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  1. Meatballs being ez pz is good for the beginners/learners of the game, anyone past that learning stage in the game is decently aware of one of the base mechanics of the game "Hunger". Past that stage Meatballs are pretty much dead to you, mostly only useful in early autumn. I'd rather Klei take a look at the overall picture of the Hunger mechanic, than tweak a recipe that would mostly have an impact directed at beginners. (This isn't directed at John).
  2. Opening the entire map

    local w,h = TheWorld.Map:GetSize();for _,v in pairs(AllPlayers) do for x=-w*4,w*4,35 do for y=-h*4,h*4,35 do v.player_classified.MapExplorer:RevealArea(x,0,y) end end end
  3. That's actually not a bad thing at all, you're supposed to be learning, and in learning you're going to die. This is somewhat a rogue like after all and that's generally how you learn is from failure. The hunger mechanic is pretty much step 1 to master, any deaths from it should be teaching you more about it. For me I had the opposite experience, I learned early that Wigfrid had combat stat restoration (read on Wiki), so why not just eat monster meat? (also read on Wiki) After that I made a ton of meatballs lol, This is also a multiplayer game so learning tricks off other players was super easy as well. Monkey see monkey do, survival on Wigfrid was very easy for me in terms of hunger. Everyone is different though I suppose. You're restricted to meat meals, but meat meals are the most preferred anyway, so alike wicker, they have really minuscule downsides.
  4. I mained Wigfrid in DST and had zero issues transitioning onto other characters without face tanking everything (that costs a fair bit of materials which you learn pretty fast). People are really trying to get into the deep details here, but in reality when I was new to DST, only about 2 posts of this 4 page thread would have been useful to me at all. I'm not even sure if a lot of walls of text here have been read by newcomers. Think it's best not to assume so much and just give some light advice to those that ask and otherwise let them discover and trial/error. I would say Wigfrid, Wilson, Wicker, Wendy, WX-78 are all pretty easy characters to start with, as well as that transitioning to any other character can easily happen at the early stages once you understand the management of the 3 basic mechanics of DST (Hunger / Sanity / Health). A quick look through the wiki on those stats can teach you a lot of the games methods to restoring them.
  5. You need to rollback and/or vote kick the player, short of an admin being added to Klei server, which would only be a passionate / dedicated player that Klei could actually trust to help run the servers. They don't seem interested in hiring admins on payroll to play on their servers and maintain griefers. The only other solution besides the vote system is to play on servers with active admins that are hosted by other community members. You're on a multiplayer steam game now where griefers and alt accounts run rampant. (Also name-shaming even if I don't personally care, because the individual is a throwaway griefer account, is against the rules If I recall correctly).
  6. As with all of these blurry threads, try disabling "Small Textures" (this will likely fix the graphics), "Notebook Mode (bring the game up to par with what your computer can run), and double check your resolution is set correctly for your monitor. Then restart your game client after applying.
  7. Cheap PvP Tactics

    It's cheap in the area of "Unfair I couldn't fight back" and gimmicky, but do people really play PVP in DST expecting an experience that isn't gimmicky? That seems really strange to me.
  8. - Wilson: While true about his beard, winter clothing stacks with his beard. You can run around for quite awhile with the good stuff on and avoid freezing. The Thermal Stone also has an independent temperature to maintain. worth keeping in mind for when you have clothing handy and don't want to go back to fires to maintain the Thermal Stone (This probably isn't important enough to add to a short summary). -Willow Willow is also the only person that can cook on her lighter, very useful for early game vagabonding and on the fly hunger clutches. - Wolfgang His perk is his strength and his speed! - Wendy Worth specifically noting Splumonkeys as something abigail can farm in mass quantities. In general Wendy is the great AOE character of DST, bringing home massive quantities of items and foods so long as she can find the groups of small mobs to gather up. Abby makes Bee Queen very easy in certain strats as well. - Wx-78 Rain does damage to you without proper protection. Coincidentally he is one of the ideal characters to traverse the map and ruins with, he can use gears as hunger / sanity / health to negate the damage he takes from clockworks (75 / 50 / 60 each), you can overcharge via the lightning from Wicker's books, or from penning a Mosling in walls (letting it spin in it's pen will strike you with lightning). If you're really into late game DST content, you can kill the Ancient Fuel Weaver which will reset all of the ruins clocksworks, statues, etc. making gears extremely renewable in good quantities. Just try not to horde all of the initial spawn world batch of gears if you're playing on multiplayer servers so other players can have fridges and ice-flingo-matics. - Wickerbottom Cactus, grows all over the DFLY and Oasis deserts respectively. Sanity station (if you have a Wendy, or use the other strats with a BQ helm reversing negative sanity auras). Wicker hates spoiling and gets less hunger points from spoiling food (Yellow or worse). - Wigfrid Wigfrid has a base damage reduction of 25%, this means aside from general combat that Monster meat does less damage to her when eaten, her passive (Battleborn) restores the HP / Sanity you lose. making cooked monster meat an exceptional option for her in the early game vagabond stages (Spoils in 15 days so it lasts about 5 days longer than her other food options). (Not nitpicking you just adding some things, feel free to reword any of it in your cleaner shorter way).
  9. Whats your Base biome?

    My personal list of things: Cave hybrid bases: Lots of natural light, build as much as you want anywhere, the roof drops the materials needed to spam Wigfrid gear with ease, as well as the moles that store the materials for you, no summer heat, the piece of land you sometimes get with Spiders and natural light all over is a personal favorite of mine, or the lightbulb biome. Splumonkey farming (Fruit / Morsel / Nightmare Fuel / Beard Hair), The Cave Stalker + Thurible combo for mowing down a ton of trees. Just keep the Pigs / Chess sculptures above the nearest staircase for Full Moon Pig slaughter / New Moon Chess Piece event. Gekkos on the surface as well to avoid worms / earthquakes. Savannah: Not effected by a ton of trees growing all over the base like weeds that need to be constantly picked (world regrowth), the turf is a great neutral color that works on it's own or with other turfs, rabbits, and maintaining the Beefalo herd. Dfly Desert: Cactus for Rogies / Filler, Tumbleweed, 100% monster meat from hound mounds, single wall strat for DFLY lets you farm rocks while you kill the DFLY as added loot (can also turn the magma pit into a bird / krampus farm). Occasional Vultures, no tree weeds. Oasis: Cactus for Rogies / Filler, perfect biome for a surface Megabase, no restrictions of Flingos here, Voltgoats every 10 days. Gear to work towards in the summer and the Antlion to control / kill every year, no tree weeds. Used to like the Swamp but reeds would burn and it's not worth losing them, not a fan of basing in any of the other biomes, but they do have their benefits (namely Pig King and Moon Set forest).
  10. It's been 1 month since the last content update not 2, and they are still working on DST. The "June dates hidden in the puzzle" were all memes, we just like to believe. Also, welcome to the forums.
  11. Sometimes players (occasionally me) will opt to make a little spawn base, alch machine, crock pot, fire pit and Maybe a chest or two. The most common issue I've had with a chest filled with items is that one person joins, then proceeds to take every item from the chest, then either logs out with it or runs off and dies with it somewhere in the world. If you do leave a chest of "take 1 and leave the rest for the others" type items you can expect it to happen. I don't personally think it's worth using too much time refilling a starter chest like that unless you really really want to. Maybe just do it every autumn as something to do if it's a lengthy world.
  12. That is what she excels at for sure, spiders and splumonkeys are the most notable to bunch up loads of them and AOE down. On the topic of Wendy I think the actual cap of Abigail's capabilities are a bit undervalued and underused personally, people could stand to push her limits more with backups crafted and ready to take her place to finish off the job, a few creative ideas work for chain respawning them. She's also a great asset for the Bee Queen fight, lowering the resources you need in certain strategies since the grumbles are dealt with. Personally I just spam Wigfrid, no huge reason why. I just like that her helmets and weapons literally fall from the roof in the caves, and the sanity drain of caves is easily negated by Battleborn. Her life leech in a lot of scenarios allowed me to pull off a few fights with just some Jellybeans, it's nice not to have to cook healing foods for some things and just use food for regular hunger needs. ramble ramble ramble?
  13. Everyone is pretty capable of everything, Wes will be harder for a newcomer, but sanity and hunger aren't too hard of mechanics to learn and conquer. Wolfgang uses less resources in boss fights typically. Wicker is notably easy to survive with if you respect how to gain sanity and/or know how to fight nightmares. Wendy when used right can gather massive quantities of food in early game as well as later in the game off of collections of small mobs. You kind of just pick whatever "seems interesting to you" for whatever reason that it does. Even if you die in DST as long as you made it past early game there are enough methods to revive with solo.
  14. You're not crashing the party, it just means if nothing happens today we can pretend it was a different date in June all along.