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  1. I just looked back at the server log, and I saw that it tries to find the items in the parth: "/home/dst/.klei//DoNotStarveTogether/MyServer/". You notice the double slash between .klei and DoNotStarveTogether, which doesn't quite work afaik. I think that's the issue there, but I don't know where it comes from. (Sorry for not noticing it earlier.) I'm launching my server(s) over screen, which enables me to close the shell and the server continues to run. I launch the following script using "screen -s ./DSTserver.sh" in the linux shell. #!/bin/bash cd DSTServer/bin ./dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer -console -conf_dir PrivateServer -cluster PrivateCluster -shard Master (Which launches the server in the master shard on the path save directory in "/home/<user name>/.klei/PrivateServer/PrivateCluster". For the Caves I launch the same code inside a second shell window with "-shard Caves". This has the advantage For all these examples I'm just using some generic paths, edit the directory names as you see fit. If you want to launch both servers (or more) in one shell just either run them in two individual screen instances (you might have to install screen first): #!/bin/bash cd DSTServer/bin screen -S DSTMaster -d -m ./dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer -console -conf_dir PrivateServer -cluster PrivateCluster -shard Master sleep 30 screen -S DSTCave -d -m ./dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer -console -conf_dir PrivateServer -cluster PrivateCluster -shard Caves And either a small stop script to stop both servers or shut them down manually using "screen -rx" to get the server back tot he shell followed by a "c_shutdown()" to shut it down for both servers. Otherwise you can launch it the same way as in the tutorial, but shorter (Not sure if this one misses anything, and/or if you need the parent process watcher, haven't looked through the example too much. You might have to edit it a bit. ) : #!/bin/bash cd DSTServer/bin ./dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer -console -monitor_parent_process $$ -cluster PrivateCluster -shard Master & ./dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer -console -monitor_parent_process $$ -cluster PrivateCluster -shard Caves All mods get updated automaticially on the server launch if you add them into your "<dst server directory>/mods/dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua" file like this: ServerModSetup("466732225") Where the number represents the number at the end of the adress you see on the steam workshop page. ("steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=466732225") (I'm just using the no thermal stone durability mod as an example for this case. Replace it with the mod(s) you are using.) Also if you want to autoupdate your DST server on every launch if there's a newer version out there just add the line ./steamcmd.sh +force_install_dir "$install_dir" +login anonymous +app_update 343050 validate +quit ad somewhere before launching the server itself in the startup script.
  2. Hi and welcome to the forums Sometimes you can't check if the key inside the file is correct, because there can be invisible symbols at the end of the lines for example. Your safest bet is to just copy over the entire file, instead of pasting the token in. Fyi cluster_token.txt is the correct name. (Also make sure your cluster_token.txt is inside your cluster folder, next to your master and cave folder. Aka it's location has to be: "$HOME/.klei/dst/MyServer/cluster_token.txt") As far as I've seen everything else is in their respective correct locations. (Not entirely sure why the tutorial uses such a complicated script, since I'm launching both my Shards with 2 lines each, together with the autoupdate would be 3 lines..., but whatever, it should work obviously. xD)
  3. Bundling Wrap

    I usually just wrap up crockpotted good food like pierogies, honey ham and bacon and eggs. Things I can unwrap and eat on the go if I'm in a pinch. (And/or when I'm going into a boss fight.) Especially useful for Wigfrid players, since she can't scavenge as easily as other players .
  4. While you hold crtl the mod is completely disabled. The fences are a bit wonky in the vanilla game already. It's not geometric placement's fault. Have you tried it after completely disabling the mod from the main menu? (Just to see for yourself that it's not geometric placement.) Eventually you learn to work yourself around it, since fences follow kinda weird but rather simple patterns. (They try to connect to other fences on both sides. If there's only a fence one side they form a line. They don't connect to the sides of other fences, only diagonally and on the ends.)
  5. Your Master_Port doesn't match up with the Master shard port. They need to be identical. Atm your slave shard tries to connect to a master shard on the port 12348 or 11001 (Since you defined different master ports in the cluster.ini and server.ini, not sure which ont it takes.) while the Master shard is listening on the port 10999. Set all Master shard ports on 10999 for example and it'll most probably work. Also make sure to start up the master shard first, sonetimes the slave shard has issues to connect to the master shard if the slave started up first. Also... you should only have one cluster.ini which sits right next to the Master and Cave directories Not sure where you stored them, but it should look like this: Don't mind my image editing skills, but I think it should represent pretty well how it should look like.
  6. It's probably because you used "return(<mods>)" instead of "return{<mods>}". Everything else looks fine.
  7. Did you create the file and paste the token in, or did you actually copy the entire file onto your server? If you paste the token in there your system might change up invisible symbols like a new line symbol into a different one, which renders the token to be invalid. Copy the entire file over instead.
  8. 1. Only the machine you are gonna run it on. For example if you have a PC that is set up as a server running somewhere else (a physical one in your house or a rented one from a company) you can shut down your PC independantly. If you wanna run it on your Pc you have to shut the server down every time you shut down your PC. 2. If you run the dedicated server from your own network over your internet, it won't shut down itself, but noone will be able to connect to it while your router is off. If you rented a server from a company it's independant of your router. 3. Depends on where you host it as well. If you host it from your network yes. If you rent a server from a company it won't. If you don't have much networking knowlege I'd personally recommend to either rent a hosted preconfigured dedicated one from a company so you don't have to worry about setting it up, keeping it online, etc, but you still have full control over it. (Including setting a password, rollbacks, etc.) Otherwise a client hosted server might be enough for you, if you are only playing with a max of 5 other people and you accept that noone can play on the server while you aren't playing. (This one requires your PC to run the server as well though, same as if you would host the server on your local PC, so you probably need a pretty decently powerful PC, and it goes over your network, potentially using up traffic if you don't have limitless.) Hope this helped. Best regards, Daniel
  9. Dedicated server

    I think a client hosted server would probably more beneficial for you, if you don't have a solid knowlege of PCs, since not only setting up a dedicated server requires some knowlege, but also maintaining and modding it as you wish. Please don't take it personally, it's just that a client hosted server is much easier to handle in most regards, and for most people enough, since many people don't host for more than 6 players or with more than two parallel shards (parallel servers that interconnect to another and allow for players to switch between them), like Overworld+caves+another custom shard, which is even more advanced to set up.) Also I wouldn't recommend someone without major IT knowlege to host a dedicated server for a bigger group of people than 6 and/or maybe even for 24/7 anyways. (Or you can just buy a ready to go one from a hosting company that manages it for you, maybe even with graphical interfaces.) Good luck finding a way to host your server that fits your desires and needs.
  10. Iridescent Gem Future Use?

    Very good idea. Didn't even think of slotting the gem into the ancient Key. It really looks like it could fit very well.
  11. Iridescent Gem Future Use?

    I'd either assume it'll be kinda a second key for the gateway to get a different result from the fuelweaver. Maybe something like: the ancient guardian and the fualweaver are the two bosses that lead to eachother in the caves, and the moon is the opposite of something either very deep down or in another dimension considering the moon isn't necessarily a normal moon but another kind of entity. Partially because Maxwell always refers to the moon as "moon". Also in the murals the ancient gateway is drawn with a white gem. This one was diamond shaped, but maybe the iridescent gem is just like a raw diamond before being shaped and polished. So maybe the ancient key itself isn't everything the ancient gateway is capable of, and instead just a small glimpse of his whole potential, especially considering it's something that somehow completely wiped out the ancients. (Or at least that's something everyone speculates on.) (Maybe you'll also be able to recraft the moon caller staff because why not.)
  12. Lustrous alchemy pod skin?

    A screenshot like that would be easy to fake indeed, but a video like that isn't as easily faked. I watched it a few times, but I didn't see any signs of editing/faking. So whoever did that was either really good and put a lot of effort into it, or there's actually a way to get it and noone made it public so far.
  13. Can you post a complete mod list as well? I know for a fact that the "Where's my beefalo" mod renders you unable to hit the Dfly for example. Maybe this is something similar.
  14. It's still working for me, and it should still work. Does the error still persist? Maybe Steam just had some downtime and is available again.
  15. Bring back caves only

    Assuming you are running a dedicated server you can just set the Master shard to generate a caves world instead of the default overworld in the "worldgenoverride.lua" before generating the world using this code: return { override_enabled = true, preset = "DST_CAVE", } No slaves/cave shard needed, but you might be able to add a overworld shard as slave so you can exit the caves into the overworld. This should enable you to spawn in the caves with the option to also visit the overworld if needed. Not sure if this is possible somehow with a non-dedicated server, but I prefer dedicated servers anyways.