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DS Art Thread for a New Year's Resolution

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3 hours ago, minespatch said:

So this was another time drawing exercise?

Yes, I forgot to mention it. It was less than two hours again. I keep having to leave my computer and loose track of time for the 1 hour I want to try and fit them into. I'm going to have to keep going into October to get to all the characters.

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6 hours ago, minespatch said:

If you ever have time on Tuesday, you should check out the Jouste klei stream. He's really fast an I think he does a similar thing.:wilson_ecstatic:

I'll have to! I always forget about it until it's too late.


I got real anxious so I went ahead and did a 1hr 20 min Maxwell.


Based on true events.

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2 hours ago, minespatch said:

PRime ape's are a peachish orange color. Good attempt anyyways.


Have you tried out the Forge beta yet?

Thanks! I did a round. But ahh multiplayer games with random people make me anxious as heck! So I did another 1 hour picture to take the edge off. I'll play it some more with my brother later.


1 hour Warly.

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