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  1. Maybe you'd get more help asking on the Forged Forge Discord server instead of the Dedicated server forums, since it really sounds like a configuration/setup issue of this mod, and not the server itself. (Someone else had the same issue as you described a while back, and I pointed him towards the Discord server as well, and never heard of this person's issue again, so I assume it went well.)
  2. If you count in the cleanup mods that can be beneficial for performance, then yes, it's 86% . On Laptops like these sometimes it happens that Windows decides to run DST on the Intel GPU instead of the Nvidia one. (Probably because DST uses so little Computing resources, that is uses less recources than Chrome.) Try checking if it runs on the dedicated Nvidia one, and if it doesn't set the System to forcefully use the Nvidia one for DST. (Either using the Windows setting in Display Settings -> Graphics settings and set DSt to run on the dedicated one there, or using the Nvidia control panel.)
  3. Don't forget mods. Mods cause 87% of all DST problems.
  4. As much as I hate to say this, but that ping is quite normal for DST on such a distance. That said, you can try connecting directly to the server using the cli from the main menu: c_connect("<ip address>",<port>,"[password]") This will probably shave off a few ms off of your ping, because it bypasses the Klei server listing/login procedure, and instead connects directly, but don't get your hopes up too much.
  5. I don't see the issue here... It sounds like you can play lag-free with caves, which sounds pretty much perfect... right?
  6. My First thought when reading the title: "Buy the frikkin game" ... Maybe I've read this topic too many times in various forums.
  7. ^ the highest probability of causing various issues. Try it without mods, and/or disable them all, and enable them after another to see which one causes the issue.
  8. Ah, sry, I didn't see that there are some minor syntax errors there. The last line in a block can't have a comma at the end:
  9. Yes, your configuration is correct. You are welcome
  10. Starts feasting on hot and cold glowing crystals.
  11. What do you use to kill enemies?

    Ham Bat and Walking cane pretty much all the time. Cane for those butterflies and mole worms, Ham bat beause of the super high reliability. (Never suddenly breaks during combat due to overuse, only spoiles over time which is calculatable and pretty easily preventable.) (Also with the Ham Bat you are legally allowed to say "I beat that tentacle with my meat.") Dark Sword or Spear occasionally depending on the Situation. (If I don't have access to the Ham bat or something.)
  12. That thermal stone skin looks frikkin amazing! Can't wait to grab it!
  13. This only belongs into the cave shard, not the overworld shard. This makes the server generate a cave world instead of a forest world. You can either remove the line entirely so it takes the default value, or you can change it to one of these: "SURVIVAL_TOGETHER", "MOD_MISSING", "SURVIVAL_TOGETHER_CLASSIC", "SURVIVAL_DEFAULT_PLUS", "COMPLETE_DARKNESS", "DST_CAVE", "DST_CAVE_PLUS" Also I'd recommend to remove all "default changes". Means: remove all changes that you don't wanna actually change. This will improve the readability of your config file a lot. Your overworld config file would look like this: return { override_enabled = true, overrides = { world_size = "huge", -- "small", "medium", "default", "huge" }, } (I just removed the Caves preset and all default values)
  14. Looking at those screenshots, it seems like either a port you are trying to use is already in use, or your firewall is blocking it. (Also described in this post.) Also there are some messages in your log (Truncating snapshot#...) that indicate that there's something wrong with your world. Try removing it and generating a fresh one. (Described here.)
  15. First of all you can't really blame a guide for not being absolutely flawless in any possible way. There are always some variations regarding your setup, environment, etc. Also things change over time, and are not always adapted immediately. (It'd be wayy too much effort to do so.) Yes, that apparently changed. You can either do it over the ingame main menu account button, or over your klei account page now. You can access it here: https://accounts.klei.com/account/game/servers?game=DontStarveTogether You can install it whereever you want, there's no fix location. The path in the guide was prob just a default path for steamcmd, whereas your path seems to be the one from steam. Depends on where you configure it to install, and what you use to install it. I don't see anything indicating that the registering failed. According to your screenshots it succeded doing that perfectly. If it'd failed it would have said "Failed to register master Server in Sing." or something like that. Can't fix something that works, you know