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  1. Well, Wolfgang is my fav character. Would be nice any pc with him. =)
  2. Just imagining all the characters pooping.. Jesus. XD
  3. It's like if you want to play on Normal or Hard. I never play on easy mode, because I want challenge. A game needs challenge, so the players can keep playing. A game without callenge is just.. boring. Sanity bar is really necessary.
  4. LOL, that's.. awesome dude. Nice work
  5. Jesus Christ, that was SO close. Btw, day 531? Holy ****.
  6. Insanity for sure. Then you attack bees/spider, close to the night.
  7. Clouds, will they ever have a use? I don't think so. But it could rain sometimes, or maybe not 'cause of fire pit. The gravestones and graves, who put them there? Why is there no body? I think they'll create (in some update) something about those graves, like a story or bodies inside it.
  8. Wolfgang is my fav character but I've got a better one ... "Wes" !!!
  9. Tried adventure once but I prefer Sandbox anyway.
  10. Tried to get 0 insanity in an "empty" game. Better not try it guys.