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  1. Basically you are the only person who has this problem and you dont have any idea on how to repeat it on fresh system. Niether you provide anyone with any information about what processes are running on your computer. Who knows, may be its your anti-virus software. Noone is going to do anything about it. Because what do you expect people to do?
  2. Technically you can't prolong freeze on bosses when ice starts shaking. Does deerclops first deal damage, then apply cold? If so, I guess it makes sense to be chilled after being hit by him. Perhaps it's down to you to also change this behaviour if necessary. I feel alright about default setting though, don't know whats the point of your change.
  3. I believe ancient guardian was a joke boss since dont starve together released for you can get him stuck 9.99/10 times. For once, show him some love! What cheese strats are there? Well, he does get stuck on tombstone (since DS if I am not mistaken). When you are forced to use one tombstone (very rare scenario, since there is a reliable cheese strat described next) its actually cheeky and challenging, but if two of those are close to each other - you can permanently get him stuck. The other one is that by getting yourself between the void and pillar he will never reach you, as long as you keep hitting back. For extra swag you can just count the damage you do and knowing his max health predict when is it time to rellocate him so you dont risk loosing items to the void. Perhaps the easiest fix of second strat (the cheesiest) would be just adding one tile around the arena or moving them one tile closer to the center? Kiting around pillar might be somewhat cheesy, but very tricky and interesting. On tombstones its a bit more cheeky. I suggest making tombstones hammerable for stone.
  4. "Hey, I modified your product and it works poorly, troubleshoot and support it. NOW!" Consider checking if framerate is stable without mods. Also, monitoring vram, clock speed and power target usage of video card might be of use. Like, really. Do not expect some "mission critical" level of service in this field. Just passing by...
  5. Life is too short to wait for this info on wiki; whats that in the end of update trailer?
  6. They only spawn close to player if their source of light is weak (they basically spawn out of light range). If you are using thermal stone as light source you get them on top of you.
  7. It might have something to do with buggy time configuration on server side. Like, winter feast is considered to still be enabled, but we can't weave items and I dont think we can get any winter feast chests. We can, however, still weave halloween items.
  8. Have you tried reinstalling the game too? Checking game integrity isnt 100% reliable. Log obviously states that it cant load some crap from folder Don't Starve Together/data/anim Consider removing it and downloading again?
  9. You sure you understand what port forwarding means? The number you posted suggests that you probably dont. Im no expert, but I think Im correct.
  10. Eh.. I meant this new kind of moonrock meteor which yields white thingy that acts as a crafting station for moon tech. Looking for words to properly describe it aint worth the fuss
  11. Speaking of out of bounds, why cant we have pathmap filled with whatever identifies the impathable type? that would fix issue with mobs running into walls and maxwells bee queen cheese. That sure is up to worldgen, but it already deploys the turf types, why cant it also spend some time making it pathable?
  12. Haven't tested on concurrency this one, but what happened have happened. I did alt+F4 as Wolfgang on a public server a moment after I started chewing some meat stake while being at around 253 food and >200hp(but not full hp). When I came back I had stats of a freshspawn (200 hunger, full health, full sanity). There was no admins, no mods, etc.
  13. I had a moonstone thingy that spawns this white star (a meteor basically) destroy 2 statues of chess shadow boss set piece. Later on I placed all heads in place and when the time to mine them came - Both of them on destruction dropped down the heads and came back to destroyed state (shadows didnt spawn). After placing heads back it was fine.