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  1. Here we go again, the weekly announcement of "Metheus stopped working", before comments say that it's still working, and OP realizes, that it indeed still works.... Edit: The key to the metheus puzzle is a lot of communication and a proper strategy. You already got a strategy on hand, so you just gotta communicate with your partner.
  2. The configs you posted are correct. I assume the problem you might've run into is that a path configured in the launch script is not the same as where the modoverrides.lua is. Can you check your startup log and your launch script as well, or post it here, so I can help you track down your issue?

    A dedicated Server 1. runs independently of the owner's client. 2. generally offers better performance, especially with bigger amounts of people playing at the same time. 3. offers more slots because of reason 2. 4. is more stable for some reason in my experience. 5. can easier be modified in a way that you can add or remove secondary shards, and offers the options to run more than two linked worlds. A client hosted Server 1. is much easier to use. 2. doesn't need a server/secondary machine to host it on. (Dedicated ones don't necessarily need this one either, but I highly recommend one.)
  4. I don't really understand this sentence: 1. When you host it normally, just go for it. Why host in unnormally? 2. "when I put the same files" - Which files? The save files? Where did you have them before? 3. What did you even try to do?
  5. Well, it's not really "forcing" the update. It launches the steamcmd utility with ./steamcmd.sh or c:\steamcmd\steamcmd.exe depending on the OS. Afterwards it get's handed some paramters to configure what steamcmd is supposed to do: +force_install_dir "$install_dir" tells steamcmd where to install/update the software +login anonymous provides an anonymous login. Steamcmd needs a login, either anonymous or a normal steam login. Some games require a normal login, the DST dedicated server doesn't, so for simplicity it's anonymous. +app_update 343050 validate tells steamcmd to update the software with the id 343050 and validate it afterwards, to check if it's still ok. +quit makes steamcmd quit after doing the other stuff, since it'd otherwise wait for more commands, and would stop the DST launch script from continuing to boot up.
  6. Is it a dedicated server? If so make sure that when you paste it into the command line that you have the infamous "Remote: " in front of the command line. (Pressing ctrl toggles remote and local execution. Remote means on the server, local on the client. inconveniently pasting something in with ctrl+v toggles it to local mode. Press ctrl again after pasting in the command.) If that doesn't work either, do you have any mods installed and can you post a server log?
  7. You can take a look at part 1 of my Dedicated Server Mod Setup Guide. This configuration both installs and updates all configured mods on server launch. Ps: It says it's archived and possibly outdated, but nothing of it has changed in the game so far, so it's still up to date.
  8. Try executing TheWorld.topology.overrides.specialevent = "default" on your server, and then reboot it. This should set it to automaticially switching events again. You have to execute it on every shard, so if you have a cave world as well, you have to enter that, and execute it there as well.
  9. indicates the absolute install location for the dedicated server. It is defined further up in the launch script like this: ($HOME is yet again another variable, in that case the system wide user home directory. This depends on the OS.) Edit: On Windows the command is c:\steamcmd\steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +app_update 343050 validate +quit
  10. I think my guide on installing and configuring mods on a dedicated server would help you here. (Part "Configuring your mods") TLDR your config should look something like this: ["workshop-676297854"] = { enabled = true, configuration_options = { ["campfire"] = "default", ["fire_rez_lighting_strike_on_rez"] = "true", ["fire_rez_hunger_level"] = "0.5" } -- Fire Resurrection } The following errors were in your config: 1. You were missing commas between the configuration options. 2. You need to use the data of the configuration options, not the description. (That's what the user sees in the UI, the computer has no idea what that does.) 3. You were missing a } at the end to close the block. hope this helps. Ps: The first thing just looks like the config file for the mod itself. That doesn't belong into the modoverrides.lua whatsoever.
  11. Ways To Get Better Ping?

    Offline means on a dedicated server in your local network, or on a local player hosted map? Cause the latter should have a ping of 0.
  12. Check if your server is up to date. If you think it's up to date, try connecting directly to your server using the command c_connect("<server ip>",<port>[,"password"]) (If there's an issue this usually provides some info on whaat's wrong.)
  13. What is your startup script, and where did you put your cluster_token.txt?
  14. Which ports did you try? I know that some ports are preoccupied, so maybe other port rages work instead. Some port ranges that I know work are 25500-25600 27000-27100 Try entering some of those and see if that works better.