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  1. I cannot disagree because many WX-78 Automatons are made customly, but the origin of the original WX-78's is in Spoiled Rotten Co.
  2. Okay, now that it´s midnight, let´s change this party into a drug party! Nobody? No?
  3. Actually, only some WX-78´s have enabled Empathy module, I do not know why, but our manufacturers disable it (I am going to assume for the reason to serve humans without any personality problems.)
  4. By the name I can judge you are not a nerd. (Considering you DID write that in a scottish accent)
  5. It´s the same as with hell, sinners go to hell, or atleast that´s what believers say (I am an atheist). So basically Maxwell is some kind of a **** or whatever, but the Don´t Starve lands are more of a purgatory than hell. Maxwell could be just taking sinners from the "real" world into the purgatory.
  6. Believe me or not, but this could be the actual reason for why Wes went into Maxwell´s realm. He sinned for being a Porno Mime