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Found 25 results

  1. I really want to join in on (or even start) a dst roleplay group, text or server, I don't really mind. Reply if you're interested!
  2. DST Roleplay

    I am an average DST Roleplayer, I mostly host servers called: "DST Roleplay", "DST Swapped" , "The Anti Constant" , Don't Break Together" I do have some rules though: 1. Keep it Safe for Work 2. Do not speak out of RP without using ( ) to make it clear. 3. Have at least some experience of RP. 4. No Gore but some blood is allowed. 5.Don't ask for creative it gets on my nerves. 6. Just don't be a jerk and use slur or homophobic words
  3. After talking with someone and thinking about it, I decided I want to revamp this RP. Basically it's an apocalyptic world plagued by monsters (not zombies. They're far from undead and more horrific). You can read more about it here. I don't want to bring my 2016 drawings and old written RP intro into this thread ^^; So same concept as the the old but with a few changes: From now on, there will be a three days grace between monster attacks (times may vary depending on location), monsters will now vary in sizes, difficulty and times of day when they come out/hunt. There will be an inventory of what everyone has that I will keep updated (there was an inventory in the older thread but there wasn't a lot to it). Also an in-game day/time of day will be about 5 days in real time (so 2 days for daytime, 2 for night time and one day for evening. I hope this is enough time for everyone to reply). If anyone has ideas or want to become a DM of this RP feel free to let me know, reply here or PM me. Rules: No NSFW stuff No OP characters (more on that below) No harassment No bad language. Censored words are fine. If you do not follow the rules and standard forum guildlines, you will get 2 warnings before your character gets killed and no longer allow to RP here. If you no longer want to RP, please tell me. It's not fair on everyone else if you join and slow things down later on in time. Time will not stop if no one is replying. Application sheet (anything is allowed but if it's non-human, I want an explanation of the character and how it's different from other monsters we'll encounter): OP characters won't be accepted (such as a sparkly unicorns who can poof the creatures out of existence or a simple man with super strength, speed, and healing that can take down giants with a single punch). It's gotta be atleast somewhat realistic or not too powerful or else players will loose interest. If you have any other issues, please comment or PM me. --- Accepted: @Master Jand
  4. Polluted

    It's a hot day, you walk around the town minding your own business. Maybe you just got here, or maybe you've been living here for a while, knowing it like the back of your hand. Like usual, there's alot of people trying to sell their wares, others buying them, announcing things, you name it- however, there is something that took your attention; a creature that normally doesn't show itself near crowded places- a satyress, just wandering amongst the people of the town. You know this to be strange. Curious, you follow it into the town's tavern... Alright, here's the deal; I really miss RPing, last one I participated in was a while back so I thought why not attempt to start one up again. Don't know if people are actually going to join but it's worth a shot! This'll be a bit open-world like WaW. Normal rules I suppose; no godmode, no op characters, don't kill off characters without permission. Fill out the form for your character, as long as your character slightly makes sense and isn't overpowered I'll accept it! Name: Race: Age: Personality: Appearance: Strengths: Weaknesses: Characters:
  5. The Roleplay of overused tropes

    Hello, and welcome to a Roleplay where every story element is taken directly from common narritve tropes! The worse or more used, the better! Have some backstory: You've just moved to a new town in the middle of nowhere with your parents ( all good stories star teenagers godamnit! ), and are have a weird feeling about the place. Character design: Gender: M / F Appearance: If male: Muscly, some other generic character features that I'll let you choose ( But they have to be conventionality attractive ), and a scar somewhere. If female: Overly large breasts, skinny, and I'll let you design the rest. ( But they have to be conventionality attractive ) Personality: If male: EMO! If female: SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR! Sexuality: If male: Straight. If female: Lesbian Backstory's. Choose one: Backstory A: Biological parents died sometime in your early childhood, and you've been adopted by a cruel couple who use you as a slave. Backstory B: Biological parents died sometime in your early childhood, and you've been inherited by a cruel couple who abuse / neglect you. Backstory C: Biological parents died sometime in your early childhood, and you've been adopted by multiple couples, only for them all to die soon after. Have fun with all these opportunities for interesting and original characters!
  6. Choose Your Starving Adventure!

    For the one on the Don't Starve Wiki, click here. Hello All! This is a multiple choice show that MUST GO ON! How it works!: Someone will start off a story, with a variety of choices to choose to make a Don't Starve Story, the person who replies next has to choose a option, and continue the story, and so on.. Once you choose the option, you put in a story that is caused by the option you have chosen, for example: Person 1: Wilson stumbles upon a... A) Tall-Fort B) Pig Village bA) Pig Village with King C) Queen's Gathering Set Piece Person 2: Tall-Fort In the distance, Wilson can see a variety of rocks and minerals, as he walks near, a Huge Bird appears behind him, shall he.... And so on! ~ Rules: When you choose an option, YOU MUST ALWAYS CONTINUE THE STORY ONWARDS, PROVIDING OPTIONS AT THE END! Do not, under any circumstances, reply to your self, let someone else reply, and you may reply to theirs after When two people reply at the same time (Unlikely but may happen), the person who replies shall reply to the first one that appears!) There is no need to quote someones reply! DO NOT MAKE THE STORY UNREALISTIC/CRAZY FROM THE GAME! (eg. And then Wilson throws a Derp Balloon at a Treeguard!) Have fun roleplaying!
  7. Wave after Wave

    You awaken on the sand. The sun is cooking your skin. You look around to find you're on a small island. You are in the middle of a ship wreckage, crates and various broken ship pieces scattered all around you. Looming above, a parrot wearing a pirate hat speaks to you. "Nice sailing. Chump." Before you can tell it otherwise, it flies off, abandoning you on the island. You must find a way home, if any. So basic roleplaying rules apply, no godmode, no op characters, you need permission to kill, make your posts longer than a sentence if you can, but most importantly, enjoy yourself! Fill out the forms, I'll accept you just as long as your character is not too overpowered. (I totally didn't take Blew's form application) Name: Race: History (if you want to keep a secret, that's fine.): Personality: Appearance: Strengths: Weaknesses: Etc: I don't have a limit right now, but if there are too many characters to keep track of, I will include a limit in the future. Map:(View full size to read text) Characters: Chris1488 -Famen & Angelle Youknowwho -Trevor Ahab -Noctimus -Malii WaddleDee -Wiffleball Left... Wxps350 -Gyxzrvmyrwqmph (eh, I'll just call him 'Gyx') DwerBomb -Jaw MenaAthena -Kate -Kade -{Dragonborn} Battal -Meritursas -Dara999 -Gilda Away -Wheke Away Dannyrulx -Julian Rendriam Wrecked. -v2 Same person, wrecked. ImDaMisterL -Mark Turned into a monster and swam away. RyanandLink -Viridis -Cinis Zeklo -Aiden Fynsom/Syndir Flare CloakofCrow -Turner Wrecked Mezukie -Silven DragonMage156 -Otto LiptonPee -Melankolia Mäki -Kultakala -Leviacan Paxtonnnn -Wallan -Malakas Ysulyan -Nadas CandySweet -Clementine 'Candy' Lilibeth Inactive
  8. Paragon: The Summons

    Paragon: The Summons The World: World Information: Rules: 1. Read “Tips to Being A Good Roleplayer (Not a Roleplay!) By F3RR1S. It covers almost all the basics you need to know before joining a roleplay. 2. No strict rules regarding what your character does. Cursing allowed, whatever. 3. If you’re altering the world in some way, say what you’re doing and then I will say what happens or if it succeeded or not. (Ex: killing something, if you see something or not, if you hit something or not, etc.) 4. Don’t make overpowered characters. One character per person unless they have a pet or something. I don’t want a whole party of dragons flying around. Human-like characters are better for this world. Edgy brooding characters are not fun to play with. 5. Message me before posting your character so I can look over it first. Your character cannot have lived in the world before unless you are joining in later. Character Creation: Characters: @Dannyrulx: The Twins, Rome and Rema
  9. The Pig War

    The two pig tribes, Hogs and Swine, have been at war. Countless lives have been lost, and the constant Swine hordes have poured across the land, like a corrupted ooze, draining the rich world of all it's precious life to expand their overpopulated tunnels and caverns. The Hogs on the other hand, value nature above civilization, at the cost of their own well-being. Yet despite the odds, the war has been ongoing for years, and the only hope for change is the summoning of otherworldly assistance. Deep the Swines lost ruins, Explorers have found the Recall of Intervention, and unintentionally summon a group of the strongest beings across the universe: Humans. Basically, on one of the many worlds, Pigs have evolved into Hog and Swine tribes, and have been at war for years. The only hope of ending it now through earning the allegiance of a small group of summoned Humans. "Human" is a vague term, basically anything summoned from another world. Characters can also have just been normally born in the world of Hogs and Swines as some lesser race. What your character does is up to them. They can help either the Hogs or Swines, try to return home, or whatever. As practically every Dont Starve Roleplay requires, characters that have been summoned appear randomly in the world. Okay that's enough rambling, here's the dang character App: Name: Race: Age: Backstory(Optional): Appearance: Personality: Abilities/Skills: (Not gonna waste my nor your time with a "Weaknesses/Flaws" section.) Rules: Characters: Dannyrulx: Simarius IceKitsune Oliver sirscrubbingtont Chris
  10. Don't Starve of Cthuhlu

    Hello everyone! Dannyrulx here, and after playing a bit of the classic tabletop RPG, wanted to roleplay a bit with you guys! The backstory is this: A 23 year old Woman in London England, has gone missing (named Anna) and a rag-tag group are looking for her. It's lovecraftian, so expect elder gods, cultists, dying over, and over, and over, and insanity. I'll be a dungeon master(ish) as well as... My Char: Name: Roman Bowhood Gender: Male Job: Private Investigator Connection to Anna: Hired by Sister to locate ( if someone would RP as the sister, that would be nice) Skills/ Personality: Charming, Owns firearms, can use firearms, light drinker, flirt, can be retardedly annoying, pyromaniac, stealthy, patient. Special: Has a cat named Samson. Same vein: we're all humans, please include a negative in "personality/skills" and when we get enough, I'll kick it off! (P.S, Kudos to those that remember me) (P.P.S if someone can get me a fresh profile pic...)
  11. Carnatis Inviktus(Reserved)

    We need a new RP riiiighhht here! BAZAM. This is going to serve as a resurrection of sorts for another roleplay that bit the dust recently. But, the general concepts were so good, i'm carrying it over to something a LOT more stable and not-likely-to-die. Enrollments are as following: There are no slots remaining, and each other roleplayer may add up to 5 OCs, and, if they so desire, 1 of the original DS characters. Please, no more Shadow Creatures! We already have enough of those as is. A human OC has a much higher chance of getting accepted in. Other types of OCs MAY be accepted in, depending on circumstances and the uniqueness of their abilities/weaknesses/personalities. Allow me to remind people that they should not feel it is neccessary to fill all of the character slots. We don't HAVE to crowd things to ridiculous proportions, you know! Flowchart: @Silentdarkness1 : Wilson Higgsbury: Race: Human Powers: The Beard! The well-known Mr. Higgsbury, still making a life out in the wilderness of Their playground. WX-78: Race: Robot Powers: Gains power through eating machinery and being struck by lightning. A soulless automaton of unknown origin. Rustlung The Wicked: Race: Human? Powers: Darkness, Shadow and Light Little is known about Rustlung, only that he seems to be an assassin of some sort, and targets people who have displeased Them. His weapons are two special war axes. Charlie: Race: ??? Powers: ??? Nothing is clear about Charlie's current form. Never has been. ???: Race: ??? Powers: ??? The Unknown ???: Race: ??? Powers: ??? The Unknown ???: Race: ??? Powers: ??? The Unknown ???: Race: ??? Powers: ??? The Unknown @Lord_Battal : Name: Valsig Race: Shadow Powers: Formmolding Valsig the Shadow thrives on madness, for only in its presence can he use his considerably powerful abilities. While around the sane, he is barely physical, more of a ghost than anything. But while those around him are insane, he becomes physical. Valsig's primary power of shape shifting. He can turn into anything he can conceive, but the more complex and powerful the form, the more energy it takes. If Valsig runs himself dry, he will be unable to keep himself even the slightest bit corporeal, and will basically die. @DwerBomb Lewis Race: Human Age: 14 Powers: Energy control and purification (and sanity) aura. Alma Race: Human/Banshee Age: 15/16 Powers: Can turn into banshee, a screaming ghost that is followed by death. She is also very clever and intuitive. @Hugos10 : Hugos: Race: ??? Powers: Bloodlust - The more things he kills, the stronger hugos becomes Agility - Able to easily sneak through undergrowth and climb trees Likes the dark - Can see in dark Cons: Sugoh - Very annoying sanity creature that follows him around, becomes reality when Hugos is near-insanity Hungry - Hugos is ALWAYS hungry A creature of mystery, having a very unknown origin. Very adventurous and sometimes cynical. @Blewcheese : Name: Entropy Race: Shadow Chaos consummation: His abilities grow stronger the more chaos there is around. Conversely, order weakens him. Shadow form: His only appearance seems to be a man's shadow on the floor. He is tangible, though, one must only align their shadow with his to make physical contact, but this is fairly disorienting for anyone. He can only be touched by things with the intent to contact him, or things he wishes to contact, thus he can phase through walls and trees and things. Light: He's even afraid of flashlights, so he really doesn't like like light. Pretty much at all. Shadow manipulation: speaks for itself. Backstory: he was once a part of Them, be it a large hive mind or many different beings. However, he had something that most of the others didn't. Morals. He didn't feel any joy from inflicting pain on the visitors, thus he was exiled. Now he wanders the islands, helping out when he can. @ : Name: Everett Race: Sentient Shadow Invocation Age: Ageless Gender: Genderless. Backstory: Formerly Everett Falco, it used to be a male being of important power, a notable voice among many. At the peak of his life, he was proclaimed as the salvation and speaking voice of his homeland. Unfortunately, as most of us would well know, most famous figures in history either met grizzly ends or went downhill of their own accord; his strange disappearences to distant places brought suspicion and though-provoking ideas into the crowd. From suspicion comes the idea of betrayal, and from betrayal is where tyranny is born.. (Just a short introduction to the backstory. More revealed later on?) Abilities Hospitality This horrifying creature has one flaw that has bound it whence it mingled with magic that no man shouldn't delve into, or perhaps it is just too overly conscious of its manners; it cannot enter households or other property unless the owner either invites it in or forces it in. Once it is brought onto the area, whether by force of by invitation, it can roam freely on the property in future points of time. Tinkering With Magic Ah yes, magic. Most of us classify this strange permeating essence into many parts; light, dark, earth, among others. But magic isn't a closet that can be sorted by colors or qualities; it is a power that mingles and interacts; there are no such thing as "classifications" in magic. Those powers that people experience with it are merely excitations of a normally calm power, an sudden manipulation of this power like a pebble falling into water, or an otherwise unnatural force. This being can call forth essences of this field that can thus be manipulated to its own uses. Of course, finding essences or other physical forms of magic is hard, as magic isn't forgiving to those that delve in it; it requires the proper knowledge and tools. Fortunately for us, or unfortunately, depending on your view, he has correct divining tools... Mute, but Knowledgeable Technically, this creature isn't mute; it can still create noises or of the like, but these noises are akin to the screech of those that have been damned to Eternity Inc. Hell. Therefore, it prefers to keep itself quiet, using writing or body language to communicate with other beings. The Light Deters Me While this creature can withstand the light and doesn't show other effects that other shadow based creatures suffer, it's divining powers and interaction on the world slowly diminishes as a power of light grows more intense. Appearance: A tall slender figure, this almost ethereal creature has no noticeable clothing, except for a blue shawl-like hood, the end of the cloth curling up into the air, crooked and twisted. It had claw-like fingers and feet, the hands with four protrusions and the feet with three, though it seems to have no attacking purpose; certainly menacing though. The head has two gray, almost seethrough eyes that stare deeply off into the distance; it has teeth that mesh together over each other so perfectly that, with it's jaws closed, the teeth look like a mesh filter. On its back is a small purple satchel, embossed with gold around the border curling designs over each other; this is where all its divining tools are kept and stored. Small, but handy. Personality: Unnerving, mostly due to it's calls and appearance, most people would stay well away and beyond from this creature, and I don't blame them. Of course, not all creatures of darkness are a threat to survival; this one, for example, would be glad to help those requiring its help. Unfortunately for those that need its aid, it is a cautious, albeit kind, monster. Side Notes: The satchel contains at least one of the following, if not more; Divining Rod (Cobalt Rod)Spirit StonesDiffusing Wand (Silver Capped, Oak Rod)Invocation Spectacles (Purple Lens)Bell Jar (Cork Stopper, Stained Glass)HerbsAxe (Stained Purple) Name: Bastion Race: The Living Runes Age: 34 Years Gender: Genderless Backstory: All of us know the practice of pilgrimage, where a mass of a certain religion travels to a place of holy power to fufill their religious needs. Well, these type of creatures take a similar trip, but it is much, much more dangerous; many of these beings go forward to fufill their magic needs to only be smashed, mutilated, destroyed, or condemned along the journey. Many thirst for the power of the Rune Rocke, but, unsurprisingly, many would prefer the tired, sullen life, slowly fading away into runes, then the dangerous journey for power and control. (Again, just another snippet; you'll have to figure it out from interaction.) Abilities Invoking the Runes An extremely fragile being, this being doesn't appear to have much stamina or strength on its own; in fact, it spends most of its time running from creatures, not wanting to squander it's valuable power on something they could just as easily outrun. The true power it has is stored in the cloth that trails from its hood. Those with a trained eye would see the different runes inscribed on the cloth; to most, however, it is blank, a crimson slate. I Have A Mouth But I Cannot Scream If one were lucky enough to take a glance underneath the hood of this being, they would see two eyes of light shining purely and a mouth sewn forcefully together with both thread and staples. Apparently, this creature doesn't have the ability to speak, unless someone removed the bindings of the mouth. Of course, it can still make several sounds, albeit quiet; it's cries sound like the wind stroking the strings of a harp or violin, mingled with the faint sound of a wooden flute. Appearance: It's legs and arm simple slivers of blue, this creature's actual appearance is hidden underneath an intricate robe; the robe is broken into two pieces of cloth; the pale red clothing covering the torso down to the knees and a small hood colored pale blue. The hood has a long, scarf-like cloth moving out from underneath the hood, trailing behind this creature as it walks. The edges of both articles of clothing is bordered with purple. Once you got over the strange disconcerting difference in color, the effect of it was quite pleasant. Side Notes: The powers that is has can only be replenished with either time or invoking runes to help speed up the time required for the magic to return. Depending on where the creature is, different runes can form; Lighte (Forms around or in areas of holy importance or of safety)Voide (Forms around or in areas tainted by evil or in threat of evil powers)Flyte (Forms around or in areas of a high power or in heightened areas)Physik (Forms where knowledge roams freely or where creativity reigns)Healoc (Forms where beings can recover or where there is bloodshed)Etc.
  12. Me and Wimpgang came up with that his thread needed some more putting into it, as people would start posting applications all over the place while we were making the roleplay, like what happened to the last roleplay thread.. And therefor application's for "Surviving and Thriving!" goes here! Applications Application Template: RP Character Name: (The Name Of Your Character) Race: (Human, Pig, Etc.) Looks Like: (What details does your character have physically.) Backstory: (How Did He Get Here? What's His Past?) Personality: (What does he act like?) Ability: (Optional, Can he do something special?) Etc: (Optional, Other Details.) Summary: (Optional.) Example: RP Character Name: Wallon Race: Human Looks Like: Red Hair, Green Vest, and Brown Pants. Backstory: Wallon worked at a farm when one day he was bored, and discovered a old house where there were a mysterious machine, and when he pulled the lever he got trapped in The Don't Starve world Personality: Redneck, and Charming. Ability: It's easyer for him to farm. Etc: He loves animals, and he have a harder time hurting them. Link to Roleplay:!-(Don-t-starve-Role-Play-Thread) Application's can only be accepted by: Wimpgang Marcus
  13. In every soul there lives a flame, Not two are quite alike. But if the flame is to be put out; A world of pain and strife. Welcome, one and all, to my new roleplay! First, some ground rules. No Godmodding/Overpoweredness (If you're not sure about something, then ask or PM me)All non-RP text should be in parenthesis or under OOC.If you're going to swear, censor it.Don't be a jerk in OOCHere's the format for character bio: Name: Age: Abilities: Appearance: Backstory: Side notes/etc: You don't have to fill in all of the catagories. For example, you can leave out age. Or name, if that's what you want. Note: This RP takes place in the realm of Don't Starve. You may have a character who originated in that realm, but if you don't then I would like an explanation on how he arrived in the DS realm. Unless, of course, you feel it is better kept as a secret. I will be accepting people, we will start at 3-4. I will give my bio once we have 2-3 people. ---Members--- @Blewcheese - Barry @MenaAthena - Oxryklne / Clara @Percival - Petal (DEAD) / @RainyDoodles - Telumi - MIA
  14. The Call of the Abyss

    So, it's been a good while, and I feel about ready to prepare a roleplay, for those who are interested. There are no slots remaining. The actual name of the rp will be revealed when all the starter slots have been filled. For now, each roleplayer is limited to 2 OCs, but later on, you may introduce more characters with my permission. Here are my characters. Clarice Race: Human Sex: Female Powers: Production of red gems, warmth in winter Personality: Shy and frail Chris Race: Human Sex: Male Powers: Telepathy, psionics(mental blast), and mind reading Personality: Cold and Distant. WX-78 Race: Robot Sex: N/A Well, you know who he is. Maxwell Race: Human? Sex: Male The infamous one who has sat in the Nightmare Throne for hundreds upon hundreds of years. Can manipulate Shadows. ??? As will this one. I'll probably accept your OC request, so long as it isn't too ridiculous or over the top. @Blewcheese Simon Race: Human Sex: Male Powers: Control of the elements Personality: Easygoing and laid back Shelby Race: Snail Sex: Male Powers: Shadow magic Personality: Patient and kind @gloryKAT #1: Shard Gender: Female Race: Hound Powers: Wings of fire are perched atop her back, but are also a disadvantage when crossing heavily flammable areas. Personality: Shy at first, but loyal to the end when befriended. Can be brave and assertive at times. @DwerBomb #1 Anthony Blackwood Gender- Male Age- 29 Race- Human (Steampunk) Powers- He doesn't have any power, but he is a great scientist (In steampunk's style). He is followed by a little flying robot made by him, called P-01 (prototype 1). He has some (cool) weapons too. Personality- Very proud of his creations and secure of himself (He has a sane mind). @DareToStarve Brim Race: Human Sex: Female Powers: Can fit any problem together, say give her a puzzle she knows where all the pieces go, or if you give her a stick rock and grass she can understand exactly how to put it together to make a spear. She literally can close her eyes and feel pieces to a robot, and put it together. Personality: Very reserved, secluded, quiet, extremely smart, doesn't like talking to people. @ Name: Felicity Wulfric Race: Human Age: 16 Gender: Male Backstory: (No snippet this time) Abilities Talismans, Charms, And Charms You can never have too much good luck, especially in such an unforgiving world. We've all heard of talismans and snake oil and all of those supposed charms. Many buy all these objects and scraps of paper, hoping that fate will smile on them. And yet, they never seem to work, apart from swallowing up money. However, these charms do work; perhaps not in the way they expect, but they do work, if made with the proper skill and details. Fortunately for us, Felicity is fairly adept at making charms, ranging from prosperity talismans to protection seals. The best part? They actually work, though they are quite fragile in comparison to others. Appearance: Wearing a ragged taupe colored cloak, the edge outlined in yellow, she wears an odd ring of glass on top of her head, a circlet resting on her forehead. Underneath the cloak she dons a simple piece of quilt-like cloth, looking as if they were created and sewed by hand. On her left arm is a thin golden bangle, two sigils inscribed on where the ribbon of gold ends. A necklace hangs around her neck, three objects dangling from the silk string. One resembles a crystal melded into a thin disk of gold, another like a circle both enclosed and outside another circle, and the last resembling a tiny bottle filled with beads of glass. Personality: She's quite paranoid about topic relating to fate and spiritual ideas; why do you think she makes those charms? Mostly, however, she is quite charming and likable. Just don't take the charms away from her. Side Notes: N/A @DivineProvidence Name: Alex(ander) Brigsburry Race: Human British (Scottish but with no accent doesn't look Scottish either) Sex: Female (name is explained in backstory) Age: 19 Personality: Often seen as being rather off putting,Alex is shown to be unsympathetic, cold and to some,rather cruel.. She does however have some good qualities to her too being somewhat loyal and willing to put her life on the line for those she values as friends. Backstory: Born and raised in the Bonny hills of Scotland, Alex was a mistake, her mother leaving when she was born, at her christening, her drunkard father gave her the masculine name of Alexander instead of the feminine Alexandra, when she turned six or seven she started hearing voices in her head malicious voices speaking of other worlds and other worldly creatures, this continued during the rest of her child hood until the voices started manifesting themselves into shadows, despite this and her father's abuse, Alex quickly became advanced beyond her years trading sociality for academic skills, she worked at a governmental weapons and warfare office, designing weapons for use in future wars before being sent to the world of Don't Starve... Abilities: Shadows incarnate: The voices of her childhood comes back as claw like arms sprouting from her upper back, despite being somewhat annoying and having a mind of their own, they seem keen to protect Alex from any dangers or maybe they just want to protect them selves either way their useful..: Mind of a engineer: Has a weapon creator for the government, Alex knows a thing or two about making weapons and tools even bring along her own flintlock pistol to the wilderness. Fear is one's enemy: Despite her personality, Alex takes panic attacks and hyperventilates when she see's things or is damaged by things such as the grue or the insanity hallucinations causes her insanity to plummet.. Asthma: Unknown to most, Alex suffers from asthma and has to carry her inhaler every where in case of an asthma attack Appearance: Long golden brown (more brown than gold) hair which reaches mid back, pale blueish grey eyes, dark circles under eyes looks like she hasn't slept in forever, very pale, gaunt features, almost skeletal, quite tall 5,8 , liking to take pride in how she looks, Alex is almost always seen wearing a grey shirt with 3/4 length sleeves (makes it easier to work), a black waistcoat with a bronze pocket watch, a plain red tie, black trousers and a pair of black loafers, she Is also never seen without her trusty black satchel in which she stores her pistol and other doodads...
  15. Underground Nightmare (closed)

    The Maze: a horror roleplay Free character slots: NONE Wow, finally I was able to do this. I've been waiting for ages to come up with an almost-non-horrible story for a roleplay that isn't related to don't starve... First of all I want to know if I CAN make a non DS related roleplay. If I cannot, just reply saying I can't and I will delete this thread. RULES I don't have a limit over the people who can join (everybody can join!) but the character shouldn't be more then 8 in total. A single person may roleplay as multiple characters.The characters must be realistic, someone that could exist in real life. Why this? Because it's a horror story, and having any kind of superpower would ruin the experience. Because of this, not all the characters might be accepted.Obviously, as in every other horror story, people will die here. And because the people here are your characters, you must accept when a character of yours dies. Don't worry, though, as I will try to not kill a character if it's your last and only one character.OTHER INFOS ON THE CHARACTERS: Every character will wake up in an unknown underground maze. As you were brought there, you still have your things with you, meaning each character will have a starting inventory. An example may be that you brought your cell phone with you, which you can use as a light source. Another thing may be if your character smokes: he will have a lighter or some matches, whitch he may use to light up the extinguished torches that are attached at some walls. The characters will wake up together with some of the other characters, but they will be devided in two main groups. If you want your character to stay in the same group with another one, just PM me. Note that the groups will meet up after some time. If you know what Corpse Party is, this is going to be something that follows that genre. So, what other do I have to say? Well...uhm... Oh, right. @ helped me. (Thank you Pecival :3) And now, let's go talk about the story. --------------------------------------------------------------------- REBORN IN DARKNESS (Chapter 0) You find yourself in a dark room. It's cold here, you think at first. Then you realise: this isn't your home. It's not a place you know either. It's just a cold and dark unkown room. It almost seems as a prison, but you don't remember being arrested. You want to go away. You want to see. <The cell phone, right!> You think as you grab your cell phone from your pocket. No signal, but the battery is fine. You can use it as a flashlight, you realise. And so you can finally see. But was that really what you wanted to see? WIth your eyes stuck on the corpses that surround you, the mouth unable to scream, the body frozen, quivering, you blame yourself for going out on that night, on the 31th of November. ----------------------------------------------------------------- I don't want to spoil anything at the beginning. If you have questions, just ask. CURRENT CHARACTERS AND ROLEPLAYERS: @DwerBomb @TRENTOMINOUS @Lord_Battal @Zomsabra @Minik435 @Blewcheese @ Current groups: -Elly, Terry, Trent, Danial and Aika -Wallace, Lee, Jonathan, Sadie
  16. Don't Starve multiplayer roleplay?

    I haven't been able to figure out where to post this topic because it deals with two things: one being multiplayer (Yess!) and another being role-play (Yesss!) So my question to you is, what do you think of this idea. Multiplayer-role-play-servers in Don't Starve? Would it be to hectic and take away from the story arch? Would everyone be so focused on survival that it would harm the role-play aspect of things? I personally think that role-playing in multiplayer would be amazing for so many reasons. 1] Having the ability to visually perceive each character. Most times in a role-play I forget who is what character. If I can see which role-player is Willow and which is Wilson, than it is easier to act on. I don't need to break the feel and say "Hold on, who are you again?" 2] The exploration aspect. Being able to explore the world as a group is very beneficial to the story arch. If someone sees a cave, or a monster, or whatever, than they can thicken the plot with it. When a story is done solely through text, it can often times get confusing and convoluted. 3] The feeling of unity. When I role-play, I like to feel like everyone is participating and adding to the story. In multiplayer, everyone could have jobs and that alone would add to the story. Wilson could say "Willow, go get fire wood, Wolfgang, go collect food, Wes, go get flint." And everyone would work together as a team to achieve the same goal, to survive. 4] Sharing beard hair. I would just adore being able to make greasy beard sweaters for all my buddies. Webber could make everyone gross silky hats. So, what's your take on this? Would you keep role-playing in the forum, or will you brave the treacherous wilderness and wear a sticky beard sweater?
  17. the dapper roleplay adventure

    Hello everyone! The whole gist of this roleplay is like almost everyother one, to survive or just talk etc The twist on this one though, is that you must play as your avatar character. Setting:Don't starve island(s) Only 12 people are allowed to be in this at a time, so sign up now while supplies last! 6/12 people
  18. Now, me, personally, as far as roleplays go, I think I have the spelling and grammar good, be perfectly honest, I'm having problems with actually getting down some solid character ideas for the roleplay. Ones that seem fair and balanced, yet interesting in their own special ways. Which is why i'd like to call this a "Character Smelting" thread. A thread that exists to give myself(and anyone else who wants to), the chance to propose some character ideas, and get a little bit of professional opinion into whether it would be an acceptable character in a rp(aka, not stupid and ridiculous, not godmode, and not TOO OP.). Now, to start this off, perhaps I will throw in my first idea. I'll be using a template, but you don't HAVE to if you don't want to. Template: Name: Race: Male/Female Abilities/Disadvantages: Personality Traits: Other Notables: Okay, here's the first one. Name: Clarice Race: Human Female Abilities: -Can stay warmer during winter -Can produce red gems easily Disadvantages: -Scares quite easily -Is weak -Is Fragile -Can't stand stale or spoiled food -Has trouble with sleeping Anyone else with feedback can post freely. Anyone who would like to join in on the smelting is also welcome.
  19. Islands of Corruption

    Islands of Corruption A Roleplay by gloryKAT A strange force is slowly corrupting the islands where Maxwell's prisoners are kept. They are slowly growing bored of his prisoners and Their corruption is slowly being used to corrupt the elements of the islands in order to provide a new source of entertainment. They have demanded that Maxwell bring new prisoners that will provide more entertainment, those with will and spirit instead of those who stay hidden away to fight their battles another day. New prisoners, tricked by the promise of new powers and the like, flood in from everywhere. These new entertainers prove to be a valuable source of entertainment, but Their corruption is still in effect, bringing odd changes to the land, including frequent hound attacks, odd weather changes, and sometimes even odd new species of creatures. One example of this corruption is an unnamed subspecies of hound, which is larger and more powerful than a normal hound. These hounds are fast, and hence, not many have seen them. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules of the Roleplay: No godmodding. If this happens, you will be warned.No switching from characters that have not been created yet. [ex. She ran away, the wind suddenly circling a small tree. Suddenly, the tree came to life, becoming a treeguard.]Limit of two characters at a time. If you decide to get rid of one character, then you may create another.This is at the very least a semi-literate roleplay. This means that you require proper punctuation, proper spelling and proper grammar. Please make sure to check over your post before posting. (None of this: "so the dog went to theyre store and got hos owner to bought some of there best dog treat's")Proper English, please. Don't speak in Japanese/Chinese (some spammers are known to do this) or Chatspeak. (None of this: Wow dat wz so 1337! dat wz amazing!)Canon characters ARE playable, but I will need a good character application.When speaking Out Of Character, please use brackets or add the prefix OOC to your Out Of Character message.No derailing, please. I don't appreciate trolls and derailers in my roleplay.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Character Application Form: Name: Age: Gender: Species: Appearance: History: Personality: Abilities (if any): ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ All characters are listed below. Name: Shard Age: 17 (age counted in human years) Gender: Female Species: Hound (with wings of fire) Appearance: History: Shard was once a human with a different name. One day, while in her house, she was promised special powers... something that would make her different from everyone else... something that would make her special. Little did she know that these special powers were not the powers she imagined... and she was sent to the world of Don't Starve as a hound, with a form of special powers: wings, covered in fire. Personality: Shard is somewhat shy, but tries not to be. When she is trying to overcome her fear of people, she is often very friendly. However, as she is a hound, she is occasionally shunned, which only benefits her shyness. Abilities: Shard did get her special powers from the promise, wings. However, because of the fact that her wings are on fire, she must be careful around flammable objects such as trees and bushes. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  20. Blewcheese's Roleplay

    Hello, and welcome to my roleplay. I think you know the drill, but if not you can use my character bio as an example.Name: JonJonRace: HumanAbilities: Immune to mind reading, mind control, possession, and memory tampering. He is very skilled at telepathy, the art of communicating through minds at indefinite distances, and telekinesis, the art of moving objects by using pure mental power.Disadvantages: Physically frail, mood swings, speaking backwards, extreme short memory loss, and sometimes insane.Backstory: abandoned by his parents, young JonJon was found by an old man who raised JonJon as his own and taught him the ways of mental power. After many years, the old man was mysteriously murdered, driving JonJon insane. JonJon then proceeded to evade capture for as long as possible, but was eventually caught and brought to the Don't Starve world.If I'm missing anything here, then please let me know. Here is the story for the roleplay.Maxwell, the former ruler of the islands, has been replaced. Using the last of his powers, he managed to summon a select few into the realm, in order to re-take the throne and take revenge on Them. I will play as Maxwell as well, unless someone else would like to. Post your character information, and I will accept or deny them.
  21. now in this role play the story will mainly be what characters decide to do you start in the land of don't starve if you want it to start as working to beat Maxwell that's your choice but at the start it begins with you wake up in the land of don't starve then you decide what to do afterwards but it is centered around my god lore now character creation your character must be a god-descendant to appear straight in it however your character should have low stats just because their descended from gods doesn't make them all powerful now the first god characters must be young no older than 18 or so why because gods get more powerful as they age now for the character sheet also your character has three to two elements if it isn't a god they're role is either villain or human or wild animal a person can have more than one person to control if necessary there will however be only 6 role players when it starts and the generation your character is doesn't make them stronger or weaker also your character will not have any strong powers and transforming is very tiring if not a full god as in god descended and you don't have infinite energy as a god descended so you lose use of your special god abilities also to ease character creation your character can also be similar to characters like wilson or willow but not entirely. Name=Edan gender=male age=7 role=god descended 10th generation(that's how many people who came before him as in 10 generations of his family) appearance=black haired cotton shirt and pants(white)pale skinned elements=fire-stone-nature(note this is only for god descended) behavior=acts friendly although the use of his power changes his emotions race=human creature form=bird upper body reptilian middle body spider lower body as in reptilian arms bird arms/wings joining rules changed to join now you must PM me for a little help on making your character read the spoiler below labeled characters god lore characters to use one of the unused character simply add in the things labeled unknown
  22. Islands (Application Thread)

    Okay! I finally made a roleplay! With the simplest name possible! Roleplay thread: The story is basically you're trapped on the islands of Don't Starve. I mean, the title- the ti- yeah. Rules: 1. No godmodding. 2. You may have multiple characters, up to 5 or 6. (/Ilikemakingcharacters) 3. You can't kill other players without their permission (might count as godmodding) 4. Please be the character(s) you signed up as. Please don't change from your character to one that just popped into your head. (ex. Amy ran away. Suddenly, the giant deerclops made of thunderclouds appeared!) 5. This is at least a semi-literate RP. That means: No Talking Like This, nO tALKING lIKE tHIS, or TALKING LIKE THIS. At least lowercase isn't as annoying as all caps. 6. Please try to have some proper grammar and spelling. I can understand if you don't know English well, but if you know proper English, please don't do this: "so the dog went to theyre store and got is owner to bought some of there best dog treets." Also, no chatspeak, etc. (ex. that was so 1337! OR so dere was a chiken who bought some gold yo and he was like lol wut eva) 7. If there are ever thread mods, please don't disobey and please don't try to mess up the roleplay thread with your arguments. Bring them here, because some people actually want to roleplay. 8. To speak out of the roleplay, please use brackets. Character Sheet: Name: Race: Gender: History: Personality: Appearance: Abilities (if any): --------------------------------------------
  23. Blewcheese's roleplay thread!

    Ok, this is my first roleplay thread. I kind of wanted to do something different, so the twist in this thread is that the characters can be more powerful than normal. An easy way to do this is to take a character you've already done, and double it's power. I will confirm your character. Take my bio for an example:Name: NewleafRace: Treeguardgender: MaleAppearance: Pretty much my avatarAge: 20Pros: Has a small control over plants and whatnot. (example: can wrap enemies in vines) Also can summon treeguards to his aid. He has the crown of nature. When he wears it he is possessed by the keeper of nature, who is incredibly powerful.Cons: when possessed he has no memories and cannot control the keeper of nature. If he is not the keeper, controlling nature makes him very tired. Weak to fire.Backstory: He was the prince of the Treeguard kingdom until the kingdom was attacked by hounds and was completely destroyed. He managed to escape with his life and the legendary crown that had been passed through his family for generations
  24. I'm curious (: (and will take any excuse to end a sentence with a preposition)
  25. New Don't Starve Roleplay!!:D

    Welcome to Don't Starve Roleplay. This time I am allowing 4-7 people to start but 15 people in all! To join you must fill this out for your roleplay character: Name: Race: Looks like(optional): Where are you from: Personality(Optional): Special Abilities(optional): Have Fun! Here is the beginning: One day a group of creatures awake in a mysterious world in a forest.