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Wes: Bard. How he does Viscous Mockery without speaking is anyone's guess. 

Wilson: Apothecary. "Potions are science too, kind of."

Willow: Pyromancer. "Best. Game. Ever."

Wendy: Necromancer. "Abigail can have some friends now."


Wickerbottom: Witch "Not a big fan of burning at the stake, myself."

Woodie: Druid. "Trees aren't as much fun to cut when they complain about it."

Webber: Dread Spider "We're scary now, right?"

Wolfgang: Berserker "Is my turn now!"

Wigfrid: Pikesman "Point me to where I point this!"

Maxwell: Lich "It's like the role was tailor-made for me!"

Winona: Street Clothes "Never even heard'a this game."


Miniature: A flat cardboard standee of Maxwell in his Apothecary outfit. Reskins Meat Effigy

Playing Board: A vague depiction of a DND game board, reskins Wood Flooring. 

Plastic Tools: Tools made of colorful and slightly reflective plastic like a figurine would hold. Reskins Axe/Pickaxe/Hammer/etc. 

GM's Cane: A fancy cane with a large gold D20 on the top and a gold D4 on the bottom. Reskins Walking Stick and Lazy Explorer. 



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D&D mixed with Don't Starve would be...interesting.  Actually it's kinda funny you brought that up just NOW, considering...nevermind (whistles innocently)

It'd definitely be one of the darker campaign worlds, like maybe a touch of Ravenloft mixed in.  And heck, I myself, when playing through Adventure Mode, even thought something like:  "Normal Don't Starve is like D&D in a cruel world with a stone-cold neutral, totally objective DM--not actively against you, but can't be pleaded with for leniency either.  Adventure Mode is like when the Dungeon Master is ACTIVELY out to get you!"

...but that's probably just because of my gaming background rather than any REAL similarity.  : P


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14 hours ago, Karmattack said:

If the first campaign was a warrior-themed boss rush and this one is said to be a grim Diner Dash-type deal... When's the DND campaign event? Complete with dice-themed weapons and fantasy themed outfits? :D 



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