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  1. well abyssalite tiles are fully insulating. They don't transfer any heat whatsoever. My standard abyssalite tiles insulating my Volcano didn't change in temperature for 400 cycles or so. on the other hand, buildings out of abyssalite, like a ladder or a metal refinery out of abyssalite do conduct heat with its surroundings quite well. My abyssalite ladders in the same volcano already heated to 1627°C! There are also posts about abyssalite instantly evaporating stuff like petroleum when it comes in contact with it. There definetly are inconsistencies when it comes to thermal conductivity. It says in the game, that thermal conductivity between to objects is determined by the one with the lowest conductivity but that definetly is not what is happening in the game right now.
  2. If this is intended behaviour, there should be either an update to the conductivity of abyssalite or an ingame notice, that explains the observed behaviour. How it works right now is very misleading. I thought, standard abyss should insulate better than insulated piping because of abyssalites insanely low thermal conductivity (0.000 < 0.106). But as you can see in my post this is not how it works.
  3. The heat transfer of any insulated piping is lower than the heat transfer of standard abyssalite piping. To prove this I created the following experiment. Standard view Thermal view This experiment is split into six vacuumed cells. The pumped petroleum and hydrogen on the left side is at -50°C. The control cells in the middle are at 20°C. The right cells are at 120°C. Now lets take a look at an individual cell: The cells are vacuumed and consist of 4 different pipe types. All pipes are at 20°C. From left to right: standard abyssalite insulated abyssalite standard granite insulated granite After pumping the liquid and gas into these pipes and waiting 1/2 cycle, we get the following results: As expected in the control group the temperatures didn't change at all. The insulated abyssalite piping didn't change its temperature in any of the 6 cells. BUT the standard abyssalite absorbed or radiated much more heat than the insulated granite piping, even though the thermal conductivity of standard abyss (0.000) is lower than the conductivity of insulated granite (0.106). Lets take a look at an individual cell (120°C petrol cell) : As you can see the abyssalite pipe absorbed more heat from the petroleum than the insulated granite pipe. In this short time it even absorbed more heat from the petroleum than the standard granite piping. Thermal conductivity.sav
  4. I can definetly confirm this bahaviour. I played around with this in debug mode and saw it evaporate 990 kg of -50 degree petroleum in a few seconds. Thats definetly a higher thermal conductivity than 0.000 DTU / (m*s*K). Pls fix
  5. Had the same issue with my iron volcano shipping system
  6. The gas resorvoir only displaces 15 Tiles (3x5). It only needs raw metals to produce whereas a high pressure gas vent needs plastic. The Gas Resorvoir is more convenient as well because you wont need a pump and therefore no electricity to get the gas out of the reservoir. The high pressure gas vent tank also needs walls to be enclosed. This means that the high pressure gas vent tank would only store more gas per tile if the tank was big (we are talking bigger than 4x4). 4 x 4 x 20 kg = 320 kg. To enclose this you would at least need 4 x 4 = 16 more tiles. 320 kg / ( 4 x 4 tiles + 16 tiles ) = 10 kg/tile, resulting in a tie. A 5x5 tank would only store 11 % more gas per tile than the gas reservoire.
  7. After some more testing, I can conclude that this issue is somehow related to the priority of the given errand. Even if I deactivate all errands for the dupe in the priority menu the issue still happens. Only if I raise the priority of "Dig" from -1 to 0 or higher, the dupe starts digging as it is supposed to.
  8. This is a new gamesave I've created to recreate this bug. "Proximity errand settings" in the priorities Menu is activated. The only errands in the whole map are a bunch of "Dig" errands, where the dupe has to use a exosuit (see the following image). After digging one tile the dupe returns to the exosuit dock ("Docking exosuit"), even though the only errands on the whole map were right next to him. After delivering the exosuit, the dupe resuits right away ("Going to dig") and digs another tile. After this the cycle continues ("Digging" -> "Docking exosuit" -> "Going to dig" -> "Digging" -> "Docking Exosuit" -> ...) This happens with different errands like "Build" as well. The dupes always return to the exosuit dock after finishing one of the errands.