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  1. Gift system.

    I don't like this idea, because people who don't feel like playing lots don't get a chance for elegant skins. On the contrary it kinda encourages skin idling, which is by itself is nothing overly bad, but if it becomes the major source of elegant skins, because people who'd otherwise just play a little and recieving one or two skins would start idling to also get a chance for elegants, I'd be absolutely against it. Also the only reason for elegants to be rare is that they are something special. If everyone would get all of them, or even duplicates, they aren't worth anything anymore. I know how it feels playing for 500 hours without getting a single elegant, but that makes them even more special, once you get one. Especially because they are not changing anything about the gameplay, and are instead purely cosmetic, I'm totally fine with elegant skins being super rare.
  2. First of all, you force enabled your mods, that is not recommended. Instead use the modoverrides.lua. Ehm, nope. You force enabled them over the modsettings.lua in the mods folder, which is not recommended. Make sure to place your modoverrides.lua and your save folder. Also check if the Syntax in those files is correct. You can check out my guide on how to set up your mods on a dedicated server, which explains in detail how to do it properly. Edit: The worldgenoverride.lua seems correct so far, just make sure it's in the correct location. (The save folder, not the game folder.)
  3. Can you also post your modoverrides.lua? Maybe a small syntax error snuck in there somewhere while adding the 10th mod.
  4. Can you try again, if it works again? I downloaded the update like 3 hours ago without any issues. Maybe the steam servers had a hiccup or something when you tried it.
  5. Well, you can own skins twice. You get the entire collection if you buy it, even if you end up with duplicates. Remember how the normal drop system works. If you get a drop that you already own you can just unravel it and weave new skins. This way it's much easier than having to implement a function to check which skins you have. It also gives you the option to buy a skin set you already own, unravel them and weave other skins you can't buy.
  6. Missing Dlc's Steam

    Klei added the steam version of the skin shop for people who want to gift skin to other players without the need for creating a completely new gifting system, since Steam already has a feature like that. If you buy it directly over steam, you get the skinpacks and you get them listed on your steam, if you buy them ingame you get the skins without the listing.
  7. /me get's reminded of the ancient gateway... OwO. Excitement is happening.
  8. I never encountered a problem like this. General first thing to check would be if you have any mods installed. 99% of all crash problems and bugs in DST are caused by mods.
  9. How do the quests work this time? Is it something you can complete like last time, or is it just a random list you can collect? If it's a completion thing, can you get the ones you've missed in the beginning again to complete later?
  10. It should get automaticially created once you download the server. If it for whatever reason doesn't exist, just create it. Remember though, it's in the server root directory, not in the save folders.
  11. Afaik you can report them on Steam for having a wrong game set on Twitch. I think Twitch will go after that.
  12. Can't get fourth gift

    Nope, each week you can get 4 random drops. During these events common items are replaced with the chests. No specifics what you get, everything random.
  13. Agreed. Or at least a Wigfrid helmet variation on the skin, such as the 4-Horned helmet.
  14. I'm also still waiting for all the spear skins to also have a Battlespear variation.
  15. Only if you participated in the Tournament at the end. (Including winning one round in the Tournament.)