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How can you reset the Cyclum puzzle?

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Awhile back before they re-released the tragic torch puzzle I decided to do it just for fun. Then they re-released it literally a few weeks later. I have been trying to reset this puzzle but it won't let me. It acts as if I already gotten my prize for completing it and it seems that I can't fix it. 

I really want to do the Metheus puzzle as well so if anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know. 

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1 hour ago, Daniel86268 said:

You asked pretty much exactly that question already, and you've gotten an answer. Have you been home since then, and therefore checked if you get the torch ingame? :p


Yes, I did but nothing. I have been playing everyday since then, not sure what else to do since its still not there...

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22 minutes ago, PeterA said:

@Ali Bun I wiped your account state for the puzzle. You should be able to refresh the page and start from the beginning. Good luck!

I have nothing to do with this thread, and completed the puzzle when it came out, but I'm liking that post because not many developers of other games would do stuff like that.

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