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  1. As the title explains it. I have a custom backpack item that I've noticed appears in randomly generated worlds at least once unintentionally. The item is suppose to be uniquely crafted by a custom character and having one spawn in a world for others to use kind of ruins its uniqueness. To make things worse, the backpack also spawns in oceans beyond land limitations. Does anyone know what strings causes it to randomly generate?
  2. Hi there, I'm trying to add the swap animation to the armor under the character mod that I'm making. I referred to Cheerio's Hat Example and built two spriter files just like he did, but no matter what I've tried, the .scml just wouldn't compile into .zip. And it burns me. Would somebody tell me what did I miss? Thanks a ton!! The compiled ".zip" files are supposed to appear here right? But they were not. And the compiler said that it couldn't find the .png then I have tried putting the .png a couple of places, it didn't work either. And I don't understand why it said 't' is not recognized as an internal or external command. And here is the whole mod that has everything you need for testing, hope someone can solve the mystery for me, thanks again! hisoka.rar Regards, Nick
  3. Is there a mod to disable disease and petrification?
  4. This is something I've noticed for the character WX78 and his perk of eating gears. The default food crunch audio from his eating animation is silenced and replaced with the wx78/levelup sound, which had me wondering how one would implement a way to replace the audio for animations for actions like eating, healing, or building. Here's the code from wx78 as an example: local function oneat(inst, food) if food and food.components.edible and food.components.edible.foodtype == FOODTYPE.GEARS then inst.level = inst.level + 1 applyupgrades(inst) inst.SoundEmitter:PlaySound("dontstarve/characters/wx78/levelup") end end Does anyone know how to utilize this to apply to other items? AND since this is part of wx78's prefab file, it most likely only applies to his character whereas I'm more curious how this can be applicable to mod items for anyone to use.
  5. I have a creature that uses the following code to emit light. In multiplayer, my friend can't see the light on her screen. It has happened that it doesn't show up on mine either. The light does function, since it prevents to get hurt by Darkness. local function lightfn(inst) local light = inst.entity:AddLight() inst.Light:Enable(true) inst.Light:SetFalloff(0.4) inst.Light:SetIntensity(.7) inst.Light:SetRadius(2.5) inst.Light:SetColour(180 / 255, 195 / 255, 150 / 255) return inst end Thanks in advance!
  6. I am doing a character mod and i would like to make my character unable to chop trees. Is it possible. Thanks for response Edit: Or drain sanity when he chops a tree, mabey this is better.
  7. I've been experimenting (in Debug) with my current base since the Oil Upgrade, messing around with different setups. I've been trying to get a handle on my Power system, but can't quite figure it out. There's a surplus of power each cycle but everything's still yellow. Could someone take a look at my base and give me some feedback on what I need to do to make it work? Any other feedback would be helpful, too. Spacecamp.sav
  8. Hi there. Currently I'm working on an AoE weapon with custom animation. It's a drill cone that covers the hand. In which I used owner.AnimState:SetMultiSymbolExchange("swap_object", "hand") to make the weapon sprite appear above the hand. But somehow the hand appeared above the weapon when I tried to implement a custom animation on the weapon I'm using the custom animation template. I thought the layering order was determined by the animation, but it somehow it did fix the layering problem. So what exactly did I do wrong?
  9. Looking into making a mod for in-game music. Although songs are picked randomly from the categories, the music is always on loop and I'd like for the songs to randomize AND pick new songs from the list once the old song is done. Here are the properties for each instance: I've tried messing with the max playbacks, the play mode and the play count with no effect.
  10. Now that I've made an official release for the custom character I've been working on, I want to tackle that last perk I have planned out. Since the character loses hunger twice as fast as normal characters, the advantage I had in mind to balance this would be adding bonuses to cooked foods and crock pot meals such as assigning more health, sanity, hunger or timed bonuses like defense, action speed or damage dealing. An example would be taking monster lasagna's health penalty of -20 and changing it to 0 upon being eaten by said character. I thought looking into wx78's code for gear eating would of helped but the coding seems tied more to foodtypes rather actual food names. I tried out some strings for testing but sadly there weren't any changes made: local function oneat(inst, food) if food == "pumpkin" then inst.components.edible.healthvalue = 5 inst.components.edible.hungervalue = 5 inst.components.edible.sanityvalue = 5 end end Can anyone help me on this?
  11. Hi pals, I am currently trying to translate don't starve into my native language, but I have an issue I cannot solve. I was looking for the reasons my mod was "crushed", and after a while I saw that I had to change from forumthread = to forumthread = "" . Once I did that, I tried again to activate the mod but this time, when I was going to the mods' tab, the whole game stopped working and I had to close it. Can someone give me a hand with this?
  12. Hello everyone, I think I'll need some expert help here! I'm making a mod that will let you pick which variant of flower or fern or succulent you want to plant, everything works fine on a server without caves. Basically you press a button to open a menu, click on an icon, close and plant your desired variant. However when running on a caves server, some information from the menu functions can't be sent to the server, I suppose. Actually I only need some strings from the buttons functions to be saved outside the menu function but it fails because the menu seems to be ran on client side. I tried using RPC but I don't quite understand how to use it properly. modmain: Assets = { Asset("IMAGE", "images/tabs.tex"), Asset("ATLAS", "images/tabs.xml"), Asset("IMAGE", "images/flowers.tex"), Asset("ATLAS", "images/flowers.xml"), Asset("IMAGE", "images/ferns.tex"), Asset("ATLAS", "images/ferns.xml"), Asset("IMAGE", "images/succulents.tex"), Asset("ATLAS", "images/succulents.xml") } local require = GLOBAL.require local MenuScreen = require "screens/menuscreen" local Names = { ["tab"] = "Flowers", ["fern"] = "random", ["flower"] = "random", ["succulent"] = "random", } AddPrefabPostInit("pottedfern", function(inst) local name = Names.fern local function SetFernType(inst, name) inst.animname = name inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation(inst.animname) end if name ~= "random" then SetFernType(inst, name) end end) AddPrefabPostInit("planted_flower", function(inst) local name = Names.flower local names = {"f1","f2","f3","f4","f5","f6","f7","f8","f9","f10"} local ROSE_CHANCE = GetModConfigData("Rose_Chance") local function SetFlowerType(inst, name) inst.animname = name inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation(inst.animname) end if name ~= "random" then SetFlowerType(inst, name) else SetFlowerType(inst, math.random() < ROSE_CHANCE and "rose" or names[math.random(#names)]) end end) AddPrefabPostInit("succulent_potted", function(inst) local name = Names.succulent:gsub("s", "") local number = GLOBAL.tonumber(name) local function SetSucculentType(inst, number) inst.plantid = number end if name ~= "random" then SetSucculentType(inst, number) end end) Toggle_Key = GetModConfigData("Toggle_Key") local function GetActiveScreenName() local screen = GLOBAL.TheFrontEnd:GetActiveScreen() return screen and screen.name or "" end local function IsDefaultScreen() return GetActiveScreenName():find("HUD") ~= nil end local function IsScoreboardScreen() return GetActiveScreenName():find("PlayerStatusScreen") ~= nil end local ignore_key = false local function set_ignore() ignore_key = true end local function PushOptionsScreen() local screen = MenuScreen() screen.togglekey = Toggle_Key screen.callbacks.tab = function(name) Names.tab = name end for name, button in pairs(screen.tab_buttons) do if name == Names.tab then button:Select() button.image:SetTint(.8, 1, .4, 1) screen:SetTab(name) else button:Unselect() end end screen.callbacks.fern = function(name) Names.fern = name -- This is what I need end for name, button in pairs(screen.fern_buttons) do if name == Names.fern then button:Select() button.image:SetTint(1, .8, .4, 1) else button:Unselect() end end screen.callbacks.flower = function(name) Names.flower = name -- This is what I need end for name, button in pairs(screen.flower_buttons) do if name == Names.flower then button:Select() button.image:SetTint(1, .8, .4, 1) else button:Unselect() end end screen.callbacks.succulent = function(name) Names.succulent = name -- This is what I need end for name, button in pairs(screen.succulent_buttons) do if name == Names.succulent then button:Select() button.image:SetTint(1, .8, .4, 1) else button:Unselect() end end screen.callbacks.ignore = set_ignore GLOBAL.TheFrontEnd:PushScreen(screen) end GLOBAL.TheInput:AddKeyUpHandler(Toggle_Key, function() if IsDefaultScreen() then if ignore_key then ignore_key = false else PushOptionsScreen() end end end) I used some code from the geometric placement mod from rezecib to make the ui, in modmain, only the callbacks stuff. Also, would it work on all clients separetely? I fear I'll have to keep this as a server admin mod only
  13. Hi there, I wrote this function "onkill" and it will be listened inst:ListenForEvent("killed", onkill). It works well for any other creatures but nightmare creatures, when I kill a crawling bug or a terror beak it doesn't give me any feedback. Would somebody please check my code or tell me what's special about killing nightmare creatures? Thanks!! Here is the character file and the whole mod if you want to test. XD hisoka.lua hisoka.rar
  14. I have a follower creature that has been proven to work perfectly well. But I want it to stay after logging out and in, like maxwell's shadow puppets, so I tried implementing the same kind of code. Upon crafting, the creature doesn't appear, even though the resources are consumed. I didn't expect to run into much trouble since I already have a shadow puppet clone, the only difference here being that the new follower I'm trying to make has a different kind of build and anim. I can't make heads or tail out of it. I probably just have no idea how petleash works. I could really use a tutorial on it... Is there anything wrong with my onbuilt and MakeBuilder functions? What about the return at the bottom?
  15. Having trouble wrapping my head around tying an announcer after having a character eating a particular object. I grabbed the code from the tallbird egg thinking it would help but sadly I'm getting no outcome. local function OnEaten(inst, eater) if eater.components.talker ~= nil then eater.components.talker:Say(GetString(eater, "ANNOUNCERNAME") ) end end Is there anything else that needs to be defined?
  16. So my cat walked across my keyboard and somehow turned off the UI, I can now zoom out to view the entire map, but i don't know how to switch it back. Send help.
  17. I use a shadow puppet "clone" to make a craftable creature with a player's appearance. In the same way I can make it hold any kind of hand-held tool, I'd like it to wear a hat uppon spawning. Below you will find the relevant code in of the prefab's lua, as a spoiler.
  18. Hey guys, Found a mod called Taronci with night vision configuration but I found that his night vision uses inst.Light instead of color cubes. My night vision uses Color Cubes. so I tried to change the inst.Light part into inst.components.playervision. My code doesn't work and I think I'm using the wrong statement for this. What statement should I be using for Color Cubes, instead of inst.light? Any help is appreciated, thanks
  19. Hey all! I'm working on a character mod to help ease some friends into DST and it's almost ready! Problem is, I'm having some trouble with his health regen code. What I intended for it to do was to adjust the health regen speed based on hunger level, with the character saying something to indicate the change in regen speed. When I put this into the game, the character just endlessly repeats the talker line for the current regen level while the actual regen itself doesn't work. This is what I have so far: --Health Regen System. 3 levels of regen speed depending on hunger. No regen if hunger is below 20% (or 32). --Currently not working. local function healthregen(inst) if inst.components.hunger.current >= 120 then inst.components.health:StartRegen(5,3) --These temporary talker lines were added so I can quickly check if the code was working properly. inst.components.talker:Say("Regen Level 3") elseif inst.components.hunger.current >= 80 then inst.components.health:StartRegen(5,6) inst.components.talker:Say("Regen Level 2") elseif inst.components.hunger.current >= 32 then inst.components.health:StartRegen(5,9) inst.components.talker:Say("Regen Level 1") elseif inst.components.hunger.current <= 31 then inst.components.health:StartRegen(0,1) inst.components.talker:Say("I'm not healing anymore... I should eat.") end end -- This initializes for both clients and the host local common_postinit = function(inst) -- choose which sounds this character will play inst.soundsname = "willow" inst:AddTag("yoru_builder") -- Minimap icon inst.MiniMapEntity:SetIcon( "yoru.tex" ) end -- This initializes for the host only local master_postinit = function(inst) --These lines are for a level system for his attack power. Please disregard these. inst.level = 0 inst.components.eater:SetOnEatFn(oneat) applyupgrades(inst) -- Stats inst.components.health:SetMaxHealth(140) inst.components.hunger:SetMax(160) inst.components.sanity:SetMax(200) inst.components.hunger.hurtrate = 1.5 inst.components.health.absorb = 0.25 inst.components.temperature.mintemp = 10 inst.components.health.fire_damage_scale = 0 inst.components.temperature.inherentsummerinsulation = 1.5 inst.components.hunger.hungerrate = 1.25 * TUNING.WILSON_HUNGER_RATE inst.components.sanity.rate_modifier = ((0.5 * TUNING.WENDY_SANITY_MULT)) inst:ListenForEvent("hungerdelta", healthregen) --These are also for the level system. Please ignore these too. inst.OnSave = onsave inst.OnPreLoad = onpreload end return MakePlayerCharacter("yoru", prefabs, assets, common_postinit, master_postinit, start_inv) Could I get some help with this, please? I'm not very experienced in coding (self-taught), so I'm not sure if I even have this coded properly. I've attached the entire Lua file just in case it's needed. (yoru.lua) Thanks a lot in advance!
  20. So! Nearly everything on my mod is working correctly. For the last thing, I created a "cave spider egg sack" prefab that works just like the regular spider egg sack but spawns a Spider Hole instead of a Den once deployed. It works as it's meant to work, it's spawning the Spider Hole, but I'm having a few issues. 1- The graphics are mostly working. However, it's invisible when on the ground and also the "positioning ghost" for when the player is about to deploy it doesn't show up either. I edited the Spider Hole's graphics to make it on the size of an inventory item and I would like basically the same thing for when it's on the ground or being deployed. 2- When the player deploys it, they're pushed backward. This is probably due to the structure's size x deploying size(?). I don't know if there's a way of fixing this.
  21. Not something I think can likely be achieved but I was wondering if there was any way to have a character start a game equipped with an item. My reason for asking is that the custom item I have is a backpack and I'd like it to function much like the vanilla backpack where characters can't keep the item in their inventory as to avoid abusing its extra inventory slots. However because it can't be stored in inventory, the character won't actually start with the item. If this isn't possible, I'd then ask if it's possible to script a way for a player to only keep one of said item in their inventory.
  22. A couple questions regarding item usage and how to program sounds. I want to know how to have a character announce speech when done using an item on either themselves or another player (both instances specified and not shared). I also want to know how to script a sound to play when an item is being used and/or after it's been used.
  23. Hi there, I'm working on a character mod and I'm trying to make it non-stunlockable under certain circumstance. I gave it a try and got an error. Would you please point out what went wrong with my code? Thanks! Part of the character.lua: (I referred to combat.lua for this stunlock code) These are the mod file and the server log file. This mod works just fine before this non-stunlockable stuff. server_log.txt Part of the server log: Regards,
  24. Hi there, I want to monitor the value change of a variable, say "inst.gcp = 0 or 1". How can I push event when the value of "inst.gcp" changes so that I could listen for event in the character.lua? Would someone please tell me how to do push event? I tried put on the code, it doesn't crash but it doesn't work either. This is my code Would someone care to answer? Really appreciate it. Regards, Nick
  25. Hello, if someone can help me out with this that'd be great ! So, my character has a perk to "focus" and when this is happening I want that the player can zoom into "10" distance instead of default "15" min distance of followcamera.lua, and make the max zoomout halved so "25" instead of "50", would something like this be possible and if it is maybe someone knows how to do it? If that's not possible is there just a way to change followcamera.lua is minimum distance to 10 instead of 15? Thanks for reading !