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Doro's art place thingy

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Woah this place is collecting dust, It's all gonna stack up like a bunch of powder.

Made this little plate for the sake of attempting the Don't Starve item style, and after lots and lots changes, this is the good one.

Not sure what this is tho... oatmeal? rice? powder? who knows!


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Time to freaking revive this thread once again.

Oh boy, this one's a bigger project than most (If not all) of my other arts.

It's based on a favorite character from a Mexican television sitcom that I used to watch a lot.
The name of the show is "El Chavo del 8" which kinda means "The Lad from the 8th", because he doesn't have a real name. But hey! He went pretty popular and iconic in many parts of Latin America.


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Just now, DragonMage156 said:

What was the bet and what would happen if you lost?

It was about if someone was banned at a certain time the other betters would make an artwork for the winner.

Turns out I lost my bet by mere minutes :p

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Hyuyu! I've come to make a return to this hecking art channel with a rough sketch of our newest member of the gang. Wortox the SOUL starved!

I'm definitely gonna clean this one up and actually color it, so be prepared, because everyone already knew what they were going for the moment Wortox mentioned souls.


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