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  1. Lightning makes you close containers.

    Your character is just getting spooked by it. Though its nothing but annoying... Fixing it creates an opportunity of making some character be afraid of lightning, loosing sanity, closing opened container and dropping a weapon with 10% chance for such character. Those little things, uknow...
  2. Dragonfly RANDOM attack speed

    Weeeeell... Unless there were any changes to her in past 98 days, she doesnt change it like you said. However causing her to play animation of pain does either delay the attack cooldown timer or delays the attack itself. Random attack period might also be caused by the different distance you travel to dodge her hits. I reccomend creating testing worlds and poking around her or simply searching for guides.
  3. Dragonfly herself is a punching bag anyway, and her lavae won't get wet anyway... So just don't bother using morning star against her :>
  4. You don't need wetness prefix to deal extra damage, I believe. Dragonfly uses personal wetness variable that is set to zero on every enrage. All other creatures and bosses seem to use global variable of land wetness, according to my tests.
  5. Rubberbanding

    Pretty sure its ThePlayer:EnableMovementPrediction(false) You can also disable it in the options menu.
  6. You know right, that damage reduction = highest of 2 armors, but the durability damage is split between them?
  7. I so wish this cane skin was used to be capable of holding orange gem inside of it replacing the orange stave skin too...
  8. Any plans on DST in the nearest future..?
  9. I think it has to be none/less/default/more/lots. Unless Im wrong, of course
  10. *watched new cooldowns and phase2 health threshold* Dev team surely doesn't want this boss to be soloed without end-game gear(even with huge effort and very little chance), eh?
  11. Sorry for not properly executing that reporting stuff, I spent all of my courage on playing around with the new update, but I think even like that it does worth posting... Let's begin with our beloved rhino, that remains unchanged. You get behind those like that Leaving the boss arena during skeleton fight allows you to fully dodge his rooting spell. It is, however, not very usefull, but I don't think there should be such cheap deaggro(without teleporting/logging out). Next picture shows deaggro spots drawn in green(getting in those deaggroes boss) But once again, thats a very little thing, but it can come in handy if used properly... Picture above also shows that dumb bug with spikes not rising on the map edge, allowing one to easily get out of those roots(seems to be a bug, but perhaps worth staying in?) Next picture is just to show exactly what I mean (yellow shows area you can get out of roots at(works with weaker version of this boss too, making it super easy-cheezy)) Now, when you've got the idea of root-escape bug and boss deaggro, here's one sweet spot He keep's trying to get to player in a green zone, while you both can attack each other in the yellow one, making it somewhat worthy if you will be dropping roots in red spots. That spot is not as usefull as deaggro bounds, but still... Now, why deaggro matters: one player can fight(with the help of the bee-queen crown obviously, since insanity in this fight costs you too much, unless you are zerg-rushing) boss near world border while the other one can wait for 8k health transition to quickly help to deal with incoming menace(at least as soon as adds are properly managed/killed). Then just finish the boss off with gunpowder(even if I missed something about health-caps that force him to use his transition stage(the one with unseen hands and little things), he still can be killed with 80 gunpowder(40 at the start + 40 after transition, done that solo in godmode-> totally possible), it ain't very attractive for boss rush, but he can't be killed solo anyway(because cooldown on transition is too low, better make it health-based may be? with some hard enrage mechanics to balance it...)). Also, boss fight can be redone in 20 days(since atrium_gate will reset), but I didn't check if the Ancient Guardian does respawn too. Hope you guys didn't forget about him since skeleton currently doesn't return the key(unless I missed it somehow). Oh, and one extra thing about missing names:
  12. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Every spring frogs are harassing dying out dragonflies! Give them some love.
  13. "Disconnected Due To Missing Mods"

    Feels like you just fail to download/update existing mods for whatever reasons. It obviously wont let you in without those, required for all clients.
  14. Anymation bug when frozen

    Not like with a hat popping out of ice you would be able to move IRL.
  15. Extinguishing player with waterballoon makes him flamable entity that can smolder. Not sure how it works with ice staves. Didn't check if that buggy flag-change makes player extinguishable by ice flingomatics too (they don't affect players by default). Its kinda a thing since solo rushing dfly with waterballoons becomes kinda tricky. Every magma pool becomes your enemy and you are very likely to get burned by lavaes (even if you kill them - you will start smoldering and burning...)