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  1. Giants spawn point bug?

    They only spawn close to player if their source of light is weak (they basically spawn out of light range). If you are using thermal stone as light source you get them on top of you.
  2. Winter's feast Bu

    It might have something to do with buggy time configuration on server side. Like, winter feast is considered to still be enabled, but we can't weave items and I dont think we can get any winter feast chests. We can, however, still weave halloween items.
  3. Have you tried reinstalling the game too? Checking game integrity isnt 100% reliable. Log obviously states that it cant load some crap from folder Don't Starve Together/data/anim Consider removing it and downloading again?
  4. Unknown ping (???)

    You sure you understand what port forwarding means? The number you posted suggests that you probably dont. Im no expert, but I think Im correct.
  5. Minor bug with statue states

    Eh.. I meant this new kind of moonrock meteor which yields white thingy that acts as a crafting station for moon tech. Looking for words to properly describe it aint worth the fuss
  6. Speaking of out of bounds, why cant we have pathmap filled with whatever identifies the impathable type? that would fix issue with mobs running into walls and maxwells bee queen cheese. That sure is up to worldgen, but it already deploys the turf types, why cant it also spend some time making it pathable?
  7. Haven't tested on concurrency this one, but what happened have happened. I did alt+F4 as Wolfgang on a public server a moment after I started chewing some meat stake while being at around 253 food and >200hp(but not full hp). When I came back I had stats of a freshspawn (200 hunger, full health, full sanity). There was no admins, no mods, etc.
  8. I had a moonstone thingy that spawns this white star (a meteor basically) destroy 2 statues of chess shadow boss set piece. Later on I placed all heads in place and when the time to mine them came - Both of them on destruction dropped down the heads and came back to destroyed state (shadows didnt spawn). After placing heads back it was fine.
  9. Its nice to see someone who have not yet given up on hopes of recieving fixes like that.
  10. The extreme case

  11. The extreme case

    So yer not reading old posts then? I will be coming here to rot then.
  12. The extreme case

    I know its a minor issue, but some response like "okay, we'll put it in our list" would be nice.
  13. Character does not attack dragonfly

    Can you reproduce it without mods enabled?
  14. The extreme case

    It might be the meteor field trying to spawn at the desert actually. Or tries to spawn connected to the desert, but ignoring the bee biome on its calculations...