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  1. Look, it had to be done, okay? Someone had to do it. ithadtobedone.mp4
  2. >struggles making decisions >in constant need of approval I feel called out...
  3. Decided to practice my ruins-rushing skills with Wilson and got REALLY lucky. Loving the world-gen here so I'm going to try and keep the world for a while.
  4. I rollback when I die, even if I have lots of LGAs and meat effigies available, because the world reset countdown makes me super anxious >.< I can solo-kill Fuelweaver but only with spicy Wolfgang or Winona and catapults. If a tool or weapon runs out of durability my inventory management skills just totally tank
  5. Playing New Reign beta. I made a rock lobster pen in my ruins base - you know, befriended like 3 lobsters, led them to the ruins, built a wall around them and waited til their loyalty timer ran out. Later, I rebuilt a clockwork which turned out to be a rook. When I came back to base the rook aggroed on the lobsters. I hadn't attacked them or anything. It doesn't seem to make sense for befriended clockwork rooks to aggro the lobsters... I dunno if the other befriended clockworks do the same.