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  1. Not sure what you mean but the update says it's "per computer". Because of this, all every steam account on my computer has identical pins, even though they are not all my accounts. This is relevant for people with different steam accounts that share a computer or someone that has multiple alt accounts. Effectively, my significant other is changing my pins when he changes his own on his account, because we share the same computer. The update creates an issue for me, not solves it. The update changed the pins from per world to per computer. I need it per account, regardless of whether it's on the same computer
  2. With update [Game Update] - 501079, Pins are now saved on your local account (per computer) instead of for each world This is problematic for anyone who shares a computer with several people in a household and each has their own steam account, or for people with alt accounts. These pin preferences are different for every person, and even if all account used by the same person, some pins are character specific e.g. You want wig helms on the pinned menu for Wig but no one else. Please make these account specific and not computer specific.
  3. #1. Always back up your game files. #2. Get rid of all your mods to see if that is contributing. #. The server log would provide the most beneficial info.
  4. I hope not - you get AT MOST 50 bone shards and 30 nightmare fuel from deconstructing the FW drops with a green gem. This cost doesn't even factor in the fact you have to kill FW at least twice to fully utilize that decon staff, and unless you are just trying to farm FW drops you also need to clear ruins. Not. Worth.
  5. Was the deconstruction of the FW drops to bone shards an error? When I initially saw this update I saw 'bone shards' and my brain registered 'fossils' and thought, 'nice'. Did a dev make the same mistake and accidentally type in 'boneshard' instead of 'fossil'?
  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if they patched out infinite lights from the festive lights.
  7. Fixed a bug causing Crab King to not spawn. how does this affect existing worlds? Is this a retroactive fix?
  8. Downloading mods on a dedicated server is effected through the dedicated_server_mods_setup file.
  9. 1. I started to reply to your first “I don’t like this” comment BEFORE you posted the second one with any useful commentary. I got interrupted mid-post so the the speed at which you and others posted resulted in it not being recorded until page 2, after yours. I never saw your 2nd reply until AFTER I posted mine. The normal process by which people read these threads is from beginning to end. It’s not reasonable to think, “Oh let’s wait an hour to see if he will reply again to clarify before I reply to the comment”. Page 2 didn’t even exist when I started my reply. How is my first reply given the above remotely prejudice or dismissive based on the 1 singular sentence you provided at the time I started to reply to it? What I asked and said were reasonable and objective given the above situation. If anyone is taking things too personal, it’s certainly not me. 2. There is no value to klei or anyone else by saying you don’t like something without explaining why. Why even post that first reply. It’s like speaking just for the sake of speaking or to hear one’s own voice. 3. As I said initially. If you don’t like it. Turn it off. You didn’t know you could toggle it? Oh. Because you didn’t test it? Again, then perhaps waiting to post a negative opinion until you have tested something or have seen others post evidence of something you don’t like, is the appropriate thing to do. I’m not in any way saying you didn’t end up having have a valid concern but those concerns were not expressed or explained in the only comment I saw when I replied to it.
  10. No you would need to issue a console command. e.g. TheWorld.topology.overrides.disease_delay = "none"
  11. 1. Have you actually tried this out to even have such a definitive opinion about it? 2. It's optional. Turn it off if you don't like or or don't play on servers that have it enabled.