it reduces the resolution, then you may not be able to read the text. If you can't read the text, you can't play the game. $5 for 5 tons of steel? Steel prices are out of control. But I do agree that trading feels a bit redundant in this game and I see little benefit.