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  1. Why does the Tinker Shop exist?

    The main problem is just that you could save thousands of oincs by just bothering to make a couple skyworthies and craft the stuff in RoG, but it's nice to have -some- option for crafting them in Hamlet without worldhopping. Although honestly, most of the items have nearly no relevance in hamlet apart from having a permanent walking cane... re:"Why have them seperate?", it makes it a lot easier to just re-craft the item for 50 oincs instead of shelling out another 250 for the complete item.
  2. That would actually be pretty neat if the lightning rod could be harnessed for electricity. That's free power in spring, and wicker could generate quite a lot. Could make a base spotlight actually somewhat realistic, although the spotlight could use some work...
  3. A character with +33% run speed, those disadvantages, and none of the other perks, would be overpowered. Speed is the strongest stat in the game. -If- I was going to revamp the character, I'd keep hunger reduction and the crafting tab, forget about the speed and laurel wreath. Nerf the courier bag to being like a piggyback without a speed reduction, or just passively have several extra inventory slots without any item being equipped. And I'd think of more interesting disadvantages, because as-is you just carry a meat near bunnymen and turn pigs into werepigs, which is... the normal way to kill pigs anyway. Sanity is a non-issue. But then the character mostly becomes a matter of "craft some tools and wormholes and swap to someone else". Unless you just reaaaaally want a slightly bigger inventory and hunger reduction, which I guess is fair for people addicted to krampus sacks.
  4. wormwood's font is amazing and adorable
  5. oh god time to go deal with the aporkalypse Well, if you prepare a bunch of food to eat beforehand it's not sooooooo bad. Just... maybe stay underground to avoid bats? >_>
  6. Weaving characters from spools is just the f2p method. The paid DLC way -is- a character pack, plus you get their skins as a bonus. Klei has to fund the content somehow, and this is better than making people pay for the new game content instead.
  7. There is a way to unlock them! You can weave them via Spools.
  8. And all those people with cave/ruin bases cried and cried at the lantern bugfix. XD After I got key of the city I built a Slanty Shanty next to 'em, knowing this day would come.
  9. c_gonext is a really bad idea to use inside of any rooms/ruins, it breaks the game. Best recommendation is close the game without saving if you haven't saved yet.
  10. ...hmm, yeah, you're right, now I remember that I'm wrong ;_;
  11. No, that's definitely only a few days away from aporkalypse. The outermost one moves clockwise and is the slowest, and when it approaches the bottom the aporkalypse is near. You want the outermost one to be juuuuust past the middle on the bottom. ...although, I didn't think any of them moved counterclockwise last time I saw one...
  12. On the new leaderboard, a 9 minute run with 8 satisfied cravings is in second place while a 34 craving win is in 10th place. So the mechanics are definitely quite different. And multi-hour runs shouldn't be a thing, anymore. First place is still a 20 craving match though, so it's not like it's speedrun time. You just need to make every dish as high quality as it gets, I guess!
  13. A New "A New Reign" Update Log

    Looks like a setpiece happened to spawn right there. That's some hella (bad) luck. XD
  14. Presumably the loot table is the same (or slightly nerfed as seen) but you, on average, get more of them?