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  1. 1. I started to reply to your first “I don’t like this” comment BEFORE you posted the second one with any useful commentary. I got interrupted mid-post so the the speed at which you and others posted resulted in it not being recorded until page 2, after yours. I never saw your 2nd reply until AFTER I posted mine. The normal process by which people read these threads is from beginning to end. It’s not reasonable to think, “Oh let’s wait an hour to see if he will reply again to clarify before I reply to the comment”. Page 2 didn’t even exist when I started my reply. How is my first reply given the above remotely prejudice or dismissive based on the 1 singular sentence you provided at the time I started to reply to it? What I asked and said were reasonable and objective given the above situation. If anyone is taking things too personal, it’s certainly not me. 2. There is no value to klei or anyone else by saying you don’t like something without explaining why. Why even post that first reply. It’s like speaking just for the sake of speaking or to hear one’s own voice. 3. As I said initially. If you don’t like it. Turn it off. You didn’t know you could toggle it? Oh. Because you didn’t test it? Again, then perhaps waiting to post a negative opinion until you have tested something or have seen others post evidence of something you don’t like, is the appropriate thing to do. I’m not in any way saying you didn’t end up having have a valid concern but those concerns were not expressed or explained in the only comment I saw when I replied to it.
  2. No you would need to issue a console command. e.g. TheWorld.topology.overrides.disease_delay = "none"
  3. 1. Have you actually tried this out to even have such a definitive opinion about it? 2. It's optional. Turn it off if you don't like or or don't play on servers that have it enabled.
  4. Nobody and anybody is responsible for the wiki. It’s not owned by anyone. It can be edited by anyone, including you.
  5. You need a dedicated server to run multiple worlds on a single server eg 2 caves and 2 forests all linked together through “cave” entrance/exits. Look in the dedicated server forum for directions. There is a mod that helps set up multiple worlds (shards) called Shard Configuration. The video linked above doesn’t actually run multiple worlds concurrently. It’s more like swapping out one cave/forest for another then later switching back.
  6. I bonded a beef and was entering him into contests. He eventually went into heat and attacked me.
  7. I have correctly chosen the winner of the contest 3 times now and have yet to receive the red pouch. There has always been a pig/merm that has also chosen correctly and the Inn Keeper says "There can only be 1 winner" so I'm not sure if that means only 1 beef can win or 1 individual can receive the red pouch. In all cases, the pig/merm that also guess correctly has held up a red pouch so maybe it means only 1 character can receive the pouch? Edit: Evidently you are supposed to get a red pouch regardless of whether you choose the correct one? I am not getting any at all in the last 15+ contests regardless of whether I choose the correct one or not. Edit 2: I'm an idiot. I didn't realize you had to click on the stage to choose. I thought just merely standing on the stage next to the beef registered my choice.
  8. I hitched my beef to the stage to start contest but it was too late in the evening so left it there. Went to go fish and in the middle of the night got a hound attack. After hounds dispatched, I started walking back to the stage (still night) and saw my beef was walking towards me and had met me about halfway between the stage and hound area. By the time I got to the stage it was now day the stage said he was still hitched even though he was not on screen. I was able to start the contest and during the show criteria announcement, the server crashed. Log excerpt below Edit: This just happened again but this time my beefalo was on screen and on stage, hitched. [15:22:54]: CONTEST ENABLED [15:26:15]: Available disk space for save files: 1779427 MB [15:26:16]: Serializing user: session/5D2E2D3CADFEA678/A7JBT6M1O87J/0000003916 [15:26:16]: Serializing world: session/5D2E2D3CADFEA678/0000003916 [15:26:22]: Registering master server in US lobby [15:26:41]: CONTEST STARTED [15:26:41]: BEGIN CONTEST, save stage [15:26:41]: CONTEST STARTED [15:26:41]: BEGIN CONTEST, save stage [15:26:51]: component timer already exists on entity 147691 - merm! scripts/components/yotb_stager.lua:326 in (method) MakeRandomBeef (Lua) <316-386> [15:27:24]: AT MARK ACTION true nil [15:27:24]: [string "scripts/prefabs/yotb_post.lua"]:103: attempt to concatenate local 'id' (a nil value) LUA ERROR stack traceback: scripts/prefabs/yotb_post.lua:103 in (field) markfn (Lua) <87-128> inst = 119714 - yotb_post (valid:true) doer = 147686 - pigman (valid:true) id = nil ribbon = 147721 - yotb_post_ribbon (valid:true) scripts/components/markable.lua:61 in (method) Mark (Lua) <33-69> self = unmarkfn = function - scripts/prefabs/yotb_post.lua:130 markfn = function - scripts/prefabs/yotb_post.lua:87 marks = table: 41EF15A8 unmarkallfn = function - scripts/prefabs/yotb_post.lua:141 markpool_reset = table: 3D8E6018 canmarkfn = function - scripts/prefabs/yotb_post.lua:215 markpool = table: 3D8E6018 _ = table: 3D8E5CD0 inst = 119714 - yotb_post (valid:true) doer = 147686 - pigman (valid:true) can = true failreason = nil id = nil scripts/actions.lua:1773 in (field) fn (Lua) <1769-1790> act = Choose This Beefalo 119714 - yotb_post (valid:true) can = nil fail = nil scripts/bufferedaction.lua:25 in (method) Do (Lua) <21-35> self (valid:true) = action = table: 06C64988 doer = 147686 - pigman (valid:true) onfail = table: 322FF728 doerownsobject = false target = 119714 - yotb_post (valid:true) distance = 2 options = table: 322FF7C8 onsuccess = table: 322FF6D8 scripts/entityscript.lua:1318 in (method) PerformBufferedAction (Lua) <1305-1328> self (valid:true) = GUID = 147686 inlimbo = false brain = --brain-- sleep time: 0.00 Priority - RUNNING <RUNNING> (execute 11, eval in 0.40)>0.00 >Parallel - READY <READY> ()>0.00 > >PanicScared - READY <READY> ()>0.00 > >Parallel - READY <READY> ()>0.00 > > >ChattyNode - READY <READY> ()>0.00 > > > >Panic - READY <READY> ()>0.00 > > >Sequence - READY <READY> ()>0.00 > > > >Wait - READY <READY> ()>0.00 > > > >ActionNode - READY <READY> ()>0.00 >Parallel - READY <READY> ()>0.00 > >PanicHaunted - READY <READY> ()>0.00 > >ChattyNode - READY <READY> ()>0.00 > > >Panic - READY <READY> ()>0.00 >Parallel - READY <READY> ()>0.00 > >OnFire - READY <READY> ()>0.00 > >ChattyNode - READY <READY> ()>0.00 > > >Panic - READY <READY> ()>0.00 >ChattyNode - READY <READY> ()>0.00 > >Parallel - READY <READY> ()>0.00 > > >AttackMomentarily - READY <READY> ()>0.00 > > >ChaseAndAttack - READY <READY> ()>0.00 >ChattyNode - READY <READY> ()>0.00 > >Parallel - READY <RE [**truncated**] worldstatewatching = table: 3FBDE960 AnimState = AnimState (34E7F6C8) Network = Network (34E7F708) pendingtasks = table: 3FBDFCC0 LightWatcher = LightWatcher (34E7F808) sg = sg="pig", state="dropitem", time=0.33, tags = "busy," spawntime = 3874.4668687358 Transform = Transform (34E7F7E8) npc_stage = 114814 - yotb_stage (valid:true) _pig_token_prefab = pig_token actionreplica = table: 47613B20 event_listening = table: 47614020 actioncomponents = table: 47613440 lower_components_shadow = table: 476133A0 entity = Entity (343F4E58) prefab = pigman build = pig_build OnSave = function - scripts/prefabs/pigman.lua:538 OnLoad = function - scripts/prefabs/pigman.lua:543 Physics = Physics (34E7F6E8) brainfn = table: 0655F7E0 event_listeners = table: 47613EE0 yotb_post_to_mark = 119714 - yotb_post (valid:true) DynamicShadow = DynamicShadow (34E7F688) _pigtokeninitialized = true name = Constans persists = false replica = table: 47613648 bufferedaction = Choose This Beefalo 119714 - yotb_post (valid:true) components = table: 47613238 SoundEmitter = SoundEmitter (34E7F5C8) action_theme_music = false scripts/stategraphs/SGpig.lua:262 in (field) fn (Lua) <261-263> inst = 147686 - pigman (valid:true) scripts/stategraph.lua:572 in (method) UpdateState (Lua) <540-584> self = [15:27:24]: [string "scripts/prefabs/yotb_post.lua"]:103: attempt to concatenate local 'id' (a nil value) LUA ERROR stack traceback: scripts/prefabs/yotb_post.lua:103 in (field) markfn (Lua) <87-128> scripts/components/markable.lua:61 in (method) Mark (Lua) <33-69> scripts/actions.lua:1773 in (field) fn (Lua) <1769-1790> scripts/bufferedaction.lua:25 in (method) Do (Lua) <21-35> scripts/entityscript.lua:1318 in (method) PerformBufferedAction (Lua) <1305-1328> scripts/stategraphs/SGpig.lua:262 in (field) fn (Lua) <261-263> scripts/stategraph.lua:572 in (method) UpdateState (Lua) <540-584> scripts/stategraph.lua:611 in (method) Update (Lua) <603-631> scripts/stategraph.lua:128 in (method) Update (Lua) <109-153> scripts/update.lua:233 in () ? (Lua) <164-243> [15:27:24]: Warning: Widget:SetFocusFromChild is happening on a widget outside of the screen/widget hierachy. This will cause focus moves to fail. Is ScriptErrorWidget not a screen? [15:27:24]: stack traceback: scripts/widgets/widget.lua:605 in (method) SetFocusFromChild (Lua) <602-627> scripts/widgets/widget.lua:624 in (method) SetFocusFromChild (Lua) <602-627> scripts/widgets/widget.lua:624 in (method) SetFocusFromChild (Lua) <602-627> scripts/widgets/widget.lua:656 in (method) SetFocus (Lua) <629-665> scripts/widgets/menu.lua:83 in (method) SetFocus (Lua) <74-85> scripts/widgets/scripterrorwidget.lua:109 in (method) OnUpdate (Lua) <102-119> scripts/update.lua:95 in () ? (Lua) <33-134>
  9. I don’t think that is how the game works based on comments devs have made at various points in this forum, including the one made directly to you stating the game would probably lag so badly with 64 players. Each world (which is collectively all of the shards) uses a single core to process the game. The game does not utilize separate cores for each shards (which you incorrectly refer to as worlds). if you are adamant about wanting to increase player count above 64, I suggest you contact the owner of those servers fir which you provided a screen shot.
  10. Based upon my experience, not getting the same seed requires intervention because when you start the server and generate the world, all shards are generated at the same exact time. The seed is based, in part, on the computer's timestamp. Every time I have multiple shards of the same type i.e. cave or forest, the caves are identical and the forests are identical. There are 2 ways to circumvent this: 1. in your bat file, enter a timeout command so that the 2nd shard of the same type starts a few seconds after the first one. The command is t/X, where x is the # of seconds you want the delay to be, so t/2 would be a 2 second delay. This must be done before you generate the world. 2. Generate the world as normal but then just go into the console of one of the duplicate shards and regenerate just that shard c_regenerateshard() With regard to question 1, my understanding is that you cannot have different day or seasonal cycles among the various shards. They will be the same and be determined by what's is configured in the master shard.
  11. Are you really at a point where 64 slots isn't enough and people are unable to join? Even if you do manage to increase the player count, it's not really practical because with that # of players, the game will likely be so lagged it will be unplayable unless you have some NASA level computer.
  12. I have been having the same issue and I thought it was just incredibly bad RNG. I have opened like 10 bottles and nothing.