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  1. Any logs? The start scripts seem to be correct, but we have no clue, what the rest of your server is doing.
  2. Any logs? Cause I have no idea what you did, or what your servers are doing. Maybe you forgot to change the cluster path from DoNotStarveTogether to DoNotStarveTogetherReturnOfThemBeta in your start script?
  3. If similar things happen in other games as well, I highly doubt DST has something to do with it. Maybe it's the nvidia optimus stuff screwing up stuff again?
  4. It seems like you don't have any Server configuration set up. First set up a dedicated server before you transfer the map over, as otherwise it'll be missing lots of necessary configuration. Guides for Windows and Linux. If the caves are "younger" than the overworld it doesn't matter, the Caves/slave shards get automaticially forwarded to the current master time, however it can cause issues if the Caves time is older than the master time, as it can't "go back". Otherwise it'd go out of sync all the time when you start the server, someone connects, time starts running and later the caves server connects without progress. On the other hand you can't progress in the caves while the master/overworld shard is down.
  5. It is generally recommended, curiously DST Servers often work just fine without as well. Try to see if it changes anything. No idea what else it could be, maybe you'll have to tag the devs.
  6. Removing, or better renaming the file "session/24B052D7B80903AB/0000000203" should do the Trick, as this file seems to be corrupted. (It's a file inside your server's save folder.)
  7. Restoring the entire Cluster folder should do the trick: C:\Users\<user>\OneDrive\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether_EasyConfigOverworld\Cluster_1\ Cause afaik the character data is stored in a different folder next to session.
  8. That can be either your server's local IP, or the public Ip of your router (if you have port forwarding active). If it says it's trying to call a nil value, it's probably due to missing quotation marks. Totally forgot about that, try c_connect("IP address", port, "password") which ends up being c_connect("190.*.*.*", 10889 ,"mypassword") This is normal behaviour, essentially every 30 minutes it refreshes the token of your Account with the Klei Servers. Working as intended.
  9. Try connecting directly from the console in the main menu using c_connect(<ip address>,<port>,[password]) If there are any issues it'll tell you whats wrong, otherwise it'll let you join the server at least.
  10. Should work the same way. If not you might have to ask the Nitrado support, since all the changes and restrictions they've made they know a lot better than anyone here on the forums.
  11. It seems like your friend's character is in the caves, or another world shard, yet that shard is either not started yet, or has failed to start. Check your logs if it properly started, or start it manually.
  12. This error showed up once on the forums so far from what I know. There might've been other cases, if so, they seem very rare. I could imagine some hiccup on the Server browser database or something.
  13. Since you didn't post your exact configs, we can't see what's exactly wrong. I did make a detailed Guide on installing mods on a dedicated Server. Maybe that helps you tracking down whatever issue you have.
  14. Do you have any server mods installed on your client that interfere with any of the new changes in the last update? (Especially if you don't have them installed on the dedicated server.)