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  1. In the past they've said they have no plans to bring Shipwrecked to DST. IIRC main reason they didn't explicitly say "NO" is that, obviously, they gave the hard no to multiplayer quite a bit before actually doing it in the end, so, "no plans" it is!
  2. Do I need to make a new world?

    The one thing I've noticed is I haven't seen any rainbow jellyfish after almost 40 days of gameplay. I don't know anything about them though, so I'm not sure if that's normal or weird or I'm just not noticing them among normal jellies.
  3. So, there's a bunch of new content- but how much is restricted to new world gens? Tar slicks and ballphin dens don't seem to be retrofitted into old worlds, for example; but you can craft them in, so for an already-well-established save it's easier to just make some than start over. (even if the dang quacken hasn't spawned after filling like 7 trawl nets up in deep ocean jeezzzz) But is there anything else I'm missing out on?
  4. Yeah, I haven't seen it. Probably for the best, more green gems are pretty useful to have around. Butterfly is confirmed, by the way. I've seen someone have that and solve the puzzle with it.
  5. No, he also had a slot that called for a butterfly. The flower slot uses petals. Glad to hear it worked!
  6. ...huh. I double checked it and it all should be correct. Are you using full chunks of thulecite and not just little shards? An entire butterfly and not just wings? You already confirmed your puzzle buddy was there. If it still doesn't work I dunno what to say other than maybe the puzzle glitched and it isn't correctly updated in your steamid info stuff? :S There's been some glitchiness with the site.
  7. Wait, evil petals? Just use normal petals.
  8. Charlie was always free; she wasn't chained to the throne like the others. The real question is what she's planning to do with all this.
  9. I organized it neater. This is all the numbers people have been CONFIRMED to clear the puzzle using. If you have an unknown, it has to be 6/7/8, so just try them until it works and post the result so this can be updated.
  10. No, you're not the only one, the number chart just still isn't all correct I think. It'd be nice if any of the people who DID clear the puzzle could confirm which number tiles are -definitely- what numbers, other than the obvious 1. Edit:The symbols for 1, 2, 4, and 9 are definitely correct, as someone cleared using the guide with those. However, the guide's symbol for "8" is -actually- "5". You don't have that one in there, so more are wrong. There's 4 unverified numbers then? (3 6 7 8) ...that means your 6 berries is wrong. That's an easy one. Try it as 3, 7, or 8 berries and it should work. Then we can confirm another number, too.
  11. Well, it's Berry/Bird/Orange Gem Thulecite/Staff/Nightmare Fuel but i'unno how many. I'm not up to date on the number shenanigans and the "chart" in the decoding thread is apparently wrong. All I can say is you only need one bird/gem/staff, granted two of those don't stack anyway :V
  12. As far as I can tell from reading, a few people managed to get lucky and have numbers that weren't misinterpreted so they beat the puzzle, but overall we're still not entirely clear what all of them are? Some people in the decoding thread can't solve the puzzle either. So, that's a thing z.z
  13. Everyone has different things, but there's a translation page thing. I just woke up and honestly don't remember where but people made like five of them zzzz Although I don't know where the new number translation set is, since it turned out that's what was wrong after all.
  14. Oooh, so the obelisk symbols are just the murals. I see, that makes sense they'd show up in a "normal" fashion eventually.