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The puzzle site has crashed, please wait until tommorow for Klei to fix this issue.

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1 minute ago, Cheetos said:

I figured they were just waiting to hand out the prizes when they woke up. I'll be keeping the completed puzzle open out of fear just in case.

If you have completed the second part of the puzzle I would say you are in the clear, but this is a warning for people trying to complete the second portion, as it isn't responding correctly anymore for an unknown reason.

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1 minute ago, Pyr0mrcow said:

It's constantly down and back up. Currently up for me.

Even when it's up its usually not saving inputs correctly, and then crashes if the puzzle resets sometimes.

Everyone can keep trying if they feel like it, but its going to be a pain in the ass.

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Just now, The Curator said:

It does work, finished it a few hours ago.

But honestly, it is such a ridiculous and choppy mechanic it is legitimately difficult to tell what is a glitch and what is just poor design.

it loads for me, but like, 6 hours ago or so it was pretty unresponsive, and the dots didnt appear at all or with a delay

im almost sure though that it worked fine like an hour after we started. it only started glitching later (or maybe i just didnt notice)

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