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  1. AlSy

    wilson's stubble

    Wow ,wish I could draw like that!It's amazing!!
  2. AlSy

    IDEA Sea Monster

    [MENTION=21354]Willette[/MENTION] Great drawing.
  3. AlSy

    IDEA Sea Monster

    I like the idea ,but it should give you 5 fish not 2.
  4. AlSy


    This is an old thread.
  5. Woodie-Can cut trees fasterWebber-Spider webs don't slow him down -Can eat monster meatWilton-Loses sanity slowerWinnie-She can move fasterWortox-Monsters don't attack himWallace -Have no ideaWaverly-Doesn't need to build shadow manipulatorWilbur-Don't know
  6. AlSy

    Drawing thingy

    This is great!!I really like how you draw the gems.
  7. AlSy

    My FanArt!

    You're very good.I really like it ,you should post more!!
  8. AlSy

    an epilouge

    I like it!!!You should write more!
  9. Great story ,really cute!!Poor Werm! Can't wait for the rest of the story!
  10. My winter starts at day 12 and ends at 25!!!
  11. I agree I would love to see this in the game!! [MENTION=1667]MilleniumCount[/MENTION] awsome drawings!
  12. 16 days then i got bored with him.
  13. AlSy

    Winter Discussion & More

    I can't wait!!Best update so far!!
  14. AlSy

    100 Days! + Question

    Wes or Wendy they are a little harder to play with.
  15. AlSy


    I would love to see owls in the game!!
  16. First time I played I died at day 4 spiders killed me. How long did you survive and what killed you?