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  1. wormwood's font is amazing and adorable
  2. oh god time to go deal with the aporkalypse Well, if you prepare a bunch of food to eat beforehand it's not sooooooo bad. Just... maybe stay underground to avoid bats? >_>
  3. And all those people with cave/ruin bases cried and cried at the lantern bugfix. XD After I got key of the city I built a Slanty Shanty next to 'em, knowing this day would come.
  4. c_gonext is a really bad idea to use inside of any rooms/ruins, it breaks the game. Best recommendation is close the game without saving if you haven't saved yet.
  5. ...hmm, yeah, you're right, now I remember that I'm wrong ;_;
  6. No, that's definitely only a few days away from aporkalypse. The outermost one moves clockwise and is the slowest, and when it approaches the bottom the aporkalypse is near. You want the outermost one to be juuuuust past the middle on the bottom. ...although, I didn't think any of them moved counterclockwise last time I saw one...
  7. On the new leaderboard, a 9 minute run with 8 satisfied cravings is in second place while a 34 craving win is in 10th place. So the mechanics are definitely quite different. And multi-hour runs shouldn't be a thing, anymore. First place is still a 20 craving match though, so it's not like it's speedrun time. You just need to make every dish as high quality as it gets, I guess!
  8. Presumably the loot table is the same (or slightly nerfed as seen) but you, on average, get more of them?
  9. Those talking about the Fuelweaver's HP change should keep in mind it's also possible he gets less back from his healing now? Would have to test, though. (Or check files *cough*)
  10. Oh wow, that doesn't look even remotely like what I would have expected! I guess to edit that sort of table just isn't as easy as adding new functions on Willow's Lighter, heh! Tested and it worked! Thanks a whole bunch <3 With this and the "no ice as filler" mod, I don't have to self-restrict to avoid exploit-y food recipes.
  11. So, I want to make it so you can't use cooked/dried monster meat on the Birdcage; it feels really exploity and Klei even tried to bugfix it out but people complained. Anyway, I can't figure it out- even though birdcage.lua already has it, just commented out. :S I looked at a mod I helped on in the past to edit Willow's lighter and made this, but I can still feed the birds cooked meat. Tried a bunch of other stuff but it all crashed. local invalid_foods = { "bird_egg", "rottenegg", "monstermeat", "cookedmonstermeat", "monstermeat_dried", } AddPrefabPostInit("birdcage")
  12. I like this patch. <3 This makes Bernie a lot less meh (At some point, there's a decent chance -someone- will be insane when they're not prepared to fight shadows) and Willow direly needed a buff like that, which is pretty nice. And beardlings/lords appearing properly is, as well, a very sweet improvement.
  13. Lazy forater < all

  14. I really can't argue with Wigfrid being incredible (Not only an incredible regen ability for herself, but easy helmets for everyone!) but after that I'd say Wicker/Wilson/Wendy/Wolfgang are pretty even. Webber's low max sanity is definitely a drawback, he has upsides so it's not like he's a terrible choice (e.g. Willow, whose only real perk is hugging campfires at night to offset night sanity loss) but you have to highly manage his sanity if you don't want to fight nightmares all the time, so it's an... 'interesting' pick for someone to make. Wolfgang's drawbacks aren't as bad as you imply, I'd say. Once a base gets set up, food shouldn't be a big issue the majority of the time, unless you're playing on a public server and don't have much good cooperation going on so everything is terrible anyway. Double damage is very helpful for taking out the giants, and somewhat for the other bigger combat targets (Tentacles, miniboss-types, etc) Wicker's drawback is pretty notable, but as long as you don't have more than one Wicker on the team, she can just be the first priority for stuff like honey->taffy and green caps and you should be fine. Can't use the books too much (unless you're good at remembering to go on green cap harvest trips; those things are pretty common, luck permitting, in both forest biomes and in swamps) until you secure sanity regen equipment, but once you get it you can just sew it up in the future so you're set forever. Sleepytime, tentacle summon, and farming book are all very useful effects that no other character can even remotely duplicate (considering each server only gets one pan flute ever right now!) Comparatively Wilson gets... some automatic warmth that makes Winter easier, yeah, but it's not really a big deal to obtain one piece of good winter gear and deal with using it. The beard is nice, I like it, but it's effect isn't very special. Once you have a puffy vest or beefalo hat you can go long enough without freezing the beard doesn't matter much. Easy meat effigies is convenient for sure, especially since you can't mass stockpile rabbits now, so it makes him a good character. But I wouldn't say these replacable effects make him outclass the others. Wendy's Abigail admittedly falls short and dies whenever you need to fight something tough, and she mostly falls into spider slaughter power and an easy go for making a bee box. Assistance in smaller fights is enough to give Wendy a notable boost above other characters, and she's really strong at Dusk and especially Night (at which point she's like an entire second player character). However, since she only really falls short when it comes to giants, Abigail gives Wendy a good edge for any solo combat trips, so it evens out. Not a big importance to the team like the other character perks but handy enough to be worth a pick for reasons other than liking Wendy. Not quite as good as Wicker or Wilson whose perks help the whole team.