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  1. Wow ,wish I could draw like that!It's amazing!!
  2. [MENTION=21354]Willette[/MENTION] Great drawing.
  3. I like the idea ,but it should give you 5 fish not 2.
  4. Woodie-Can cut trees fasterWebber-Spider webs don't slow him down -Can eat monster meatWilton-Loses sanity slowerWinnie-She can move fasterWortox-Monsters don't attack himWallace -Have no ideaWaverly-Doesn't need to build shadow manipulatorWilbur-Don't know
  5. This is great!!I really like how you draw the gems.
  6. You're very good.I really like it ,you should post more!!
  7. I like it!!!You should write more!
  8. Great story ,really cute!!Poor Werm! Can't wait for the rest of the story!
  9. My winter starts at day 12 and ends at 25!!!