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  1. What about helium, can we now obtain it in game without debug menu?
  2. Its because of branch in piping, flow splits on 2 evenly, even if 1 of branches blocked. Standard behavior of piping system in game.
  3. It produces: 6.25W oh heat as device itself(device heating and dissipate heat around itself) + 0.888kg of O2 at 70c + 0.112kg of H2 and 70c. This all rough and my guesses but: heat capacity of O2 in game 1.005 J/g/Celsius or 1005 J/kg/Celsius so it releases 62470.8J of heat energy with oxygen, and heat capacity of H2 in game 2.4 J/g/Celsius or 2400 J/kg/Celsius ~18816J of heat energy with hydrogen. If it was real world i'd say that it release slightly more then 81.28kW of heat energy(because 1 J/s = 1 watt, and we have +81.28kJ each second so 81.28kW) but i'm not sure how many J/s in 1 ingame watt, probably 81.28kJ/s = 81.28W in game. So in total, probably, electrolyzer would deliver 81.28W+6.25W of heat... And it consume 120W of electric power, so it have ~32% efficiency(67% heat losses)? Most sure i'm wrong with my calculations, but yes it produce lot more heat then 6.25W Also you should exclude heat that was carried with water on input. But in game it seems just destroy water no matter how much heat was there, and create gasses with static 70c temperature. So can make heat exchanger and heat cold water with hot gasses after electrolysis and destroy this heated water in electrolyzer resulting in 0 extra heat gain. Sounds wrong...
  4. This is not bug by itself, but if look at all picture: dupes dont directly consume water - they consume food, but you can cook food without water, you can grow some plants for food without water, so you can generate water out of nowhere - this is wrong somehow. Not talking that: "The Lavatory adds 6.7kg of polluted water with each use", but when dupe "made mess" it creates only 2kg of polluted water(i checked just right now), numbers not fitting... Water Sieve make from 5kg of polluted water 5kg clear water, consume 1kg of sand for this and return only 0.2kg of polluted dirt, so we losing sand to nowhere...
  5. It IS bug. If cheaters and bug-users wanna cheat - they have sandbox mode, just spawn hydrogen ice and it will kill extra heat, or use hundreds of other ways how to get rid of heat in sandbox mode, but in normal game mode second law of thermodynamic must work without such buggy exceptions.