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DragonMage156    26960
3 hours ago, Master Jand said:

On the contrary, let's get back to storytelling, @DragonMage156 and @DatShadowJK (I just realized now that I can make 'some' artist ship you both) (Just kidding) (Wait... yeah just kidding)

Nice try but Me and Ysulyan are already a popular ship :p

Anyway, not how I would have told the story but eh, I can work with it.


"Save the gems" Wilson said "We can use them to make amulets later on"

"Fine" Willow said, walking over to the chest. She put the red one in but decided to hold onto the blue gem. Surely there's a better use for it than a chilled amulet or ice staff.

(Do the have Chester? Too lazy to go back and read through it again :p )

"Oh yeah, good job not starting a forest fire earlier"

Willow turned, hearing sarcasm in his voice. "What?" she said, anger slowing beginning to build (wait a minute, I wanted to ship Willowson :/ )

"I'm sorry but using a fire staff in a dense forest was extremely foolish and dangerous. You may be immune to fire but that doesn't mean Wendy, Webber, Woodie and I aren't burnable"

Willow frowned but didn't say. He was right afterall. She turned away. "Sorry" she said in a hushed tone which caught Wilson by surprise.

A little time passed and they were all sitting by the fire, munching on meatballs. It was uncomfortably quiet.

Woodie cleared his through before saying "So where were you kids at all this time, eh?"

"We went to kill spiders but wondered off path and found Webber" Wendy replied.

"We said goodbye to the pirate and decided to watch the waves for a little while"

Then Wilson joined in the conversation. "Really? I thought kids like you would rather play with toys."

"Nah, pirates is way more fun!" Webber gave them a toothy grin "Maybe Wendy could play with us sometime."

"Don't like pirates"she deadpanned.

"Oh... then what about cowboys and indians? Aliens?"

"Cowboys and indians always end in fake death of a group while aliens is an over-hyped subject of the public."

"Then... then what about kingdom?" Webber jumped up and pretended to wield a sword "We can be a fearless knight, coming to save you and your sister from a terrifying dragon! Wilson can be the dragon" he whispered, mischievously.

"Wait, what? I heard my name" Wilson said, a bit worried.

"Hehehe, that seems like a good casting choice" Willow giggled "But shouldn't someone else with more fire power be the dragon? Like me?"

"Nah, you can be the fire magician! You use your fire staff to take down all the monsters along the way!" Webber said, excitedly.

"Oh I like that."

"What about me and Luc, eh?" Woodie asked.

"Um..." Webber put his hand on his chin as he thought, "You could be a legendary lumberjack with a magical axe? Like the one from Little Red Riding Hood!"

"Heh, I like that. Nothin' like becoming a legendary man of what you already do. Ain't that right Luc?"

"You bet!"

Wendy actually liked how enthusiastic Webber was getting with his idea. Infact, a small smile crept its way to her face. However, it was short lived. In order survive the harsh world around them, everyone needs to pitch in.

"We have things to do tomorrow" she said.

"Oh... well that's fine" Webber stayed optimistic "We can play some other time"

"Well" Woodie got up and stretched "I'm gonna hit the hay. G'night"

"I think we should all go to bed now" Wilson got up and helped Wendy and Webber get to bed as Willow washed the 'dishes'.

As Wilson tucked them in, Webber asks "Can we have a bedtime story?"

"Oh... I'm not so good with sto-"

"Please?" Despite Webber being part spider, he had the cute puppy dog look no one could say no to.

What should Wilson do?

A) Reluctantly refuse (you monster).

B) Attempt to tell a story.

B1) Willow hears you, comes in and helps with the story.

C) Something abruptly ruins bedtime stories.

(Secretly hopes for the next person to choose B1)

(Also I edited the last post cos Webber refers to himself as "we")

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DatShadowJK    2400
8 hours ago, Master Jand said:


On the contrary, let's get back to storytelling, @DragonMage156 and @DatShadowJK (I just realized now that I can make 'some' artist ship you both) (Just kidding) (Wait... yeah just kidding)



*Ships wendy and webber together 4eva nothing will break em apart!*

'Jand crys'

"Thats wat ya get BOI!"

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DatShadowJK    2400

B1) (They call me the wish granter)

"And so um- a - whatever thingy majiggy comes and- uh- Destroys everyone. And yeah, seems legit.."

Webber: "Thats the worst dang story I've ever heard!"

Willow overhears "Wilson, I agree with Webber, that story was TRASH!"

"I-I'm s-sorry I didn't have a nice childhood. Albert overgrowing me and stuff" (Yes I did it..)

Webber: "Whos Albert?"

"My stupid young brother who became taller than me.." (Should we mention Quoth or something?)

Bango starts playing

Willow: "There was a boy named Wi-lson, and he a had a Brotherrrrrr!!!!"

Wilson feels shame

Webber: "And he overgrew hiiiiiiiiiiim!" (Daww Willow and Webber having a nice time mocking Wilson! 10/10 best bedtime story!)

"And he-"

Wilson runs out of the tent. Upset.

A) Runs into the woods. At Night!

A1) Runs into something, anything!

B) Stays at camp ignoring everyone..

B1) Sleeps in tent

B2) Stays awake


Edited by DatShadowJK
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DragonMage156    26960

(I can't believe you just did that XD I don't think Wilson hates/would call his brother stupid though. Just ask @Quoth143 (there I tagged her. Your welcome ;).:p )

B something)

"C... can we please get on with the story?" Wilson said in a low, quiet voice. Wilson never usually sounds like this and that's when Willow realized she struck a nerve.

"Aw, but we wanna know more about Mr. Wilson and his brother!" Webber protested.

Willow hushed him "Maybe some other time" she turned to Wilson "I... I'm sorry"

"No" Wilson stood up "Do what you want" and left without another word. They were both silent for a moment.

"Is... is Wilson mad at us"

"Oh... no. No he's just... tired. Yeah. You know how grumpy people can get when their tired" Although Wilson could have atleast tried to curve his behavior...

"C'mon, get comfortable while I tell you a story... Once upon a time, there was a little red squirrel who lived in a tree in the woods..."

(Wilson meets Red references for the win XD )


Wilson made his way towards his tent. Woodie was already asleep in his own tent, much to Wilson's relief. He went inside. As soon as he was sure he was out of earshot of everyone, he feel to his knees, tears streaming down his face as he relived some painful memories.

Why was I so foolish? How could I have brought him into this?... How could... they do this?

Wilson curled up on his bedroll as he continued to question everything. (Btw Quoth, I hope this is right so far :? )

Eventually, he dosed off. Willow came in not too long after that. They shared a tent like Wendy and Webber and Woodie and Lucy. Despite Wilson planning to get more silk for more tents, he has yet to do so.

Even though Wilson was facing way from her, she could tell he was recently crying. She felt terrible for mocking him earlier.

She knelt down beside him and placed a hand on his shoulder. It felt almost as if he relaxed a bit on contact. She whispered "Good night" before kissing him on his forehead. Before she moved over to her own bedroll, she heard Wilson sleepily say "Wait..... don't.......... go..........."

He could have easily been sleep talking but Willow just couldn't leave his side (even though her bedroll is right next to him). "Don't worry" she whispered "I never will" and then laid down and went to sleep.

Morning came and it was one of the most peaceful ones they ever had.

Woodie came out of his tent and stretched. He looked around, puzzled. "Huh... strange... usually Wilson's the first one up" he thought to himself. He went over to his tent and peeked in. "Oh..."

What he saw was Wilson and Willow embracing each other as they slept.

Woodie closed the tent flap.

"What is it Woodie?"

"Shh" Woodie pressed his finger against his lips, "I think Wilson and Willow had a rough night. We should let them sleep, eh? I'll take care of Wendy and Webber for them"

What happens next?

A) Wilson wakes up first. Surprised at first but after a moment, decided not to move.

B) Willow wakes up first, realizing she'd closer to Wilson than the night before (embraced infact). She smiles tiredly and hugs him a bit tighter.

C) The kids ultimately wake both them up (accidentally ofcourse ^^; ) (No cute fluff).

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DatShadowJK    2400
4 minutes ago, DragonMage156 said:

(I can't believe you just did that XD I don't think Wilson hates/would call his brother stupid though. Just ask @Quoth143 (there I tagged her. Your welcome ;).:p )

Remember at the start, well, last part of the start, how Wilson stomped off at Albert? Also, the story is so sweet now :3


Edited by DatShadowJK

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DatShadowJK    2400


Webber and Wendy are discussing about the day before

"And then, the treeguard came out-" "Yeah, I thought they were to lose their mortal soul.." "And Ms Willow burned it!" "Uh, death is fine.. Satisfied me when the tree died.." "Wendy.. please be more cheerfu- WHOA!"

Webber trips over Wilsons tent (CLASSIC!), waking both Willow and Wilson

Wilson grabs his spear out of his backpack

"Wait a minute, you keep a spear in your backpack?"

"Uh, yes! Hounds might attack any minute!"

"True, but you might accidently lie on it while sleeping"


They hear laughter, to be exact, Webber's laughter

"Oh, its just the kids, put that weapon away Wilson.."



*nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom*

Everyone is enjoying food! Even Abigail! Eating.. Nothing? Meh..

"Oh this food i' delish' right Luce?"

"I can't eat you chucklehead!"

Woodie facepalms

"Sooooooooooooo... How was the night Wilson?"

"I. Do. Not. Want. To. Talk. About. It"


"It was a meh.." Willow tries hiding the fact that she enjoyed being with Wilson (I'm very sorry)


Webber: "Oh it was awesome! Willow told me this cute story about a red squirrel!"

Wendy: "Oh I didn't sleep I was killing spi-" Wendy catches herself before saying the final word

Webber exchanges a look at Wendy

"Uhh, spys, yeah, I was busy killing spys.. Yeah.." Awkward Laugh

"What about your night Woodie?"

"Choppin' Wood.."

"Did you eat your daily wood-take?"

Everyone: "Huh?"

Woodie: "Uhh, nothing, its, uh, nothing.."

A) Woodie turns into a werebeaver right infront of their eyes, frightening them all, Abigail trys to attack Woodie

B) Woodie eats his wood quick enough to not become a werebeaver


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DragonMage156    26960
11 hours ago, DatShadowJK said:

(I'm very sorry)

(*Whispers* Don't worry I enjoyed it too 0_0 )

B) Except Woodie already ate the piece of wood.

"Don't worry Luc, I 'ad some early s'morning before I got the kids up. That should keep it back for a while, eh?"


"Wait, you got the kids up?" Wilson asked, puzzled.

"Why r'you surprised? I've looked after kids before. Besides, you two were still sleepin'. Something there told me you had a bad night."

"Well... more or less" Wilson went all quiet again.

"Well I think we should go out and get some resources!" Willow said, trying to change the subject "Wilson, didn't you say we needed silk for more tents? I can help fight some spiders"

"U-uh well... um... Wendy and Webber seem fine to share a tent a-and-"

"What's the matter? Tier 3 spider den? I can get some traps. Wendy and Abby can help with it too."

"N-no, i-it's just that-"

Willow was confused. Wilson never usually stutters this much unless he's nervous... or even flustered. "Is something wrong?" she asked "I thought you wanted to make a separate tent so we didn't have to share"

"W-well..." Wilson scratched a back of his head nervously "It's just... it's not THAT important. I mean, we're getting used to each others company and..."

She could see his uncomfortableness. "Would you like to talk somewhere private about this? I feel having the others around are making you choke on your words."

"O-ofcourse not! I have nothing to hide! I am a gentleman scientist-"

"That still feels and behaves the same way as everyone else. But there's no shame in that. C'mon"  she took his hand and lead him to the other side of camp.

Woodie looked at the kids "Now I know what you must be thinking kids, but it's very rude to eavesdrop"




"Ah to hell with it! Let's go." They all got up and followed them quietly until there were in earshot but hidden enough not to be seen. They listened in...

"What's the matter, Wilson? When we first met, you offered to share until I got my own tent. Now it sounds like you're trying to come up with an excuse. Last time you said you were too low on health, whatever that means" (Cos no one says that irl unless they're a gamer nerd).

"Well it's just... I don't know. I feel really weird about it. With each passing day, I feel it gets less important and more like... well I mean, do you want your own tent?"

"Well... to be honest... not really."

"So you feel the same?"

"I'm still unsure what you're even feeling. I mean it feels like you get all flustered when I talk about it and when I hugged you last night you didn't move away an-"

"Woo woo woo wait!" Wilson was taken aback by that last statement "Y-you... hugged me? When was this?"

"When you were asleep. I felt really bad last night and you were still tense when I came in so..."

"O-oh my Einstein" Wilson felt embarrassed. He covered his face with both hid hands but you could still see him blushing.

"Well hey, if it makes you feel any better, you relaxed pretty quickly. If it wasn't for my spontaneous action, you'd still be a little tense ball of stress right now"

Wilson took a moment to think and regain his posture. "Well... now that you mention it, I do feel a bit relaxed" except for the fact that this woman spooned me in my sleep "So... thank you."

Willow smiled. "So should we make another tent or do you not mind me invading your personal space in your sleep"

"Unless you're planning to shank me in my sleep, you can stay as long as you want. And honestly, the spider are a real bother to deal with. We'll fight them when we actually need silk"

Willow chuckled a bit. Then punched (not hard) Wilson in the shoulder.


"That's for keeping me worried about the whole tent fiasco this whole time."

"Sorry but isn't that just a little too extreme?"

"Oh ya big baby" Willow teased playfully. Wilson blushed lightly.

Then there was a noise. "Did you hear that?" Wilson said. Willow listened too. Then the looked at each other before running back into camp.

"RUN!" Woodie whispered to the kids but Wilson and Willow bumped into him before he could escape.

"What are you doing here?" Wilson said with a frown.

"O-oh um..."

A) "I heard hounds and came looking for you."

B) "You were taking a while and I got worried." (wuss)

C) "I came looking for the kids."

D) "Well... uh... we totally weren't eavesdropping or anything, hehe."

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DragonMage156    26960
8 hours ago, DatShadowJK said:

Webber should've reacted with the killing spiders bit O_O

Oh... oops.

Didn't think of that at the time ^^;


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DatShadowJK    2400

D) (Woodie is the worst lier ever)

"Okay, thats fine by me, you weren't listening" (Wilson is being stupid!)
"No, he was listening.."


"Heh, heh.."



"There on the loose! Catch em' and ask for what they know!"

"Good that Wilson!"

Wilson catches Webber

"Hah! Gotcha!"


Willow catches Wendy and Abigail

"I assumed that was going to happen.."

"Willow, keep the kids and slap some sense into them, not actually slap them of course, but tell them not to eavesdrop!"

Wilson chases Woodie and Lucy

"Woodie! They're right on your tail!"


Wilson catches Woodie

"Tag, your it." (Good Joke DSJ)

"Heh, sorry about listening, should've left you two lovebirds alone"



"Like I said, you think we're in love or something? Woodie! This is survival, not love!"

Lucy whispers

"We shouldn't tell them that were in love, could anger em' "

"As if!"

They return back to base, Willow talking sense into the 3 children


A) Giant (I think they are in autumn)

B) Hounds, and not 2, 10!

C) Something horrible but not extremely horrible that will kill them all.




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DragonMage156    26960

(But more players will ruin the story! Probably, maybe...)

B) Hounds (like I originally intended)

"The hounds are baying" Wendy said, cutting off Willow's lecture about eavesdropping.

"What?" Willow frowned.

They heard Wilson yelling as he ran back to base "Hounds! Grab your spears!One'schasingme!!"

"I got this" Willow said as she grabbed a spear and went after a few chasing Wilson. Wendy, Abigail, Webber and Woodie fought off the rest.

Once the hounds were dead, they regrouped in the center of camp, panting.

"That was (pant) intense" Wilson said between breaths "I have never (pant) ran that fast in my life"

"Well (pant) I never really saw you as the athletic one" Willow looked at him, smiled.

"Wait a minute!" Webber said, once he captured his breath "If Wendy is so obsessed about death and stuff, why did she fight against the hounds? They could have easily... well y'know"

"I enjoy seeing the death of a monster more than that of my own" she stated plainly, "There are other things that keep me earth-bound but I'd rather keep those to myself"

"Oh... ok. Well glad you're still alive!"

Wilson and Willow looked at each other with the same thoughts.

"Heh, I'm happy you're all alive too eh? Wouldn't be the same without yah"

However, their victory was short lived when a hound from behind got up and...

A) Attacked one of the adults.

B) Lunged for one of the kids.

B1) One of the adults protects the kids by getting in the way, causing him/her to get attacked.

C) Nothing. They managed to kill it before anyone got harmed.

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DatShadowJK    2400


"WILSON! BEHIND YOU!" Webber screams, at the top of his lungs


The hound bites and scratches and destroys Wilson.

'Hel- *gasp* M *gasp* Me!"

"Webber, Wendy, KILL IT WITH ME!"

Willow, Wendy, and Webber manage to kill it before it killed Wilson for real

As Wilson stands up for a second, he soon faints to the ground, before he fainted, he heard this..

"Wilson.. I. Love. You.." (Yes I had to get that there hehe..)

"H-huh, who was tha-"



Wilson spends the next:

A) Few Hours

B) Day

C) Week

Recovering in trauma. He suffered so much, he did not have enough blood to keep him going. Luckily Willow, Webber, Wendy and Woodie (And Lucy) took care of him. He suffered MAJOR sanity loss, clinging to the last piece of sanity before he fainted. Luckily he regenerated a bit (Depending on which you chose) in his tent.

The gang was so traumatised. They did not believe they did not see that hound coming, and to poor, no armour Wilson (I'm not American, I don't write amour like 'armor')



Edited by DatShadowJK

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DragonMage156    26960

(Wilson still have it better than the Varg in Survive the Shadows :wilson_sneaky: )

B) (I still feel it's too soon for "I love you" so I'm gonna retract that in my version of this story).

After the unfortunate surprise attack Wilson suffered, the camp seemed a lot quieter and less lively. The others got on with collecting resources and had little to no chit chat with each other. It was no ones fault, they were just all really worried and anxious about Wilson.

Willow was the worst. While he was comatose, she refused to leave his tent, Even to get food. Usually Woodie would bring her a meal after dinner and get the kids to bed. At night, she didn't sleep just incase he woke up during the night. She changed the bandages everyday with Woodies help but she was beginning to worry when she felt the air getting colder.

Winter was coming and they were all too familiar with how harsh it can be.

One night, Woodie went out to gather beefalo fur while Webber and Wendy played with Glommer.

"Well aren't you a happy little fuzzball. Die."

"Hey! That's not very nice!"

They're usually in bed by now but Woodie let them stay up a little later to play with their new found friend (they found it just yesterday).

Willow closed the opening to their tent. She didn't want to be bothered. She stared at Wilson, wishing for him to wake up ever since he fainted. It has been five days and Willow was exhausted. Her eyes were droopy and she was trying really hard to stay sitting up right. Not to mention she was beginning to see occasional shadows pop up. She didn't care though. This was all for Wilson's sake.

Later that night Woodie returned, helped the kids to bed and checked on Willow. She was sleeping, draped over Wilson's body like a type of blanket (but don't worry, she's not heavy).

Woodie went in and covered her with a straw blanket before returning to his own tent.

Early next morning (before the others got up) Wilson began to stir. It was all blury at first but it didn't take long before be noticed a female figure lay on his chest. It was ofcourse Willow and he had never seen her face so close before. He tensed up for a moment, blush entering his cheeks. He felt a twinge of pain and assumed this was not the best time to start freaking out. He decided to relax and save his questions for later.

He laid his hand on her head, a soft look in his eyes as he watched her sleep. She's so much cuter when she sleeps, he thought.

Willow moved her head around as she too began to stir. Her eyes blinked open, Wilson being the first thing she sees. Her eyes lit up "WILSON!" she hugged him tightly, tears of joy escaping her eyes "I was worried you wouldn't wake up!"

"Ahaha" He hugged her back, stroking her hair, despite any pain he felt. "What kind of gentleman would I be if I didn't come back?"

Then she pulled out of the hug and kissed him on the lips for a brief moment. It seemed they were both shocked by the kiss however. They both began to blush as they stared at each other.

"Uh... hehe" Willow moved away, scratching the back of her head nervously, blush still in her cheeks. "Uh.. well... Eheh"

"*Ahem*" Wilson coughed, nervously.

"That was... unexpected of me."


"Let's uh... let's pretend that n-never happened"

"Y-yeah, sounds like a good idea"

Then some walked into their tent and noticed Wilson was now awake. Who tackles hugs injured Wilson next?

A) Webber.

B) Woodie.

C) (Uncaracteristally) Wendy and Abigail.

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DatShadowJK    2400

You mean C

Also.. Gold:

9 hours ago, DragonMage156 said:

Then she pulled out of the hug and kissed him on the lips for a brief moment. It seemed they were both shocked by the kiss however. They both began to blush as they stared at each other.

"Uh... hehe" Willow moved away, scratching the back of her head nervously, blush still in her cheeks. "Uh.. well... Eheh"

"*Ahem*" Wilson coughed, nervously.

"That was... unexpected of me."


"Let's uh... let's pretend that n-never happened"

"Y-yeah, sounds like a good idea"


@Master Jand make us horror

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Master Jand    1534
44 minutes ago, DatShadowJK said:

@Master Jand make us horror

Let me work my magic.

A) Webber

Webber doesn't hug Wilson. He squeezes all the life and soul out of him. Wilson's head pops open and dies in Webber's arms (just kidding)

Charlie comes to see how the survivors are doing.

"Hmmm... they're doing TOO well."

"Time to up the anty."

Charlie pulls some levers.

From the shadows, Nome, the potato cup god comes from within.

"NO! You can't do this Charlie! It's CHEATING!"


Charlie Presses a button, bringing up a console interface and a keyboard.

Let's see here, what can we do to make a... 'challenge'?

A) Frog Rain

B) Winter

C) Mega Hound Wave

D) Spider Queen Encounter

E) Kill somebody off

F) The Plague Of Every Crock Pot Dish Turning Into Wet Goop

Either way, at the end Nome says



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DragonMage156    26960
4 hours ago, DatShadowJK said:

You mean C

Also.. Gold:


@Master Jand make us horror

Well it was 6 days, not 7. Also I thought C meant few weeks, not just one.

Thanks ^_^ I live off shipping and dramatics :p

No pls 0_0 (too late)

They just had a hound encounter, Winter is already close and it's too early for spider queen (and frog rain but I don't want insta-death or wet goop so...)


Wendy and Woodie soon joined Webber in welcoming Wilson back to the land of the living (even though he wasn't really dead).

It's getting a bit too crowded in here, Willow thought.

"We're hungry! Can we have some breakfast?"

"Sure thing!" Wilson said, trying to get up but hissing in pain. "Ow..."

"Allow me eh" Woodie said "I've been taking care of these kids while you were under. I can get 'em breakfast again today" we went out to get them some bacon and eggs.

Webber looked at Wilson. "Mr Wilson?"


"Why are you always trying so hard to take care of us?"

"What?" Wilson looked puzzled and slightly offended "Why would you ask something like that?"

"Well whenever Woodie takes care of us, you don't seem very happy"

"I just want to take care of you guys and make sure you're ok. It's not like I don't trust or dislike Woodie, I just want to be a good... kinda... stepfather for you guys."

"You are! Right Wendy?"

She looked up, hesitating before nodding.

"We're fine but now you gotta rest. Let us take care of you! Woodie can be like... our step-uncle?"

Meanwhile, Woodie was almost done with everyone's breakfast. "That there should do it eh? Now just gotta cook mine"

"Looks like it's about to rain"

Woodie looked up at the pale sky. "Hm..."

"Maybe we should get some of the food back so the rain doesn't spoil it"

"Nah don't worry Luc. Bundle wrap" he lifted up a wrapped meal as an example. It's still warm and fresh.

"I don't know... I have a bad feeling this time..."

"Y'know, not that you mention it..."

The crockpot finished the last meal. "Ah perfect" he quickly wrabbed it before heading back.

There was a rumbling in the sky as he went into the tent.

"We don't like thunder storms!" Webber said, huddling up to Willow.

"Lighting is just natures way of cleansing the land of unholy creatures"

"L-like us?!"

"You're not unholy"

"She's right eh?" Woodie said "You're more merciful and cuter than those spiders and merms out there. 'ere, I got cha all bacon and eggs, still warm and fresh in these bundles" she grabbed them from his backpack and started handing them out.

As they ate, rain began to pour down, "Guess 'e're stayin here for a while. Sorry ya two" Woodie said to Wilson and Willow.

"Mm" Willow hummed in response.

Then something heavy bounced off the tent.

"Hm?" Woodie peeked outside for a second before closing the flaps again.

"What was it?" Wilson asked.

"This might sound crazy but... I swear I saw a f... frog on the ground"

"Ponds?" Willow asked.

"No" Wilson replied "There are no nearby ponds that I know of"

"I was dead eh? As if it just fell from the sky" Woodie said.

"Well whatever it is, probably best to wait it out in here. Last thing we need is frogs hitting our heads"

"True, eh?"

As time when on, more and more frogs bounced off their tent and the sound of croaking increased. Their base was probably filled with them by the time it stopped.

It was in the afternoon.

"Wait here" Woodie warned before peeking out.

He saw...

A) Not as many as they thought.

B) Too many (RIP)

B1) "Maybe we should stay 'ere a little while longer"

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Master Jand    1534
1 hour ago, DragonMage156 said:

"Nah don't worry Luc. Bundle wrap" he lifted up a wrapped meal as an example. It's still warm and fresh.


They already killed the bee queen...?

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Master Jand    1534


As Nome and Charlie wrestle over the console, they accidently press some buttons in, turning off the rain.

Woodie peaks out.

"Uh oh. That ain't good."

A mountain of frogs towered over.

"You know...

1 hour ago, DragonMage156 said:

Maybe we should stay 'ere a little while longer

for now..."

Rebellious teenagers Wendy & Webber go out anyways.

"Uh oh..." - Both

They run for their lives.

They get hit a couple times, which inevitably ends up in dropped monster meat from webber and a dropped abagail flower from wendy.

A nearby spider eats the monster meat, and while slowly eating, a frog attacks it.

And just like that, spider vs frog war.

3 third tier dens spawn all their attackers.

Abagail kills one with an axe. BOOM ABAGAIL SPAAAAAWNS!

Abagail vs. Spiders vs. Frogs War


A) Spiders

B) Frogs

C) Abagail

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DatShadowJK    2400
6 hours ago, Master Jand said:

Rebellious teenagers Wendy & Webber go out anyways.

"Hey guys I found gold!" Seriously.. Hilarious!

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DragonMage156    26960
21 hours ago, Master Jand said:

They already killed the bee queen...?

Hey, they could have anything in that world at this point XD

Also, Abigail was already out. I mentioned her a couple times in my previous post.

C) (Cos Abigail's OP apparently).

They just managed to defeat the frogs but Abigail was left weak and low on health (sad looking).

"Are you ok Abby?" Wendy asked, first time showing great concern for another.

Woodie looked around. There were still some frogs surrounding base but fewer than what they just dealt with and far enough away to not be bothered. "I think we're good now, eh" he said.

"They tried to take our monster meat" Webber pouted as he retrieved the leftover loot "And their tongues hurt."

Abigail decided to go back into her flower to rest. Wendy picked it up. "Well done Abby. You deserve to rest."

Wilson came stumbling out of his tent, holding himself up with a spear. "E-everything alright out here?"

"Wilson!" Willow ran up to him "What are you doing? You should be resting"

"I was concerned. You guys were taking a while and I didn't want anyone to get hurt"

"We're fine" Willow reassured him "C'mon, you need to rest"

"Heh, looks like they really hit it off" Woodie said quietly to himself.

"What?" Webber said.

"Uh, nothing"

"Hm... ok." Webber looked over at Wendy. She had put Abigail back in her pocket and was picking flowers. Webber went up to her. "Hey... do you like picking flowers?"

"Only when Abby's not around... it soothes my nerves and makes me forget my loneliness"

"But... you're not alone, you have us!"

"Perhaps... but no one can fill the empty void that my sisters spirit fills only when she's here"

"Hey I know! Why don't we make friendship bracelets!"

Wendy was puzzled by his words "Aren't they only for girls?"

"You are a girl! And I don't see why boys can't make them either. We can use the flowers you picked"

Wendy looked at her hand. A whole handful of flowers... did she really just pick his many?

"C'mon! Let's go get some grass and twigs!"

She smiled a bit before nodding following behind him.

Wendy liked how Webber was always so optimistic and enthusiastic. It reminded her of her sister, always happy and encouraging. Infact, even Wendy and her sister used to make flower crowns and bracelets.

... Perhaps he's right, Wendy thought to herself, maybe I'm not alone.

They picked resources from nearby savannas and forests. Webber even did a bit of roleplaying, pretending he was on a jungle safari with Wendy.

They picked more than they needed but Webber thought it'd be a nice gesture to get extras for the others.

Soon it was evening and they started heading back. There was a chilling breeze, causing Wendy to hug her arms. "Ooh... I'm chilled to the bone." She instinctively huddled closer to Webber as they walked.

Her action caught him by surprise. "Uh... spider hair isn't very warm, y'know"

Wendy didn't say anything.

"But... We heard it's survival to huddle close to someone in cold whether"

(Did I just do a ship? Woops 0_0 )

Once the base was in sight, they ran up to the lit firepit. "Brrrrrr" Webber said as he held out his hands. Wendy sat next to him, allowing the heat to come to her. They relaxed as they got warmer. Willow came out of the tent. "Ah, there you two are" she said "Winter will be starting in a couple of days. You should probably get your vests and hats on. Me and Woodie were getting some rocks earlier today for thermal stones. They'll keep you warm away from a fire. Though I don't know why you'd want to..."

Then Woodie appeared. "Aye kids! You're just in time for dinner"

"What are we having?" Webber asked.

A) "Meatballs."

B) "Fish Sticks."

C) "Normal lasagna."

"And if ya eat it all up, I got a special thing for dessert. Some of the ice started to regenerate and before Winter sets in, I thought it'd be a good idea to have one last bowl of ice cream."

"Yay! Ice cream!" Webber cheered.

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Master Jand    1534
33 minutes ago, DragonMage156 said:

She instinctively huddled closer to Webber as they walked.

33 minutes ago, DragonMage156 said:

(Did I just do a ship? Woops 0_0 )



DatShadow would be proud.

But I am not.

I'm actually going to try to not be weird this time. It'll be in the style of my potato cup story.

But first... I just thought of this...

Just pretend Aladdin is Webber and Genie is your favorite Canadad Woodie.


"Well lemme see here... a potato cup, some rot, and a bit of fish. Oh wait, here's some meat! And of course, like um... 500 monster meat."

"Fiiiiishhhhstiiiickkkkkksssssss..." Wilson moaned in lust (of fishsticks) (I repeat fishsticks) (again, fishsticks) (no, dont refrence south park joke) (NO DONT DO IT JAND) (NOOOOOOO DONNNNT) (NOOOOOOO) (JAND YOUR MORALS) (Then wilson... are you a gay fish?) (DARN IT JAND YOU DID IT AGAIN YOU RUINED EVERYTHING! YOU IIIIDDDDIIOOOOOTTTT) (back off inner thoughts, let me tell the rest of the story.)

"I guess fishsticks will be good, I heard they are quite healthy." replied Wendy

"Mmm, fishsticks." Webber moaned in lust (OF FISHSTICKS JAND DONT YA DERE) (fine... jeez wuts his problemo?), "I'm kind a hurt from the frog wounds. Fishsticks could help."

"then fishsticks it is!"

*Woodie takes out some microwavable frozen fish sticks and nukes them in the crock pot*

"Dinner is served!"

Woodie takes out a plate and serves them all food.

"YYYYYESSSSSSSSS FIIIIIISSSSSHHHHHSTIIIIICKS." Wilson coats his meal in mustard, ketchup, and ranch dressing. He mashes it into a fine paste and consumes it with a spork. (Hey, that's what I do.)

~~Meanwhile in nightmare realm~~

Charlie: You ruined everything, Nome! 

Nome: No, it's your fault, you cheated!


Nome: Uh oh...



Charlie: YESS!

Nome: By the power of potato cups, I smite thee!

Charlie: You FOOL! Only the true god, SethR may use the power of potato cups.

Nome: How dare you. You have stripped me of all my power.

Charlie: Begone. Pack your pink shirts and get going.

Nome sobs.

Charlie: Now for the punishment we've truly been waiting for.

Day 20. Dusk.

Have we prepared at all?...

Wilson grabbed some more fishsticks.

"For what?" - Willow

"Winter, ya dumb girl"

"Hey... rude!"



"soooooo look like the fight is not yet over." - Woodie

"Yup, but on the other note, what are we going to do about winter?" - Webber

"Yeahh... about that..."

*overview of base, containing no clothing, no heatstones, and Wilson with no beard wutsoever*

"Hrmm. Maybe we're not so prepared as we thought."

Well, we don't have much time! Lets quickly...

A) Go to the Spiderquarry for heatrock materials

B) Burn/Chop Forest for drying racks/firewood

C) Midnight beefalo kicking (dat wool!) And possibly snatch a horn along the way for a befhat

D) If you pick this one... you little... well then. Winter is canceled. (How dare you)


Edited by Master Jand

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DragonMage156    26960

B (They do have food and heat stones ya goof!) (Also Webber and Wendy's relationship is more innocent and platonic (unless someone changes that :? )

"I can go out tomorrow and get some charcoal" Willow offered "It'll save us some wood"

"Heh, even though we got a whole chestful?" Woodie chuckled.

"Yeah. It'll last us all Winter. Unless someone decides we need a wooden wall around base" she looked at Wilson.

He looked up as if he knew they were referring to him. "What? It keeps out smaller enemies."

"We already have some walls around base" Willow said "Besides, stone is strong than wood and, as convenient it is for base, isn't flammable"

"Yeah but... it's only a couple of pillars each side. Right! As soon as I'm fully recuperated, I'll go out and mine an entire rock field"

"Try not to bring any tallbirds or spiders back with you this time" Willow teased. She and Woodie chucked a bit.

Wilson blushed. "That was ONE time, Willow!"

"Yeah right! You practically almost got eaten by that spider queen!" (*Shamelessly references The Firestarter animation XD*)

"We don't get it!" Webber said, confused.

"Don't worry about it kid" Woodie said with a chuckle. Watching Wilson and Willow banter was quite amusing.

Wendy was in her own little world, a trance-like stare at the fire. Nothing important, just felt like mentioning her.


The kids were put to bed and they continued to tease Wilson.

"It's so easy to fluster this guy, honestly" Willow laughed.

"I agree" Woodie chuckled.

Wilson was bright red. "I-it's... I-I... uh... s-shut up!"

Willow looked at Woodie. "He's kinda like an embarrassed teenage girl" she said, pointing with her thumb.

"Am not!"

"Then why is your face so red? Did you eat spicy chilly or something?"

". . . Yes" Wilson gave a suspicious nod as if he was lying (Spoiler, he totally is).

"Alright Willow, I think that's enough. I'm sure this poor scientist is about to die of embarrassment"

"YES! Er *ahem*... yes. Anyway I'm gonna hit the hay. Good night"

"G'night" Woodie said. Before Willow followed him, she leaned over to Woodie "He totally talks in his sleep. I swear that guy dreams of winning 'best scientist' prize everytime"

"Heh well you know what they say: A guy can only dream"

"Hm" Willow followed Wilson to their tent.

"Y'know, Wilson acts a lot like you when we first met"

"You think so eh?"

"Yeah! Remember, you were very bashful and shy around me. It was easy to make you blush"

"Hehe" Woodie sheepishly scratched the back of his head, a bit of heat rushing to his cheeks. It was hard to tell due to his beard but Lucy knew him well enough to tell.


(Also, Wilson would totally have a bit of a beard after being unconscious for almost a whole week. Let's make it a small one at least).

They both sat in their tent. "Y'know Wilson, I haven't said this yet but, you have quite the dashing beard right now"

Wilson put his hand to his chin in a smart guy pose. "It isn't dashing... it's magnificent!"

"Ehehe" Willow chucked at his remark. "Maybe not quite yet... Oh and no hard feelings about earlier?"

"Eh" Wilson shrugged it off "Doesn't matter. We'll look back at this one day and laugh so... least our future has a good backstory"

"Heh yeah"

"(Sigh)... Welp, I'm gonna go to sleep"

"Uh... Wilson"



"Uh..." Wilson blushed at the proposal.

Will he:

A) Accept it and they cuddle all night (no R34!)

B) Try to avoid it with some lame excuse ("Too tired or somethin")

B1) Willow tackles him and cuddles him like a fuzzy teddy bear.

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