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[Game Update] - 206915

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  • Developer
  • base name now shows up in the top left corner
  • jobs that are too deep underwater now show up as unreachable
  • better crash info if the VC++ runtime is not properly installed
  • fixed a problem where the "below min spec" screen would popup when it shouldn't
  • disable fmod logging in release build
  • fixed a memory leak if your duplicants frequently ran out of oxygen
  • fixed a crash on startup if a save file cannot be opened
  • fixed a crash if you told a building to repair after it had been repaired
  • fixed a crash when replacing tiles with other tiles
  • fixed a crash that sometimes happened when renaming duplicants
  • show a warning if you leave the input screen without binding all keys
  • fixed a crash if you dug up the cell a hatch was hiding in after the hatch died

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4 hours ago, Shaggyaaron said:

Im glad that you are actively updating this game already since it was just released. I hope that you add more things to research and a more efficient way to collect gases since in my games they only collect them if they are in there immediate vicinity.   


You are aware this is an alpha release right? Meaning it's at a state of playability, but still missing a LOT of content planned for the final game. Of course they're gonna keep updating it.

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Isn't this prealpha even?

I'm amazed by this game.

I played a lot of 2d scrolling colony sims and the way this one is already 'optimized' compared to final releases of what I played, it'll be a dream when it's finished.

It already is in so many ways, adding physics simulation in the way it does.

I really hope burning and exploding dangers will come too.

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4 minutes ago, dunny said:

Isn't this prealpha even?

Well they keep referring to it as an alpha. Most of the time when a game is considered pre-alpha it's usually not in a fully playable state. And alpha usually refers to a game in a playable state (and usually buggy), but still missing a lot of major mechanics and features.

But that's just how I see it anyway. Honestly, all that pre-apha, alpha, beta, ect. stuff is fairly open to interpretation. Pretty much the point I wanted to get across is that ONI isn't a finished product and it shouldn't be seen as a full game yet. It looks like Klei still has a lot planned for the game and we've only scratched the surface.

18 minutes ago, dunny said:

I really hope burning and exploding dangers will come too.

I'm with you on that. Perhaps when heat management gets a little more fleshed out we'll be seeing some of that.

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5 hours ago, DNsingbanana said:

Arf, was hoping for a water/gas pump fix >< 

call me selfish but none of these things happened to me :p good job anyways

I am with you on this. Tho liquids bugs bother me more than gases :p

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2 hours ago, tehMugwump said:

Tone please. :)  I'm sure Shaggy just wants to help.

My apologies. I didn't mean to come off sounding rude. That wasn't really the intent, but I can see that being read in a rude tone now. I probably should have left out that "*facepalm*" part...

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