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  1. Sounds to me that someone died and the server reset. If that was the case, your saves are lost. Only way to prevent that in the future is to do backups of your saves regularly. Easiest way to do that is to write a small script that copies the saves to somewhere else.
  2. Whenever something works when running as your user, and doesn't when launched automaticially, check if the service you are using has the same, or at least the necessary environmental variables configured.
  3. The mods don't do anything with the update of the server itself. Make sure your steamcmd call is pointing to a correct location of steamcmd. (aka, make sure that this exists: "c:\steamcmd\steamcmd.exe")
  4. On a dedicated server you are essentially launching a second server with the second world. Once fully configured and both servers are started they'll connect automaticially to eachother. If you follow this guide:, you just have to add and configure the caves parts.
  5. First of all is always your localhost Ip, which means it links to the IP Address your interface has. That also means your PC only has one IP Address per interface, of which you probably have only a single one as well. So for running multiple IP Addresses on one PC you'd need multiple network cards, or virtual network interfaces. (WAAAYYYYY too much wasted effort.) A simple solution would be to just use different ports for the individual servers. Just change the server_port variable in the server.ini files to some other values and you are good to go. No need to change IP Addresses unless you plan to run more than something like 60000 DST Servers at once on one system, because that's about how usable ports are available.
  6. World generation generates a random world on the first start, and when everyone dies in a survival world. Other than that it just keeps the map as it is.
  7. If you ask me, 10% packet loss is actually quite bad. That aside, not sure if there is a firewall running between your router and Klei's servers, which somewhat delays the communication by a lot.
  8. Check if the main.lua file is existing, valid and permission wise accessible to the user that runs the server. DoLuaFile Could not load lua file scripts/main.lua
  9. I never ran into the issue, so I have no idea what could've caused it. But someone opened a bug report about that somewhat recently, maybe keep an eye on it and see if a dev figures it out.
  10. It'd be much easier for you to post what you've done exactly rather than asking someone to write down any possibility you could've done wrong. This guide here gives you a fully working server, if you follow it closely without missing out on any directories or configuration needed. I'd just assume you haven't specified your save location properly in your launch script, so the server tries to launch it from a different, or a default location which doesn't have a cluster token.
  11. Just add this line to your launch script: steamcmd +login anonymous +force_install_dir D:\Servers\DST\ +app_update 343050 validate +quit (And Ofc change the install dir to your DST server install dir.) For him granting you access, he can just give you an account that only has permissions to start/stop the DST Server. (Any maybe modify some files in the DST Server directory.) Otherwise you (and your friend) could always opt for a small linux VM on the server. Your friend could just grant you access on the VM, but not on the main machine.
  12. On Linux it's easy cause you can just ssh into the server and control it that way. Windows is a bit trickier. I guess Remotedesktop could work. Not sure about other connections, and no idea what rcom is.
  13. From my understanding the two server_port should be enough. The Master_Port and master_server_port are only used for the communication between the shards (master shard and slave shards) and the authentication_port is only used outbound for the authentication with the Klei servers. So the actual communication with the clients runs completely over the server_port. (The main/initial connection actually only over the server_port of the master shard.)
  14. Check if you can connect manually using the command: c_connect(<server-ip>,<port>,[password]) From your man menu. It might say what the issue is. (Usually version mismatch, or something.) If you can connect using this command, it either takes another second to list, or something else in the listing process is broken. If it times out, check your firewall.
  15. Technicially they can be everywhere, there are some limitations though (Iirc). On Linux for example the default location is in the ~/.klei folder (It's a hidden one), whereas in Windows it's in the Documents folder. The location inside said folders can be modified as needed in the launch script. If you really wanna go crazy, you can always do some links in the filesystem to place it wherever you want. The serverfiles themselves can just be placed anywhere, but have to be launched from wherever you placed them. I guess just remember where you dumped them .