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  1. To run multiple Dedicated servers on the same machine you just have to adjust the connection ports (on which the clients connect to), and the master ports (on which the servers connect to eachother. This is used for cave setups for example.), depending on your setup. Also make sure your machine has enough recources to run multiple servers at the same time (enough ram, CPU cores, etc.) If you are planning to run a Master and a Cave server to connect to eachother make sure to set the same master port in both of them, but still set different connection ports. If this didn't help, you may want to include your configuration files, so we can check if there are errors in those.
  2. Just keep going. You level up very fast. First run I did that went up to the first boarrior brought me straight up to level 4. You can always just try quick joins or try to find others at lower levels. Most of the time I played quick matches until I found groups of players at around my level I played with level 1 players, and I'd assume there should be still quite a few around onsidering how many I came across. (No offense, it was just very impressive how many Lv1 I came across compared to other levels. I was just wondering how there were still that many lv1 left after a few weeks. It was like 50% lv1; 30% lv2-5; 15% lv 6-10; 5% lv11+). At some point where I was level 40+ I started going through the lists looking for "[lv 20+]" servers with PW in the description, etc because I didn't wanna explain the game to every second person I came across. With the similar strategy you could open a server asking for low levels or max lv10 or something in the title, so no people complaining about low levels join.
  3. You might have to edit the permissions on that folder so your user and therefore your game can access that folder. (At least if it works the same as it does on Linux, since both derive from UNIX.) To make it easy you can just add read and write permissions for everyone to that folder and see if it works.
  4. It's probably a mod that needs to get updated by the Mod author to be compatible with the newest game version. Do you have any more specific logs for us to check out and see if we can find something?
  5. In-game display of Elegant forge items

    Because they are stackable in the inventory and that'd be kinda awkward with skinned and non-Skinned versions of the fences since they are still essentially the same item? (I'd still absolutely love to see those fences ingame. Maybe they can be a second tier of fences that has a different recipe and maybe can take more hits instead of a skin to prevent the issue?) Edit from Peter: 5 bonus points to Daniel86268!
  6. Finally got Gold Run!

    Tanking just requires a decent healer and characters with lots of health. The more healing recieved flower and the passive regen wreath are your friends there. For the no death run: It is incredibly hard, I just did it with a very good group lately. Make sure you have characters with lots of health. (Bye Maxwell) Chosing woodie as runner worked best for me there, because he can aggro easier and has more hp (Than Wes). Wolfgang and WX or Wigfrid for tanks. Wigfrid is really nice for flipping those turtles and for that extra dps so you don't have to fight as long. Woodie can stop those spinners. Winona is really good for healing, especially those boarrior sleep heals due to her smaller cd (Don't underestimate this. With a good Winona healer it feels like the Boarrior is sleeping 3/4 of the time. This means lots of time to heal and regroup). Webber and Willow (with firestaff) can put out a considerable amount of damage. Time your attacks and everything with the others properly on a voice chat. Beware of the aggro draw of the molten darts. You don't need Wilson for this one, since death isn't planned anyways. Focus on pure survival. Don't get annoyed by losing and keep trying while focusing on learning from the causes of your deaths. Good luck!
  7. What you describe there sounds like you have an old cave server running on the cave server port without a worldgenoverride.lua configured. Try shutting that server down using the task manager and then try launching your properly configured server again after checking the configs again. This is probably also the reason why your configs are changing by themselves, because there's still a server running while you are trying to modify those files.
  8. What I mean is that it's only natural and normal that all other platforms than the main development platform is a bit behind. I just mean thtat the dedicated servers should be ported over as well, or even get cross compatible. If Sony agrees to that, which they prob don't. This might also be the reason, why there still aren't dedicated servers on console, because Sony doesn't accept any 3rd party content to connect to Ps4s. Prob to keep all consoles equal Klei only develops dedicated servers on PC. Just a thought.
  9. The thing is that PC is Klei's main development platform, so all the new stuff will always first show up on PC. Furthermore steam and steamcmd makes it really easy for Klei and users to set up and maintain the dedicated servers. That said, I agree that there should be some sort of dedicated servers for Ps4 players as well. Maybe as download from the website to host from a private server or as rentable option, although the rentable options would prob be in the hands of game server companies as soon as the dedicted server software would be released. (I'm a PC player, but I think dedicated servers are such a central part of the entire DST environment and playing together (independantly), that all platforms should have access to it.)
  10. Cluster Token?

    You can either issue the command TheNet:GenerateServerToken() Or press the account button in the main menu on the bottom and use the GUI to generate a server token. Once you've done either of those methods you find your generated Tokens in your DST save folder (Userdata/documents/klei/DoNotStarveTogether) inside the folder token0 or if you generated multiple ones token1, token2, etc.
  11. Then do an integrity check on the server and the client.
  12. It seems like one of your mods is creating a duplicate network variable of the dragonfly entity. Registering duplicate lua network variable 4220866801 in entity dragonfly[103394] Try disabling some of your mods individually after another to track down which mod causes it. If it still happens after you disabled all mods try verifying the game integrity of your client on steam and of the server using steamcmd.
  13. The mods folder belongs inside the Server installation folder, not in your shard configuration folder. The server installation folder is the folder you designated in your steamcmd where to install the DST server. Furthermore you don't need to copy over the mods from your client, you can just use the dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua file to download and update them automaticially. Just add the mods using their Steam IDs in there just as the examples tell you and you are good to go. In your case it should look something like this: --There are two functions that will install mods, ServerModSetup and ServerModCollectionSetup. Put the calls to the functions in this file and they will be executed on boot. --ServerModSetup takes a string of a specific mod's Workshop id. It will download and install the mod to your mod directory on boot. --The Workshop id can be found at the end of the url to the mod's Workshop page. --Example: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=350811795 --ServerModSetup("350811795") ServerModSetup("1185229307") ServerModSetup("347079953") ServerModSetup("370047879") ServerModSetup("378160973") ServerModSetup("382177939") ServerModSetup("458587300") ServerModSetup("569043634") ServerModSetup("697356989") --ServerModCollectionSetup takes a string of a specific mod's Workshop id. It will download all the mods in the collection and install them to the mod directory on boot. --The Workshop id can be found at the end of the url to the collection's Workshop page. --Example: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=379114180 --ServerModCollectionSetup("379114180") Everything else looks fine on the first glance. Let me know if it works after changing things like this, or if I have to take a closer look.
  14. It's true, that these skins only dropped for two weeks now, but the thing is that some skins were out for a much longer time (Has it been a year already?), but still have prices as high as 20€ (Wendy GoH, prime example). And Klei announced that these skins would only drop during the Halloween season, so they'd be much rarer just like the Hallowed light torch from last year. (around 30 bucks the entire time) (I assume it's dropping now again, since the price dropped to 25€ for now, but it's still insanely high for a simple skin to be more expensive than the entire game.)
  15. Klei, please start selling Skins/Skin packages for reasonable prices from an official store or something, like it's planned with the gladiator skins, but with all skins. I wanna have a full collection of skins, but I'm not willing to pay these ridiciulous prices to those few lucky greedy people who happen to get the skins through drops. Instead I'd like to support you developers directly through direct skin package purchases.