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  1. Yes, it will permanently edit the set value for the save. The settings will reset/load new from the worldgenoverride.lua when you generate a new world though. Correct.
  2. The worldgenoverride.lua only applies settings on world generation, as the name implies. To change these settings afterwards you can use the console like this: TheWorld.topology.overrides.autumn = "default" Do make sure to do a backup of your save before tho, in case something goes wrong, as I have no idea what happens to the current time/world.
  3. From the file that caused the crash called "stewer.lua" I'd assume that either SmartCrockPot or Food Values caused this issue. SmartCrockPot more likely of those two.
  4. The first thing that strikes me is that the server doesn't have write access/permissions in the save file directory: Make sure the permissions are correct there. This might also fix the "Bad thread local" message further down.
  5. Noticed that today as well, I'd just assume it's a temporary downtime on eu/whatever services. Doesn't really matter too much though, still works fine for me at least. Edit: The server joins whatever service region has the lowest ping, nothing the user can change.
  6. Then check if the mods are enabled/working ingame. Maybe it just displays it wrong for whatever reason.
  7. Since they are each running as an individual application, every server, and even every server shard runs on their own threads. Afaik only client hosted/non-dedicated ones are all running in the same thread, not entirely sure though.
  8. Did you configure the server to download the mods automaticially? Means: Configure your dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua in the mods directory? Cause the modoverrides.lua only activates and configures the mods, it doesn't download them.
  9. From what I've seen you added the entire mod configuration code to your modoverrides.lua. I'm not sure if that works properly at all, and if it does, it makes your config file almost unreadable. Without reading too much through your code, I'll assume that you forgot to add a comma to an entry that isn't the last one in your config file. 1 Mod: return { ["workshop-356420397"] = { enabled = true } } 2 Mods: return { ["workshop-356420398"] = { enabled = true }, ["workshop-356420397"] = { enabled = true } } (The last entry doesn't have a comma at the end, the rest has.) Alternatively, to make things easier you can try using the normal config format, which you can find here in my guide, under the configuring your mods section, which allows you to simplify everything and might make the error you have much more obvious.
  10. When I read squeaky sound in the title I immediately though of the thinktank...
  11. I can't really tell, what the exact cause for this issue is, but I have two ideas what it could be: 1. Sometimes, when the Caves shard starts up before the Master/Overworld one does, it can't connect properly. Try starting the Master shard completely before starting the Caves shard. 2. You do have quite a few mods running, maybe there's some sort of conflict going on. Try launching the server without mods (after making sure your entire world is backed up somewhere, cause this will delete items and structures such as the storeroom) and see if in launches. Additional note: In the future you can just roll back to a previous point using the command: "c_rollback()", which rolls back to the last save, or "c_rollback(n)" where n is the number of days you want to roll back. No need to touch the files.
  12. It seems you are missing the configuration in your dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua. For a detailed description for installing mods on a dedicated server, you can check out my guide. It's a bit old, but the steps and infos are still up to date.
  13. From what I see there are still plenty of mods being loaded [00:24:39]: Loading world: client_temp/server_save [00:24:39]: Save file is at version 5.031 [00:24:39]: Klump load on boot started. [00:24:39]: Klump files loaded: 0 [00:24:39]: Unload FE [00:24:39]: Unload FE done [00:24:46]: Mod: workshop-1839409914 (SmartCrockPot) Registering prefabs [00:24:46]: Mod: workshop-1839409914 (SmartCrockPot) Registering default mod prefab [00:24:46]: Mod: workshop-666155465 (Show Me (Origin)) Registering prefabs [00:24:46]: Mod: workshop-666155465 (Show Me (Origin)) Registering default mod prefab [00:24:46]: Mod: workshop-856487758 (Quick Drop) Registering prefabs [00:24:46]: Mod: workshop-856487758 (Quick Drop) Registering default mod prefab [00:24:46]: Mod: workshop-1157975551 (Extended Map Icons) Registering prefabs [00:24:46]: Mod: workshop-1157975551 (Extended Map Icons) Registering prefab file: prefabs/mapiconhelper [00:24:46]: Mod: workshop-1157975551 (Extended Map Icons) mapiconhelper [00:24:46]: Mod: workshop-1157975551 (Extended Map Icons) Registering default mod prefab [00:24:46]: Mod: workshop-376333686 (Combined Status) Registering prefabs [00:24:46]: Mod: workshop-376333686 (Combined Status) Registering default mod prefab [00:24:46]: Mod: workshop-1608191708 (ActionQueue Reborn) Registering prefabs [00:24:46]: Mod: workshop-1608191708 (ActionQueue Reborn) Registering default mod prefab [00:24:46]: Mod: workshop-1581892848 ( Auto-Unequip on 1%) Registering prefabs [00:24:46]: Mod: workshop-1581892848 ( Auto-Unequip on 1%) Registering default mod prefab [00:24:46]: Mod: workshop-351325790 (Geometric Placement) Registering prefabs [00:24:46]: Mod: workshop-351325790 (Geometric Placement) Registering prefab file: prefabs/buildgridplacer [00:24:46]: Mod: workshop-351325790 (Geometric Placement) buildgridplacer [00:24:46]: Mod: workshop-351325790 (Geometric Placement) Registering default mod prefab [00:24:47]: Mod: workshop-1207269058 ( Simple Health Bar DST) Registering prefabs [00:24:47]: Mod: workshop-1207269058 ( Simple Health Bar DST) Registering prefab file: prefabs/dychealthbar [00:24:47]: Mod: workshop-1207269058 ( Simple Health Bar DST) dyc_damagedisplay [00:24:47]: Mod: workshop-1207269058 ( Simple Health Bar DST) dyc_healthbarchild [00:24:47]: Mod: workshop-1207269058 ( Simple Health Bar DST) dyc_healthbar [00:24:47]: Mod: workshop-1207269058 ( Simple Health Bar DST) Registering default mod prefab [00:24:47]: LOAD BE [00:24:54]: LOAD BE: done
  14. This can be rather easily fixed by either playing on an endless map, or by doing regular backups of your map, so in case that it happens you can just use the backup to get back into a previous state. This is the trickier part. Personally I'd just give her permissions on the gcp to start and stop the server. Maybe you'll just write two scripts, one for starting the server, and one for stropping, so it's just a few clicks?
  15. Unless you did a Backup before, you are out of luck, since the world get's deleted from the file system immediately. Sorry about your world.