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Sandbox or Adventure?


Adventure or Sandbox!?  

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  1. 1. Adventure or Sandbox!?

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Look in the file storygen.lua for some fun:P

Thanks! I'll save the piglets!

Sandbox , considering its soo easy to advance worlds , it took me 6 days to finally get to world 2 , then i've found 2 of the pieces to the next portal..

Finding the portal and it's pieces (I hope) will be harder as you progress through the worlds, as of now they're all in the same biome. Since the latest patch, spider dens are so rare, you might find & complete the portal without having to fight one monster. I think portal pieces should be a reward for saving pigs/killing monsters/scouting the entire world. Then each world in adventure would be similar to sandbox, where you still need to find the best base position and actually build a base since you'll be there for 40+ days.
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It took me 28 days to find the pieces in my first adventure world, it was to the north east of were i started, i went east and did a complete clockwise rotation probably explored 70% of the world before I found the machine.

As it is now, it usually takes me no more than 10 days per world to find it. Just travel the roads until you see a portal piece, then you know you're in the right spot.
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I beat adventure mode and it was quite surprising actually. While it took me 20 days to find the Wooden thing and all its parts in World 4, I got really lucky in World 5 and was able to beat it in 2 in-game days. The world was HUGE though but I got lucky with a Worm Hole that teleported me close to the Wooden Thing and all the parts were nearby. A lot of the world was Swamp Biome though which makes it quite intimidating. It doesn't even tell you that you beat it or anything yet though, you just wake up in a new world still marked as World 5 but I know that will soon change and I can't wait.

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