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  1. Afaik you can play locally/over LAN without issues, as long as you have internet access for your games to load/verify the skin ownership. Just either connect to the server normally, and it should find the shortest distance, which would probably over your router, ignoring your internet, or you can connect using the console in the main menu using: c_connect("ip", port, "password"). The IP here is the local IP adress of your friend's PC/server.
  2. Once the Server decided to regenerate the map, the old one got deleted entirely. Unless you go for advanced file recovery tools, which can recover (most) deleted files. In the future, if it's an issue for you to lose your map I'd recommend to either run an Endless server, which never regenerates by themselves, or do regular backups of your save.
  3. $ony and Micro$oft don't allow players to host their own non-console based servers. The official reaon is to protect players from scamming and uncontrolled/regulated content. I have no idea what options you have on consoles, but I somewhat recall players being able to host console-hosted servers, albeit non-dedicated, so you have to play yourself to have others join you and vice versa. No idea if this option is tied to psn as well, like Nintendo does their stuff.
  4. It seems like that it couldn't connect to the listing servers. The reason could be one of the following: Internet issues, Changes in the firewall, Connectivity issues on Klei's side or just a general routing problem over the internet. Maybe try again and see if it works now?
  5. Problem is if you have a bunch of traps piled up, one spider might trigger, and therefore degrade multiple traps at once, while only "filling" one trap. Otherwise neat idea.
  6. The log which you've posted of the server that ran for a bit seems to indicate that the server can't write anything in the save folders. So either the drive is full or the user that you use to run the server doesn't have write permissions in the listed folder: [00:46:48]: error: -1: could not get free space for /mnt/MT/MCServerFiles/dst//DoNotStarveTogether/Home/Master/ [00:46:48]: Failed to get free hard drive sapce for: /mnt/MT/MCServerFiles/dst//DoNotStarveTogether/Home/Master/
  7. Tbh, that doesn't sound like an issue with CentOS 8 (Which I'm running as well without any problems). You only need those requirements, including that libcurl link kinda thing, everything else should run out of the box, especially, because you can aparently join, which confirms that the requirements are met. Usually these kinda issues appear when you aren't installing the dedicated server using steamcmd and instead either copy it over from some questionable sources or from the steam client.
  8. The general save location is in your cluster folder: [...]/Your_cluster/Master/save/ [...]/Your_cluster/Caves/save/ And the Client saves should be in the session folder inside the save folder. Do a quick backup of your entire save before deleting everything tho, just in case that I'm wrong.
  9. You could just delete the individual world files. (Keep the ini and other config files though.) When you start up the server afterwards, you'll have a freshly generated world. Only Problem you might be running into would be that if the Caves are older it might not connect to a younger overworld, though I'm not sure if that's still a problem, or if Klei secretly fixed that at some point.
  10. According to this line one of the server shards couldn't start, cause the server port is already in use: [00:00:04]: [Error] Server failed to start! [00:00:04]: Unhandled exception during server startup: RakNet UDP startup failed: SOCKET_PORT_ALREADY_IN_USE (5) That usually happens if both server shards are configured to use the same port.
  11. Which mods do you have installed? Maybe some that affect beeboxes? There might be some conflicts with either the mod and the lastest updates, or just some issues in general.
  12. That's a known and recurring issue which has been asked and answered many times. It occasionally happens on both officially hosted servers (Including the ones hosted by Klei themselves, for example during the Forge event) as well as both correctly and incorrectly configured private hosted servers. The incorrectly configured servers can, as you've mentioned, sometimes be fixed by portforwarding, fiewall, etc, whereas the rest sometimes fixes themselves or stay that way. I've had the same happening at some point, but since it doesn't affect gameplay I didn't bother trying to fix it, and it eventually fixed itself.
  13. Easiest way to add people as admins is to Ban them temporarily and then copy their "Ban Entries" into your adminlist file, as these entries can be quite complex, and minor typos can already invalidate the entire entry.
  14. I'm not entirely sure, how Nitrado handles their stuff, but it should work just like any other dedicated server. The Worldgen settings are configured in the worldgenoverride.lua files in the shard folders, as described here: