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  1. I reccomend using rock lobsters for this fight. No clue about the topic though.
  2. Lightning makes you close containers.

    Your character is just getting spooked by it. Though its nothing but annoying... Fixing it creates an opportunity of making some character be afraid of lightning, loosing sanity, closing opened container and dropping a weapon with 10% chance for such character. Those little things, uknow...
  3. Dragonfly RANDOM attack speed

    Weeeeell... Unless there were any changes to her in past 98 days, she doesnt change it like you said. However causing her to play animation of pain does either delay the attack cooldown timer or delays the attack itself. Random attack period might also be caused by the different distance you travel to dodge her hits. I reccomend creating testing worlds and poking around her or simply searching for guides.
  4. Imo theres no point to play DS due to the lack of up-to-date content and no point to play DST solo unless you test something or do challenges. The only endgame stage is bragging about ur size.
  5. Dragonfly herself is a punching bag anyway, and her lavae won't get wet anyway... So just don't bother using morning star against her :>
  6. You don't need wetness prefix to deal extra damage, I believe. Dragonfly uses personal wetness variable that is set to zero on every enrage. All other creatures and bosses seem to use global variable of land wetness, according to my tests.
  7. Rubberbanding

    Pretty sure its ThePlayer:EnableMovementPrediction(false) You can also disable it in the options menu.
  8. You know right, that damage reduction = highest of 2 armors, but the durability damage is split between them?
  9. I so wish this cane skin was used to be capable of holding orange gem inside of it replacing the orange stave skin too...
  10. Any plans on DST in the nearest future..?
  11. I think it has to be none/less/default/more/lots. Unless Im wrong, of course
  13. Heres most of worthy stuff I've found while going through this post dump. I have stopped at the end of page 34 though. I quit. Curses upon forums for allowing animated signatures and avatars! As well as not limiting signature sizes...
  14. *watched new cooldowns and phase2 health threshold* Dev team surely doesn't want this boss to be soloed without end-game gear(even with huge effort and very little chance), eh?