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  1. I have to say, that's a crazy theory, but it kinda makes sense. This is also the reason why we've never had any proper information or anything like it what They actually are. (Also I like the concept of us unknowingly being "Them" xD.)
  2. Server not responding

    A bit more info please. Noone can tell you anything if you don't provide any proper information. (logs, what happened, etc.) You say that your old team mates can't join you anymore, so I assume they were able to join you on that exact world before. Did you have a DST update, or did you have a Windows update? "set as admin done" .... what does that mean? Executed as Administrator? If that's the case, not needed. DST runs flawlessly without admin privileges. "firewall done" I guess you opened the ports for the DST server in your firewall? Usually not needed either, because DST communicates over DST server lists, which skip the direct port access. Do you have any mods installed? Steam should make sure that you have the most recent version installed when launching the game, but just in case try verifying your game files (and maybe tell your friends to do the same.) If all above doesn't work, your friends can try connecting directly to your game by opening the debug console in the main menu and entering c_connect(<IP of your game>, <Port of your game>, <Optionally: Password if you have one>) This might require you to have the specific port open in your firewall, never checked.
  3. Don't Starve Hamlet

    The Don't starve mega pack is just a collection of things you can buy. After Hamlet will be released it'll probably added to the mega pack, and the entire mega pack becomes more expensive. You still have to buy Hamlet yourself then, but you don't have a disadvantage of having bought the Mega Pack before. (Or you can just buy the mega pack with the "complete collection" option, which might give you a little discount on Hamlet alone, since you already have the rest.)
  4. No Votes

    You can disable voting alltogether by adding the following line to your cluster.ini: vote_enabled = false Keep in mind, there's still the possibility of trolls joining and griefing/insulting/whatever trolls do, so you probably want to password your server as well.
  5. LAG Issues

    To really track down the issue for lag you always wanna provide various specs including: -CPU of your Server/Client -If the server you are running is a dedicated or a client one -The distance between you and your friends -Your internet speed (And the speeds of your friends) -How much RAM your server is using -If you are using mods, and if yes, which ones.
  6. Don't worry when someone doesn't answer a question IMMEDIATELY after posting it. I don't see a reason why spiders shouldn't attack shadow chester, since he only changes appearance and get's a bigger inventory, so I'd assume he'll still get attacked by spiders. Never tested it though, since I usually use default chester as emergency packmule and occasional damage sponge. (The latter would be a big Nightmare fuel waste.)
  7. Turning off Disease

    There's no need for a mod like that. You can just disable it on world generation in the options (Either the game UI, or the Server worldgenoverride.lua), or you can disable it on an existing world using: TheWorld.topology.overrides.disease_delay = "none" TheWorld.topology.overrides.petrification = "none" c_save() c_reload() On each world (Both overworld and caves, if you have both) from the ingame console on a Admin player, or on the server console if you are running a dedicated server.
  8. I'd recommend AT LEAST one core per world, best to have one or two more for the OS to run on and other background processes as well. Higher clockspeeds/singlecore performance are what you want. RAM depends mostly on the OS. For a Windows OS (Which is very rare though) you have to calculate at least 2gb RAM by itself, for a Linux system I'd say 512mb RAM for the OS itself, 64Mb/player is pretty acurate, don't forget you need some RAM to host the world itself as well though. More ram helps to swap less, too little RAM causes severe performance issues. Internet speeds should be more than fast enough on any rentable VPS, since they are hosted from datacenters. Keep in mind with a VPS you are sharing CPU time with other users, so performance might vary and even suffer during high load times on the datacenter.
  9. Imo the Skins look nice, are sold for a fair price 12,99 for 12 forge skins, 9,99 for 6 Winter's feast skins (unlike some heads for $30 and more a piece), and the ENTIRE money goes to Klei (not to some greedy person being lucky and asking a ton of money for a skin), a studio developing one of the most amazing Games I own that I bought for a reasonably low price, that still get's continuous development, new features and now some nice events for FREE for everyone. This way Klei can support their DST development free for everyone. If you buy them or not is up to each player, and that is a good thing. They don't change the gameplay at all, and you don't have to pay money for lootboxes or keys that give you a chance to get a skin, you just get the skin pack all at once. I think that is a VERY fair move from Klei, and I don't think we are in a position to complain here, after receiving all this great content for free, and a option to buy a Skin set off the bat for a lower price than other Skins on the community market.
  10. I'd assume it'll be just like the forge skins that you can't craft or buy them after the event. They will probably return to be craftable and purchaseable in about a year again for the next winter's feast though.
  11. You can enable and disable the events (apart from the forge) with the command from a admin client, or from the server console: TheWorld.topology.overrides.specialevent = "winters_feast" All possible values are "none", "default", "hallowed_nights", "winters_feast", "year_of_the_gobbler" Where none forcefully disables all events (even if they'd happen at the current time), default enables and disables the event automaticially when Klei pushes the event, and the others enable the individual event. Setting it to default reverts the change again. Make sure you execute the command on every server shard. (Overworld and caves in most cases.) To fully take effect you have to restart your server either manually, or just execute c_save() c_reload() after executing the previous command.
  12. In the oasis (or in the entire sandstorm desert for that matter) nothing catches fire, spider dens are no exception. You still overheat though. Spider dens give you access to monster meat, silk and spider glands which are all very good recources. (Especially spider silk for fishing in the oasis during summer.) Not sure about the hounds though. How did you survive them till now? Tooth traps? If so you can just create another tooth trap area in or near the oasis, or move your current traps over temporarily.
  13. How about just opening Tumbleweeds while praying to RNGesus? 1% chance per gear, be lucky Edit: If you don't manage to get the gears you need you can also just base in the Oasis. Nothing is gonna catch of fire there, and your base should be safe, unless your base is very close to the oasis, since fire only starts around your player and you don't have to deal with the caves. Just make sure you bring a bit of starting wood, a precrafted endo pit and a spider den for silk along, because your local recources there are very limited.

    Without providing any proper information ("Enough space", "good processor", "This pc can handle any game" isn't proper information.) noone can help you track down the issue. If you still have major lag (and you want to track down what causes this lag) you should include -if the Server is only lagging for other players, or for yourself as well, -if you are running a dedicated server or a client one, -how many players are playing if you have this "major lag", -how much ram you have, -what Operating system you are running, -what CPU you have -what internet speeds you have.
  15. Short answer: It's a known issue. Some people describe you can open some ports to fix it, for others it doesn't work. Since it's not affecting your gameplay ignoring it is the best way to go. Long answer: From this thread: Hey, you should be able to configure your existing router to allow ping requests to come through. To do this you need to forward UDP traffic on port 10999 Long form answer: To find your systems internal ip address, open a command window (cmd) and type ipconfig. It will return something like this: Windows IP ConfigurationEthernet adapter Local Area Connection: Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : office.kleientertainment.com Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : ----------------------- IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . : 192.168.XX.XX <--- You want this one Next, go to your router configuration page. (Try googling the model of your router to find this page / the credentials required to access it). Look for a tab that says port forwarding. And forward UDP traffic on port 10999 to your internal ip (192.168. something ). ------------ Since so many servers cannot be pinged, we will likely come up with a better solution in the not-so-distant future. Good luck!