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Found 89 results

  1. Changing Account Name

    Hey so I'm returning after a hiatus from the Metheus debacle, and was wondering if there's a way I can possibly change my screen name? The one I currently have is pretty old, and I don't go by it anymore on really any of my gaming stuff. If it's not possible that's ok, but if it is I'm looking to change it to my long-term steam name, MrMulk. I checked the edit profile page and I don't see any option to edit my screen name, just my bio, password, and email.
  2. Hi to all, I'm trying to get my item to go back to my inventory when it gets broken, triggering it with OnFinished, and here is the code: local function OnFinished (inst, owner) if owner and owner.components and owner.components.inventory and inst.components.finiteuses:GetPercent() <= 0 then local item = owner.components.inventory:unequip(EQUIPSLOTS.HANDS) owner.components.inventory:GiveItem(item) end end This isn't crashing, this was the thing I initially thought of, but it also doesn't seem to work. I've also tried local function OnFinished (inst, owner) if owner and owner.components and owner.components.inventory and inst.components.finiteuses:GetPercent() <= 0 then local katana = owner.components.inventory:GetEquippedItem(EQUIPSLOTS.HANDS) if katana then local katana = owner.components.inventory:Unequip(EQUIPSLOTS.HANDS) data.owner.components.inventory:GiveItem(katana) end end end something I did after I read a post in the forums, but both just.. do nothing when the weapon breaks. The character still goes into the animation but the item doesn't get sent into my inventory nor gets unequipped... they did implement it differently in such a way that an event would be listened to and the "breaking" is treated like a separate function but I thought since there's OnFinished already I could use that instead.. or maybe I cant? I've also noticed that my item tends to go beyond 0%, and I'm not sure how to prevent that. Anyone can help me? It would be very appreciated, and I know the solution might be simple, but uh.. yeah.. I've been having at this for four hours now; its /fun AF/ but I'm losing a ton of sleep... and a nudge in the right direction would be great. Many thanks.
  3. So my mod is practically 100% done, but there's this problem. The sprite for the portrait of my character is not working. The one in the selection screen is, but the roundish one is not working. I have the .tex files + right names and I set it up with the tools, but in the game it's just invisible. Any suggestions? The portrait I am trying to fix is below if you are curious.
  4. Hello, if someone can help me with this that'd be great ! So, I was wondering if there's a way I can make a texture which works like skins.. For example a hand skin changes the character's hand texture & doesn't require textures for headbase, upper_arm, ect.. Like my character's outfit can have a gem put into it! The problem is every one of these textures were his clothes has a different gem have an entire texture dedicated to itself, even though the only texture actually being changed is the torso. So, because of that my character has replica textures of everything which isn't a torso texture * 8! Now the real problem is my character has a LOT more stuff like this & this was only 1 example & since every one of these textures has to have all body parts (face, head, arm, leg, ect.) for it to work it's make my mod over 50 MB when for real it could only be like 5 MB without duplicate textures.... So, is there a way I can make textures like how dst skins are & only need to swap 1 part of the character's textures like "torso" or "face" instead of having 1 texture build for every single pixel I change? Plus, it's very inconvenient having so many textures which are 90% identical bloat my mod so much that it's even hard to move my folder on my desktop around or send a copy to a friend... I really hope somebody can help me with this !! Thanks for reading my problem, have a wonderful day/night !!!
  5. I always wanted to know how you remove the HUD on DST? can anybody help me on this
  6. I want to make a change in my room. So I thought about some pictures, with arts of my favorite game, of course, Don't Starve. The problem is to find the arts, what arts would be nicer in them? There are 3 frames each measuring 30x20 cms. I'm main Wilson, if possible, more arts on it! Thanks
  7. So I'm making a character based off the ancient torch wielder. I have all the sprites and basic stats finished but I want her to be able to have clockworks be neutral to her and have her be able to make a tragic torch that scares off hallucinations and damages them when they get in it's light radius. I know this is a lot, but I would really appreciate it if somebody could help. Thank you.
  8. I'm almost done with a character mod for The Ancient Torch Wielder and I can't seem to finish this. It involves making a custom torch item for them. You don't have to put in any traits or nothing, just please get it to work. For the custom recipe, it should be a opal gem, a torch, and three yellow gems. The files for the torch's exports and build, aswell as it's lua will be below. The main problem is it appears that the torch files have duplicated, as you can see in swap_torch, and I don't know what to do with them. I'm afraid if I delete them I could break a lot. Last time I got a suggestion I was going to rename a build file and see if it was using my textures or not, haven't got help in two days. If you have any ideas to fix the duplication problem or need more files to help me finish this, then please send a reply in here. torchhopeful.lua torchhopeful.scml
  9. So um, it appears I am stuck on making the anim for the torch now, I have got all the coding and stuff for it done. Could somebody please help me with this? I can send more files if you need. It seems my torch item needs a xml. This is for a mod that adds the ancient wielder of the tragic torch into the game, I would love some help. torch (1).zip modmain.lua
  10. I need some code for a idea I made but I"m not really well know with the code of DST. What I want is for a character mod and is this: When SANITY is ≥70% -set SPEED 1.3 When SANITY is <70% and >40% -set SPEED 1 When SANITY is <40% -set SPEED 0.8 -set DAMAGE 1.5 -Add Ancient_Cane_FX When above 40% Ancient_Cane_FX should be gone. Thank you for viewing and helping !
  11. Use the purple words in the info panel to link to an in game help system or to open a 'more info' like box with all the information related to the keyword.
  12. Ok so I finished my mod...and i've play tested it many times and found it well, not broken (i even play tested it on my sisters account to make sure its ok), yet when my friends download it and try to play it its not....working. I mean in the sense where their character selection screens dont show the mod, just the sample character template mod, which shouldnt be happening since they subscribed to the actual mod themselves and it should be showing up in the character selection screen? its weird and idk whats the source of the problem pls help. Here's two pics, the first one being my friends screen and the second one being what i see.
  13. Hey Guys, so I have a Question that keeps bugging me lately. Some of you may have seen that since the Outbreak Update, Debug Mode looks, well, lets say different. You have now more fure like to destroy things, delete all things on the ground or, what I am now talking about, using the Paste Template and spawning things in like a Geysir etc. Now its also possible to spawn in things that you have saved like a whole Medical Section or Compactors with Food etc. I have saved quiet some things, trying them out in many worlds, since I jump from world to world more often then I walk my Dog, creating the best way for me to cool down Geysir and so on. Now I would like to delete some of my saves, since some have become useless or dispensable. And long Story short, here is my question: How do I delete something I saved in the Paste Template Section? Thanks for all your answers and help!
  14. General advices Need help? Be helpful! Add as much info and code as possible: too often do people omit modmain.lua and modinfo.lua or reduce the crash log to the last line. Upload the files you're working with. Link the guides and tools you're using whenever possible. Detail the steps you're following. Don't make people guess what you're doing. Be specific! Is it a crash? A new feature you want? Porting from DS? Trouble with animation? State it in the title so people who know about it can see it right away. "Help with my character" means essentially nothing since characters can do pretty much anything. Don't be a jerk. Being nice is usually a good way to get people to help you. Search the log for error. One of the first step when you have a problem with a mod is to take a look at the log. When a crash occurs, the log could provide you useful informations about what is wrong. You could find the log in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogetherANewReignBeta (If you are in the beta branch) Or C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether (classic branch) Usually, informations will be in the "client_log.txt" Sometimes, a crash will happen server-side, so you must look at the server log. Search in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogetherANewReignBeta\Cluster_1\Master With "DoNotStarveTogetherANewReignBeta" your current branch, "Cluster_1" your current save, "Master" if the crash happen on surface, and "Caves" if the crash happen on caves. Look at the "server_log.txt" Now you have an error log. If you can, try to understand what the error log says. Some errors could easily be fixed by yourself. You could also try a search to see if someone encountered the same problem. If it's not the case, you could create a topic. Title. The first thing people will see is the title. There is a lot of topic asking for help, so "help pls with a mod", "I need help" "[URGENT] Need help" isn't a good title, because it doesn't give a clue about what the problem is. Since people helping here are doing this in their free time, and since every modder have his strong point and weak point, your best option is to have a clear title, with informations about what you are searching. This way, people able to help you could see what help you need even before opening the topic. For example "How to create a perk for my character" "My character mod is crashing (Mod and Error log in topic)", "How to make an aura healing others players ?". You will gain a lot of time with a clear title, and people will be more likely to help. Content of your topic. Your topic must contain a clear explanation about what you need. If you are asking for help because of a crash, provide the error log (you've seen before how to obtain it), and attach your mod, so people could take a look at it. You must zip your mod first, then you can see an option "drag files here to attach, or choose files". Attach the zip file. This way, everyone could download your file and see what is wrong. When searching the cause of a crash, looking at the code is often mandatory, so you'll gain a lot of time by attaching mod in your first post. Usefuls links and tools. [TOOL] Texture and atlas packer : a tool allowing you to easily pack or unpack texture. Great for inventory image containing multiple items images. [TOOL] HandsomeMatt's Tools : one tool allowing you to converting .png file into .tex, another one allowing you to open .tex file and save them as .png [TOOL] Build renamer : one tool allowing you to rename builds. [TOOL] ktools : allow to decompile animations in a spriter file. Useful, but you need some knowledge to make it works. [RESOURCE] DST Speech Mod Template : All the speech line in one file, useful for custom character. Tutorials : [TUTORIAL] Custom recipe/food visible in crockpot/farm [TUTORIAL] How to add, not replace stuff in worldgeneration [TUTORIAL] Basics : what to use to open .lua files and why [TUTORIAL] How to create a Set Piece
  15. I keep making some good progress on servers, only to come back the next day and find that I have to start over again. I've looked in my history and it still records all my previous visits, and the servers have progressed too, but for some reason I've not saved. Please help.
  16. Hello everyone! Easy Questions: What are yaml files? Where do I find my Oxygen not Included yaml file? How do I edit them to get Pacu and Shockworm into my game? Help would be awesome. Thanks everybody!
  17. Hey there, ladies and gents. I've tried many things to fix this, but my auto compiler isn't making any .zip files for my WIP mod. I've tried fixing this problem myself in various ways for at least a dozen hours straight at this point. I've included the mod, so if anyone more experienced than I could take a look and let me know what it is I'm doing wrong, I would really appreciate it. Thanks! Arthro
  18. Art Issues

    Hello, I'm running into a bit of an odd issue. After compiling and loading up a modded character I'm making there appears to be several small patches/fragments on the character. Has anyone else ran into something like this on their artwork? Any help out with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Red
  19. Hello I'm a bit new to the modding scene and wanted to make my own tweak mod for Don't Starve overall I don't seem to find a thread that talks about this or not but if anyone can tell me how or link me a thread that shows how to do one. I appreciate it so much
  20. I have a couple of friends that I bought Dont Starve, the DLC and Dont starve together for so that we could play together, but now that we have actually started playing we have had huge issues getting good connection! I know that the servers are run from the hosts computer and that it depends on their computer and internet speed, all of us have decent internet but we live very far away from each other, one of them is in Alaska, I am in Alberta Canada and another is in Tennessee. This makes connection really bad, so Ive looked for the best ways to increase the server speed as much as possible but I haven't been able to find much surprisingly! The two things I tried from things I've found online to increase connection and speed was to change Don't Starve Together's priority in my task manager to "High" and go onto Steam and change the launch options to say "-tick_rate 60", I got my friends to do this as well, but it doesn't really seem to change much. None of us have any issues actually running the game, its just when we all connect together we get extreme lag that can prevent us from picking things up, from making torches/making fires and even from moving for a good minute or so. Ive done as much research and I can and I really am not sure what we can do to play together more, we have had some success playing, even with the extreme lag, but I would love it if we wouldn't glitch around the screen for a minute at a time while we play. I heard that port forwarding can make things run smoother but I have had issues with port forwarding in the past, anybody else have any other suggestions? Or will I just need to deal with the lag until hopefully some updates can come out to possibly make the connection better?
  21. Well i cut it short. There is a few abilities that i want to add my sword but i don't know how to make a code for them here is abilities Restores health %5 of damage and has a little long range. Thanks for help.
  22. Could somebody give me a line of code that makes the clockworks neutral to my modded character? The character's name is wollax so that's some info. Also, can you please tell me where I should paste this line in? I am using the extended characters mod.
  23. I'm planning a mod expansion for mine and my friend's mods, giving our custom characters additional custom items, and one of the ideas I had for it was to create a custom structure that would A: Allow for cooking without the need for a camp fire, and B: Give all players access to the first tier of a new tech tree (like the science, magic, and ruins trees), giving players access to a handful of new crafting recipes (with some additional items for my own character) Is this at all possible, and if so, how would I go about making the new tech tree, attaching it to the structure, and assigning crafting recipes to it? (In addition, I'd like to make an item that would essentially be a portable version of the structure in question, akin to Warly's portable crock-pot, only craftable by my own character)
  24. Hi, I'd like to add new things to my character's diet. My character is a horrific demon beast monster & I want him to be able to eat rabbits, birds, moles, bees, logs, rocks & some more items that aren't edible. Does someone how I can do this? Also, is there way when my character eats on of these I give him different state for eating them? I prefer to do a new food state which has more crunch sound to it, thanks for your time have a good day/night !
  25. I want to make a character that is able to transform into a large monster like thing, just like Woodie. I started off by copy and pasting Woodie's prefab into my character's, ("Willem"), and got to work. The first thing I did was to take out the codes referring to Lucy, as she won't be needed at all for this. I launched the game and tested a lot to see if everything was working as it should be along the way, and it was. The next step was a bit more difficult but I did it, completely removed the "Beaverness" component to becoming a beaver. So now (just for testing purposes), when Willem eats a seed he transforms, and when he eats twigs he transforms back. Great! It works. It's easy, it's awesome. Problems that have always persisted are The beaver mode is actually invisible. Despite having the beaver's anim assets in my mod, and putting them on the asset list, they never appear in game. The colour cubes overlays have always been sort of funky. I get some weird grainy thing while in human form but then beaver-orange-overlay when beaver form. The hoedown music doesn't play, this doesn't matter to me that much, but just unsure why. So here are the things I am asking for assistance Make the beaver appear. I will create custom textures before release, but making the anims work with the default beaver is a non-starter. Make the inventory system work while in beaver mode. I want this to be a mode that makes the character stronger but not disabled. Using inventory and accessing chests might be difficult, the same with picking things off the ground. Custom overlay. Either this or just no overlay would be preferable to what it is now. As always, any help will be greatly appreciated and I will give credit where credit is due.