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Master Jand    1538


By Wilson freed Wilson, I mean Wilson freed Wilson.

In his mental state of mind, Wilson was troubled with thoughts of suicide and resentment. Troubled with the world, wanting to live outside of society, but trapped within the prison bars of morale. In that one moment, Wilson was about to give up, once and for all, be kicked into a conformed state by the communist Ewecus. But then, something, SOMETHING inside his mind, finally surging for him to fight! Pow chicka prow! Wilson stunned the Ewecus and escaped, seemingly cured of his depression.

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Master Jand    1538

i pick c

Webber comes back to find Maxwell doing a satanic ritual of appeasement to Charlie


Maxwell: YES! IT WORKED!

Some bundled supplies dropps from the sky containing...

A) a glorious feast of meaty stews, mandrake soups, and ice cream!

B) thick winter clothing; beefalo hats, puffy vests, and... a hibearnation vest

C) 160 Nightmare Fuel

D) 2 Manure

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Master Jand    1538
On 3/13/2017 at 3:53 PM, DragonMage156 said:

(Ah thanks for explaining. Now, back to the story!)

I wonder why this hasn't gotten across

Edited by Master Jand

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DragonMage156    27479

(Welp, looks like it's up to me to keep it going)


Before Webber could question Maxwell's weird dance, a bundle started dropping from the sky. Maxwell manages to catch it and starts to open it. Webber ran over. "What is it?"

"Winter clothes" Maxwell replied "Atleast we won't have to worry about gathering supplies. Now we can focus our attention on food and wood."

"But what about Wilson?" Webber said, sadness returning to his voice.

Maxwell turned to Webber.

A) "Mr Higgsbury would be a fool if his ghost doesn't return to base. Although I don't know why he wasn't returned yet."

B) "Who needs him? It leaves more supplies for us. Least this base is in better hands now."

C) "What does it matter if he returns or not?"

D) Says nothing.

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Master Jand    1538

D ) Nothing.

Max: ...

Webz: Uhh.. you wanna say something?

Max begins sweating and gives of a nervous grin.

Then Webber realizes Maxwell's wrongdoing.

Wilson has been revived, but it now tied to a pole, crying out for help in the distance.

Max: Okay, so I've been greedy, but who cares about him?!!?

Webber runs away from Max with a razor (closest thing to scissors)

Maxwell sits back down by the fire, and out of madness, decides to...

A) Burn all the clothes

B) Leave in the silent of the night

C) Kill Webz

D) Throw some stuffed bear down onto the ground, effectively destroying it. (Wait... a stuffed bear? Wonder who put THAT there...)

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DatShadowJK    2410


"Pity-full children. I wish those damned ghosts could be dead forever.." droopily says Maxwell.

'Throws bear on the ground'

"HEY!" screams ???

"Bernie, bear bear, are you okay?"

A Girl, not Old, But not Young (Around 20?)

"Step. Away. From. BERNIE!" screams the girl, making Maxwell jump back

"Look- I'm sor-"

'Wilson and Webber return, not noticing the girl'

"MAXW- Woah.. Who is this?" yells/says Wilson

"My name is Willow" says Willow

"I like fire"

-Wilson Blushes- (Damn Daniel back at it again with the Romance)'

"Why are you here, whoever your name is, Willow, I caught" says Maxwell

"Bernie was lost" 'Willow Points to Bernie the Bear'

"AND YOU WERE ABOUT TO DESTROY HIM YOU SICK (continued ranting)" -Willow

"Maxwell, why did you tie me to a pole?"
'Tiny little golf man pops out of Maxwell's shirt sleeve'

"Because he hates yo-"

'Maxwell stuffs golf man back into pocket' (LOVE GRAVITY FALLS!)

"Yes, I do."

Wilson's mind:

A) Forgive him

B) Hate him

C) Neutral emotions





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Master Jand    1538

I pick B

Wilson picks up a spear gun from his back pocket and points it directly at Maxwell's forehead.

Wilson: Don't make me do it.

Maxwell then pulls the gun out of Wilson's hand and points it at Wilson. He chuckles loudly and pulls the trigger. BANG!

Wilson wakes up, sweating in the tent. 

Phew! It was just a dream. But how much of it was?

It turned out Maxwell pulled out an evil flower and drugged Wilson, effectively putting him to sleep before he could do anything.

Willow was still there, sobbing over the loss of Bernie.

"He was so young, so kind..."

Wilson looks over at the place where Maxwell was sitting. He wasn't there.

Wilson: D'ya know where the kinda dapper guy went?

Willow points to her lighter, with some sort of charred. Then she points to some cooked, white meat, in her hands. Then she points off to a ghost in the distance.

Wilson: Is that... the meat of... M-Max-M-Maxwell...!??!?!

Willow chows down on it.

Wilson is scarred for life

Does he;

A) Find a touchstone to revive Maxwell

B) Join Maxwell in the Ghost Realm

C) See where Webber is

D) Ditch Maxwell completely and live in peace with Willow and Webber.

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Arlesienne    8985

Fun fact: a staple and life of the party of any orphanage is a stock of bullies. At asylums for the mentally-challenged - or perhaps too creative for your Johns Does - they are called medical staff. The principle remains: they're here to ruin your work and take what's rightfully ours while generally making themselves a nuisance.

So far, Miss Willow Bennett has never thought there were HERE as well.

Running from the bearger, dutifully attracted by the aroma of her little apiary, is a given. She can rebuild, there's not enough space to fight the thing right now, she wants free wood as well, so she grabs her backpack, a stack of darts, her lighter.

She runs.

The pack's contents attract the mammal and it lurches behind her, roaring, right at heel. The ground shakes, twigs and branches, and tall trunks, cracking under its sheer weight and fury, birds take to the sky. She runs, hand on her lighter, teasing herself with how beautifully all this is going to burn in winter. The swamp's nearby, her favourite location, the denial of moisture as she burns the gnarly trees there sharp and sweet, and smoky, the trusty tentacles in tow. Several minutes of a sprint, stopping to let the giant catch up, then another taunt as it blindly follows onto the murky turf. She dodges the bubbles already emerging from the ground right in time to avoid the slimy flesh shooting up, straight for the creature.

There are no spiders here. She doesn't have to wait for the unveiling carnage to conclude, there are a few rabbit traps to be checked. She runs out of the area, turning for the little clearing where the warrens are. Grass, saplings, flowers, even, the idyllic feel is disgusting, almost out of a children's book. She smirks at the break of harmony, the squealing in one of the traps. "Sorry" flashes through her mind as she scientifically snaps the rabbit's neck, fast and clean. The knife she's got, good, sharp flint, makes quick work of the skinning. Some of the tender white meat will be dried while a bit - go straight to the pot. Returning to where the camp once stood, soon to be rebuilt after the bearger's visit, she's absent-mindedly smiling.

Tragedy hits her here. Not the scattered wooden planks and polished stone, not even the golden transistors, all this can easily be put together, there magic of HERE almost childish. Not the crazy-haired man scampering towards her with a furry thing in tow. Not even the jerk who'd first trapped her HERE lounging along the rubble like some smug male odalisque* well after the "best before" date. They mumble something, arguing more between themselves than acknowledging her presence, but nothing of this matters.

Her eyes rest on Bernie, crushed under the giant's paw, his limbs severed and lifeless.

The men just mumble on and she doesn't quite account for what she spits back. This doesn't matter. Bernie needs thread and they need it fast. They wouldn't want an... accident... now, not with the tent in tatters. She's got to focus on rebuilding and getting these chumps out of her campsite, not watch over her pyromania tendencies. All the thoughts swirl and sway around her. She doesn't even bother looking at the intruders. The lighter snaps into her hand like the most natural thing in the world, quietly, she hastily prepares a strip of rabbit flesh over its pretty, pretty flame and thoughtfully chews it, trying to calm herself down.

Crazy Hair drones on about the ex-king. "D'ya know where the kinda dapper guy went?". New England accent? If only she could know with her plebeian ancestry. Ha. She looks up, teeth full of rabbit meat. Shrugging, she points at the food, the unspoken message clear. Shut. Up. I'm busy. Eager to send him off on his business, she makes a general gesture in the direction the graveyard is. She saw a ghost wandering it, maybe Crazy Hair and Family go pick up a fight and get lost.

When it strikes her he might have misunderstood the connection, it's too late, though, Lord, it's entertaining.

Shocked silence disturbed only with her quiet chewing reigns as she calmly assesses the unwelcome interlocutor. Late twenties, her bet, no older than thirty, tattered clothes which ones must have been rather expensive, crazed beady eyes - quite a bit like the rabbits'. A spear at his side, noticeably blunter than her knife, no less, not to mention her actual weapons, the pumps covered in snot. Ewecus, maybe, she hates the snotty thing. Deep wrinkles in the corners of his eyes as if he suffered from sleep deprivation. Nothing special. Most importantly, he keeps on rambling instead of behaving like a proper survivor: calm, but wary, always ready to flee or retaliate. He must be new in the business.

What counts as a saving grace is the mess of beard crawling all over his face like tar or cockroaches. Bernie uses thick thread just like that. Maybe... Perhaps...

The cogs and gears in her mind start grinding in warped harmony of creative thought.

"D-d-did you really... M-Maxwell... meat..." he blabbers, horrified. The brief fancy of smiling ominously to continue flashes through her, but is conscientiously discarded: Bernie is precious, Crazy Hair has something to help him. She pouts. "He's a jerk, but the more reason not to eat him. Really, would you put any part of his in your mouth? I think not."

The man blushes even harder and she wonders if he has cardial problems. What other reason? That she called the man who first cornered her with everything in flames, her chance at normal life turned to ashes, and trapped in HERE later a jerk? The word still bears more civility than he deserves. "Uh, s-s-so... how did you find us?" he asks her.

She looks at him as if he fell out of blue sky. "I didn't find you," she corrects him with blunt honesty. "It was - is - my camp. Just one fat racoon happened. I've seen worse."

"Oh, so... you aren't new?"

She shrugs. "A couple of years. This island is new. But I'll adapt."

She goes silent, rocking a little bit to keep her wits about her. It won't do if she stares at the man's beard too much. Silly male can take it for an invitation.

She doesn't want any of that.

"Wilson Percival Higgsbury, a gentleman scientist, at your service," he emphasises with an awkward bow the furry thing behind him observes in no lesser lack of admiration than she does. "A pleasure to meet you. If that meat you've got here isn't... ahem..." he breaks off awkwardly and peers at her askingly.

Despite being shorter and slimmer, she still manages to stare down at him. Perks.

"You've seen bunnies, right? Fluffy, beady-eyed." She snorts. The man blinks, wiping a drop of sweat off the forehead (or the bits of it not taken up by eldritch hair). "Yes, quite cute. I guess."

She smiles in a way she hopes will leave no doubts to her intentions and outstretches a singed hand with a morsel towards him. "So we can safely eat them."

The expression he reciprocates with reminds her of that one night in the Girl Scouts when they spotted an owl right after it'd rained - a pitiful wet thing.

"Look, just because we're in the wilderness doesn't mean we need to be savages," he claims with a frown. "This is the forest, Mistress."


"Whatever," he shrugs in a way she doesn't quite appreciate. "We do things differently here. Because it's the forest."

"Oh? And that means it's...?"

"Well," he scratches his chin. "It's scientific, it's ours, it's... pine-y."

Talk about scientists.

"...'Pine-y'," she echoes with a blank expression. The man grins a grin commonly associated with the mentally-unstable. "...Whatever. I guess I can keep you for beard hair," she offers in a - vain - attempt to sound helpful.

"I refuse further cooperation!"

* * *

And this is how the choice WILSON WISHES TO JOIN MAXWELL IN THE GHOST REALM was fulfilled. Rabbit meat really is pale. Now, pray tell...

A) Is Maxwell going to crawl back from behind the alchemy lab the bearger didn't destroy where he hid from Willow's catatonic cursing and contribute to the brewing catfight?

B) Is Willow going to let the guys in on rebuilding the camp and expanding it?

C) Will a beefalo majestically sail out of the forest?

D) Will Wilson's beard hair be sacrificed on the altar of science to revive Bernie?

* I doubt referencing odalisques is inappropriate for the forums, but do share your feedback.

* * *

Apart from that, I wanted to praise how nice interactions

@DragonMage156 provided. Also...
On 11.03.2017 at 3:17 AM, DatShadowJK said:


"Don't worry, its a Merm.."

'Wilson attacks the Merm'

"Heh, its dead"
(3 Appear Behind Him)


On 11.03.2017 at 4:06 AM, DatShadowJK said:

A) (I like characters being added into the story)


Wilson turns around

"Come out come out were-ever you are!"

Maxwell appears

"Look, I don't have time for this, I'll explain everything"

Webber, enjoying the spare monster meat, turns around and sees Wilson yelling at Maxwell

"Uhh, why cant you be friends?"

"LOOK, I WANT TO EXPLAIN THIS, BUT YOUR MAKING IT REAL HARD!" Maxwell shouted, shutting up Wilson.

Maxwell explains why he tricked the survivors, why everything happened, Wilson tried feeling sorry for Maxwell being on the throne for so long...

A) Maxwell asks how Wilson got freed

B) Maxwell keeps silent.

(This is the juicy part of the story :P) 

Ahhh, nice take!

On 12.03.2017 at 9:28 PM, Master Jand said:

A huge pile of wool is seen in the distance.

Wilson: Wut Da H?

Webber plucks a single strand of the wool.

The pile turns around to reveal that it is an Ewecus! 

Webber: Scary.


Wilson sticks a spear into the Ewecus.

Ewecus: >:O

Another golden thing. Do you take these from experience or what :D?

On 13.03.2017 at 4:10 AM, Master Jand said:

Wilson: OOOOoooooOOooooH! >:(

Charlie: (on her throne, looking at all this from the clouds) Yeeesssss... *pulls out hardened... ...rubber... BUNG. And takes a shower. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



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Arlesienne    8985
Just now, Master Jand said:

Can somebody PLEASE tell me which option @Arlesienne picked!??!?

Come on, it's easy as pie. I even wrote that :wilson_facepalm:.

5 minutes ago, Arlesienne said:

And this is how the choice WILSON WISHES TO JOIN MAXWELL IN THE GHOST REALM was fulfilled.


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Master Jand    1538

I pick D, I guess.

No, here, let me take that -Willow

What? -Wilson

Your razor. -Willow

Ok... -Wilson

Swipe! Willow takes the beard hair and revives bernie.

Huh. -Wilson...

Maxwell comes up from behind, with an axe some rope on him.

Wilson hears heavy panting behind him.


Maxwell ties the rope around Wilson's neck and pulls him away from the base.

Willow glances back at where Wilson was sitting.

Willow: Oh, must've went out to get food.

Meanwhile, at Maxwell's demonic circle of Charlie Appeasement

Max: MWAHAHAHA! Do you know what this means, Wilson?!?!?

Wilson: LEMME GO! 

Max: The ultimate sacrifice, the enemy of the caster!

Wilson: Oh no, please no, you don't have to do this...

Max straps Wilson down to the circle.

He starts the appeasement ritual.

Wilson kicks and squeams.

Max: Ohhhhh Charlie...

Charlie, from the thrown: WUT IS IT!?

Charlie looks from the clouds down to the world.

Charlie looks at Wilson, about to get slaughtered by Maxwell. 


Wilson: No! Please, you don't have to do this Maxwell...

Does Maxwell...

A) Get pulled in to the whole ULTIMATE SACRIFICE thing, and kill Wilson.

B) Ponder this for too long, allowing Wilson to escape

C) Agree with Wilson and let him go.

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DatShadowJK    2410


"Uhh, should I do this. Or this? Or maybe this, or this? THIS THIS THIS?????"
Wilson shimmys out through the rope and runs

"Maxwell." - Charlie
"Yes honey?"
"He escaped.."

Maxwell jumps off a cliff

Maxwell died from Stupidity

A) Wilson is safe

B) Wilson is safe, for now

(Had to make it short since I had to go)

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DragonMage156    27479

I would have chosen A and B and made Maxwell's death more realistic. Like this:

As Maxwell considered his sacrificial options, Wilson manages to get out of the ropes. Maxwell noticed from the corner of his eye. "HEY!" Wilson tackled Maxwell, hands around his neck. The old man struggled, eyes turning black while wisps of shadow came off his hand. This scared Wilson, enough for Maxwell to throw him off. Wilson landed next to a spear. As he saw Maxwell coming towards him, he picked up the spear and stabbed him in the stomach. It didn't take long for the frail old man to fall to his knees. "W-why...?"

Wilson looked on, frowning. "Have you gone mad?! You were gonna kill me!"

Maxwell chucked and looked up at the scientist. "And you think your action was any different?"

Wilson looked down at himself, clothes and spear stained with the blood of his captor. He shook his head. "I was defending myself!"

Maxwell coughed up a bit of blood before looking back at Wilson, a devilish smile on his face. "Winter will be here soon. Food will be scarce. Have fun trying to find something to eat before the nights come" then he slumped over on his side, lifeless.

Wilson dropped the spear, looking at the blood on his hands. "What have I done?"

(I might just continue it from here)


"Ohohohoho! Good show!" Said a female voice from the darkness.

Wilson picked up a torch "Who's there?" he said, trying to shed light on this new person but to no avail.

"You impress me more than I would have expected, scientist. Afterall..." she stepped into the light "I was the one who freed you"

"You" his eyes went wide.

"Hm, you seem surprised. Do you like my new outfit? It's a gift from the shadows once I became their new ruler" she said "they weren't too happy when I had released you at first"

"Why?" Wilson asked "Why did you release me?"

"My intentions are not important. I guess since there was technically a sacrifice, a reward is in order" she clicked her fingers and a package appeared in her hand. "I wasn't expecting Maxy to share this with the others. I see different with you" she tossed it to the ground at Wilson feet. "Ta ta for now" Then she disappeared before Wilson could say anything else.

He picked up the package and looked it over. Looks like the normal bundle. It had quite a bit of weight. Wilson decided to return to the others before opening it.


"Oh hey Wilson" Willow greeted him as he returned. "What do you have there?" she asked, eyes focused on the package.

"Oh... it's... a gift... from the queen."


"It's a long story. Where's Webber?"

"The spider kid? He went to bed while you were out. He said Maxwell was trying to kill you or somethin. Where is he anyway?"

"Um... er... he decided to... s-stay out for the night... yeah, that's it. Probably gathering some supplies"

"Maxwell being selfless for once? That's a first"

"Y-yeah. All for the better then, isn't it?"

"So what's in the package?"

"O-oh, right" Wilson joined Willow by the fire and started unwrapping it.

It revealed... food!

A) 40 berries, 40 carrots, 40 morsels and 20 monster meat (it can still be used to make meatballs and can be eaten by Webber)

B) Precooked meals such as meatballs, meaty stews,ice cream and taffy (how generous!)

C) 40 birchnuts, 40 berries, 40 frog legs and some gears. There's a note that says "You better make an icebox for all these ;) "

(Also, that's for the kind words @Arlesienne. I must say I was quite surprised when I saw the wall of text but still enjoyed reading it. You definitely added some interesting lore to a simple "Choose your own adventure" story ^_^ )

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Master Jand    1538

obviously I'll pick C.

The next day, after an ice box was made, Wilson returned to the sight of Maxwell's death. Bloodstains soaked in the fresh green grass.

Maxwell was still there, but long since dead. His body was already starting to decompose.
"Heh, not so dapper now, huh? Heh, heh. Ooohh."

Wilson began digging up a whole in the ground, to bury Maxwell in.

*dig* *dig*

Wilson plopped Maxwell in the shallow grave, and tilled it over with soil. He then left a rock atop it, and a rose.

"Watcha doin'?", Webber.

"JEEZ! You scared me."

Wut's in the lump of dirt?

Nothing. Seriously, nothing.

Wilson pondered where Maxwell's ghost went. *Meanwhile at Charlie's throne: Banned for a week: Reason, being overcome by a puny puppet*

Wilson searched some chests nearby for anything special. Nothing accept some sort of a blooming red flower and some logs.

Let's go.


*a blonde girl slips by the chest and searches through it. she seemed to not have found anything, so she vanished back into the forest*

Back at camp, Wilson saw Willow chatting with a...

A) Moustachioed Strongman (Plz no make him evil again)

B) Unempathetic Robot

C) An Old Lady with a bookbag.

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Arlesienne    8985
50 minutes ago, DragonMage156 said:

Also, that's for the kind words @Arlesienne. I must say I was quite surprised when I saw the wall of text but still enjoyed reading it. You definitely added some interesting lore to a simple "Choose your own adventure" story ^_^ )

That's no wall of text. That's ten minutes' lunch break. Thanks a lot. I'm enjoying how you make it an actual little story instead of just actions. Our Willows fit each other :couple_inlove:! I enjoyed Charlie too. It was her benevolent self, right?

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DatShadowJK    2410

Impressive @DragonMage156 :D

Mine was short by the way because I had to go soon .-.

(Also I know what Jand was talking about making Wolfgang evil because of the Wikia version XD)

Edited by DatShadowJK
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DatShadowJK    2410

I choose.. Hmm


Willow is seen talking to a Lumberjack, with a quiet unique axe, the colour is different. Thats it. Maybe.

"Hey Willow- who is this?"

"Woodie. Da Loombaergeck He is from Canada." Willow says

"Nice to meet you!"
-New Thing Alert- When Lucy talks use RED TEXT



"This is Luc' she is my FAVOURITE thing in the world!"
"May I show you my awesome chopping skills?"
"I don't think that is a good idea Woodie, you chopped many trees recently. You do not want to, Y'know"

"Shh, not in front of the people" Woodie whispers violently to Lucy.

"Heh, sorry Woodie.."

"How about trees tomorrow, sounds good eh'?" Woodie says

"Ok.." say Willow and Wilson

"Hey, has Webber been around lately?"
"Uhh. No, actually. I think he is with the spiders"
~~~~~Meanwhile were Webber is~~~~~

"Its so nice hanging out with you!" (Who might this person/thing be?)

~~~~~Back to Camp~~~~~

"Heh, maybe" Wilson says, putting up a face that shows suspicions

"Willow, can I tell you about what happened while I was gone?"
"Well..." Wilson explains every detail, Willow nodding and showing looks of disapproval with everything about Maxwell and Charlie

"I mean. It was out of my will. Like. I did not choose this to happen to me."
"Of course not.."

A) We find of who, WHAT, Webber was talking too (Choose Anything :D)

B) Woodie:
B1) Stays Overnight

B2) Goes to base

C) Something, anything, ANYTHING you want, except Mega-Chaos-FunFun-Random-Ufo-Attacks-Full-Of-Stuff




Edited by DatShadowJK

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